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He Made Me Cum....again

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I feel brave enough to write this under my own name. No more 'Jayne'.


After that sinful Sunday, I felt so erotic. More so than ever before in my life. I went through my clothes and got out my all-time favourite summer outfits. They are light, airy and loose fitting.

I have also been very much more aware of my own arousal. Even walking through the countryside can arouse me, and if I see two horses, or cows mounting each other, I get physically wet.

So, I was walking my dog, quite deliberately on the hills that are near where his house is. I know where he lives and I was hoping against hope that I would see him out with his dog. I walked, my dog ran herself silly. As I walked through the grass and the lightly wooded areas, I focused on my knickers. They were plain purple cotton bikini hi-cuts. Nothing that unusual. But as I walked I thought about how wet I was getting. My nipples were hard and chaffing against my t shirt. (I hadn't worn a bra, quite deliberately)

I was in a little world of my own when another dog ran past me. It was his black flat-coat retriever.

'Hello, Emily. Lovely day isn't it?' (It sure was now) I walked with him and allowed my hand to touch his and was delighted when I felt his fingers touch and then interweave with mine. We walked holding hands. For a few moments we were both silent. I didn't know what to say next. Fortunately, he did. 'Well, Emily. I hope you enjoyed the other Sunday?' I said 'It was the most erotic thing I have ever done.' He smiled that knicker-wetting smile and said.

'Until now, Emily. Until now.' Then he asked me to tell him the things I had done in between then and now. I told him that I now masturbate at least once a day, and often two or three times, that I do it outdoors, in my car, in the garden, anywhere. I told him I often go without knickers and spend most of my time feeling horny. Then, perceptive as he is he said 'And?' So I told him I had experimented with peeing in my knickers on purpose. He smiled and said, 'Now THAT would be something to see, I think.'

I looked around us and we were alone in splendid isolation. Without even walking to the nearby trees for cover, I just lifted my skirt.

He came around behind me and knelt with a knee either side of me and held my waist. I think I really wanted to pee for him, but I didn't get the chance.

I felt his hand slip under my t-shirt, and his expert fingers found my nipple! Again, he pinched hard and rolled it in his fingers. I found myself whispering 'Harder. Hurt me.' There was a stab of pain as he obeyed my wishes. Then, the most erotic of things. He put his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy through my knickers. I loved the feeling of being masturbated through my knickers, like I was 15 again. He found the erect bud of my clit and masturbated me. Again, he leaned in close and painted such a scenario of wanton lust in my mind.

'Emily, you are here, on a hill top with your legs apart.'

'If anyone comes, we will not stop and you will not close your knees, you will stay as you are and I will pull your knickers to one side and show them your c***'

Normally, I hate the vulgarity of THAT word, but in this context, it served to start the building of an orgasm.

He said 'My wife really enjoyed your knickers. She licked them as she orgasmed, and one day, she will lick you.' (Hmm. Maybe)

'As for me, you delicious little slut' I began writhing. 'What if I pushed you forwards right now and pushed my cock up your arse?' (OMG YES PLEASE!)'What if I fucked you up your pussy and shot my load inside you.' (AHH YESSSS.. WHICH PART OF YES DON'T YOU GET??) 'What if I do THIS?'

And with that he pushed one hand down the front of my knickers and one down the back. I felt two fingers enter my vagina, and his thumb pressed into my arse.

The cum was magnificent. And it just wouldn't stop. I love double penetration and he could sense, like he did in the Church toilet that day, every contraction and tremor. He pushed, rotated, moved in perfect harmony with me and I am quite sure he could have kept me cumming for ages without stopping.

Again, he held me as I came down from it, kissing me and whispering dirty things into my ear. 'Your c*** caressed my fingers. You sweet, innocent little slut. Push it out into your knickers. Cream yourself for me.'

This time, however, I wasn't going to leave him without a little fun of my own.

I knelt in the grass with my skirt around my waist and my knees spread wide apart. My creamy knickers clinging to my shaven pussy, and the unabashed scent of my pussy rising between us. He knelt opposite me and I unzipped him. He was very VERY big. I looked into those lovely brown eyes and started to wank him. Now it was my turn to talk dirty to him.

'One day, this is going to be inside me.'

'One day, you will fuck me in the c*** or the arse, or BOTH'

'One day, I will have your sperm inside me'

'One day, I may even suck it out of your wife'

As I felt him build, I tugged the front of my knickers down. I showed him my bald pussy and said.

'Shoot it here. Cream on me' Then I felt him spurt and spurt and spurt. This man may be middle aged, but he is a HEAVY cummer. He shot just below my tummy piercing and it ran down into my knickers and over my pussy.

After, we just knelt there together, he leaned in, took me in his arms and kissed me. Right there and then, I would have made love to him in that field!

So, we stood and walked back the way we came. He told me something that I had suspected. His wife and he do not make love any more. She has reverted to her sexuality when she first met him. I did wonder about that. I have seen her around town in the company of a woman and they are obviously 'close'. He and his wife still fool around, but by mutual agreement there has been no penetrative sex for years. He is obviously a very sensitive and giving lover and it doesn't surprise me in the least that he would agree to this for his wife's sake. For her part, she let's him watch from time to time and they still masturbate each other now and then. But screwing is off the menu. As we walked, I felt so wet between my legs. His sperm and my wetness mingling. I have to say, I could also smell us. The smell of sperm is so erotic to me.

When we got to where I was parked, I turned to him and said 'Come to my flat tomorrow afternoon. I don't care what you have on, just come. 1:00 o clock, OK?' He agreed. One thing I know, what we will do cannot be written here. (Well, maybe parts of it)

I have been brought to two orgasms by a man at least 30 years older than me. The orgasms were like nothing I have ever experienced with anyone else. The fact that he is married only adds to it. I have jacked him off and let him cum on me. I so want to taste him too and to feel him inside me. I want to explore some of the more kinky feelings I have had. I want to pee for him. (Actually, I want to pee ON him) I want to be a slut for him. I want to dress up and role play. (I LOVE The idea of role play..I often role play when I masturbate...anything from innocent little virgin, to slut/whore to babysitter.) I have loads of little 'plays' in my mind that really get me off. I am SO looking forward to doing some,..ok ALL of them with him.

The drive home was utterly fantastic. I could smell sperm and my own pussy so strongly in the car. I actually stopped and went into a clothes shop hoping that the scent would send a message 'She has just been fucked' to anyone else in there.

When I got home I stripped. I looked at the devastation in my knickers. This is what it will look like when he DOES fuck me.

As for tomorrow, I am going to wear tights and no knickers. I hope he likes ripping things!



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