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He Looks Different (Pt. 3)

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A continuation of the story about a Scout campout


'Just like ours,' I repeated, though I don't think Erik got my point yet that he was going to see me spurt before we were finished.

'Let's clean off,' chirped Rusty, as he rose and ran into the water, stopping waist deep. Erik had followed him into the water and the two began a little rough-housing, splashing and dunking each other. Clearly their orgasms had not sapped their energy. I sat on the beach towel to watch them, being careful not to put my hand or butt into the now cool pool of thirteen-year-old cum. Most had soaked into the towel, but there was enough that some still sat on the towel's surface, changing color from white to clear. My mind wandered for a moment thinking about what it was that caused this in semen, but I quickly brought my focus back on the boys. I watched the boys as they horsed around.

Rusty paused to look at me. 'Aren't you coming in?' he asked.

'Naw,' I responded.

'Why not?'

'Yeah, why not?' added Erik. He had waded enough toward shore that his genitals were visible just above the water line. Shorter in stature, Rusty's genitals were still underwater. The stark tan line difference at Erik's waist drew my eyes to his genitals.

'I didn't get cum on me,' I answered.

Rusty looked at Erik and back at me. 'I guess we could do something about that.' He smirked and looked at Erik for confirmation.

'Yeah,' smiled Erik. 'We could do something about that.' And without exchanging a signal both boys began wading out of the water onto the beach.

'Here,' I said, gathering and tossing to them the towel without the pool of semen. 'Share this towel and dry yourselves off some.' Rusty dried himself off first and handed the towel to Erik, who did the same.

'Let me turn this other towel over. It still has a wet spot but isn't as sticky and gooey on that side. Put that other towel beside it, as we had them before.' I was rapidly getting a hardon, in anticipation of some masturbation play I still didn't know yet how to script. I lay down in the middle of the two towels and patted the towels with both hands to indicate I wanted the boys to lie down on either side of me. They did. This time Erik was on my left and Rusty on my right. We lay there quietly for about a minute. My erection had subsided and my penis was lying sideways on my thigh.

'So,' began Rusty, 'how do you want to be covered in cum so you'll come in the water with us? Do you want it to be your cum, or ours, or a combination of all three?'

'What, you guys can come again?' I teased, knowing perfectly well that they could.

'I can,' said Rusty, somewhat proudly, having proven to himself and to us all the previous night that he had several orgasms and ejaculations in him over a short period of time. 'Can you?' he said, lifting his head a bit to look over at Erik.

'I dunno. I guess.'

'It's pretty clear from today that you have jerked off before, Erik. So when you jerk off at home or wherever you do it, how many times in a row can you cum?'

He looked puzzled. 'I dunno. I always stop after one.'

'Well, let's see,' I said, and I propped my head on my left hand as I had earlier, rolling toward Erik, and I reached for his shrunken penis. Erik closed his eyes and folded his hands behind his head. It didn't take much handling for his penis to come alive and for the head to begin emerging from its hiding place. Without prompting, Rusty had rolled on his left side, scooted up with his chest to my back and reached over my right hip to take my swelling penis in his right hand. I could feel Rusty bury his face into my back as he slowly stroked my penis. I could feel him pressing his genitals against my butt, but I was concentrating on Erik for the moment.

I was completely absorbed by the new sensation of jacking an uncircumcised penis. I was playing with the foreskin, sometimes sliding it over and back from the head, once holding the foreskin between my thumb and finger, pulling it away from his body and then making the closed foreskin swirl around the head. I could not do that very often before the hardening penis insisted on pushing the foreskin back. When that happened I would stop playing with his penis and use my hand elsewhere on his body, lightly brushing my fingertips up the line from his navel to his neck, and then playing a bit with his nipples. He liked that, but the nipple play tended to make him hard again, and I was trying to soften him up for more foreskin play. I tried brushing the back of my fingers in his exposed armpit, but that ticked him and he clamped down his arms, so I stopped that. He put his hands behind his head again and said, 'Play some more with my cock.' So I did.

Erik hardening penis was still soft enough for me to grip it in the middle so that my pumping slid his foreskin open and closed without my touching the head. On the downstroke, with the head fully exposed, I could see how red it was compared with the skin on the shaft. It was glistening now with precum, and I was amazed how much he produced. At first I thought he was coming the second time, but then I realized that it was just precum oozing out. Lots of it. Erik's stomach was rising and falling as he breathed harder and harder. I noticed that his toes were flexing and curling, flexing and curling. Finally he was too hard for the foreskin to retract with my pumping, so I began lightly swirling my fingers on the head of his penis, which was slippery with his precum.

Meanwhile, Rusty's slow stroking of my penis was having the effect he desired. I was getting hard, and from the poking at my butt, I could tell that Rusty was hard, too.

I decided it was time for Erik's second orgasm and firmly gripped his slippery penis, sliding my fist faster and faster. His toes were flexing and curling faster and faster in time with my strokes. Erik was thrusting his hips in time with my pumping, and he began making sounds deep in his throat. He was thrusting his hips so fast and forcefully that I was afraid I'd lose my grip, but just then he arched the small of his back, and I stopped my stroking. I could feel his shaft harden even more and could feel the second ejaculation move up the shaft just before it emerged from the tip. His pulsating penis was shooting spurt after spurt of cum, the first hitting as far up his body as his neck and shoulder and then each successive spurt fell a little shorter. I held my grip still as his twitching penis finally started softening, but cum still oozed from the tip. I let go and his softening penis lay on his stomach, the foreskin once again slowly beginning to slip back up and over the head. His cum-covered stomach was rising and falling slower as he recovered his breath.

'Dang,' said Rusty. He had stopped stroking my penis when Erik had begun making his throaty sounds and he raised himself up on his left arm to look over my body. He had seen the last seconds of Erik's impending orgasm and, like me, was impressed by the quantity of cum in Erik's second shoot within fifteen minutes. His own penis was softening as quickly as mine. 'Dang, Erik, if that's what happens when you cum a second time, you shouldn't stop at one when you beat off at home.' Erik laughed and we joined him.

Rusty reached over again and took my rapidly shrinking penis in his hand, still propped up on his left arm. 'I thought this was supposed to be about getting cum all over Jake so he'd come in the water with us.' Rusty had gripped the head of my penis with his thumb and two fingers and was working on getting me hard again.

'Yeah,' said Erik. 'You never answered Rusty's question. You want the cum on you to be yours or ours or both?'

Honestly, I didn't know what I wanted then. Rusty again stopped stroking me, pausing to hear my answer. I could feel his own growing erection pressed between his stomach and the small of my back. I thought about it.

'I guess I want us all to cum together on me,' I said. 'But first I want to try that thing I did with you two, when I slid Erik's foreskin over the head of Rusty's penis. Can we try that?'

'Sure,' said Erik, smiling. 'That felt great the first time. Kinda funny but great.'

I sat up and then got into a kneeling position. 'Let's face each other like you did with Rusty, and Rusty, you kneel beside us the way I did.' We all got into place. My penis was fattening and rising in anticipation of the new experience. Erik had been stroking his penis and he had no trouble in getting it swollen again. He was learning that stopping at one orgasm at home had been a mistake. We scooted together until the tips of our penises touched, and like Rusty I felt a small shiver at the touch. Rusty reached to do the pumping, but I gently pushed his hand away and said 'No, let me do it.' I cupped the heads of our penises together and began sliding Erik's foreskin over the head of my penis. It was the most amazing feeling. Covering and uncovering, covering and uncovering, we were both leaking lots of precum and the heads of our penises were getting very slippery. Finally Erik was hard enough that I could no longer bring his foreskin over the head of my penis, so I took his penis in my left hand and used my right hand to manipulate my penis, rubbing the heads together in circular motions, sliding my head under his, then his under mine. I scooted a bit closer so that our two shafts lay one on top of the other and I gripped them with both hands, jacking us slowly.

'Make room for me,' said Rusty, and I turned to see he was hard just watching us.

'Sure,' I said. 'Scoot up.' He tried, but he was shorter than we and his penis was still three or four inches below ours.

'Wait,' he said, as he rose into a squat and put his hands on our shoulders, his left on my right shoulder and his right on Erik's left. He made an adjustment and then our three penises came together, head to head to head. Rusty was making less precum than we were, but still we were able to slip and slide our penis heads together into a threeway jumble of genitals. Rusty had to keep his balance with his hands on our shoulders and couldn't manipulate his own penis, so I was directing both his and mine. All three of us were as hard as ever and I could see that telltale red flushing on Rusty's chest. He was close to cumming. We were all breathing heavily.

'Let's try to cum together,' I managed to say.

'Okay,' gasped Erik.

'Okay,' agreed Rusty, 'but soon.'

Erik quickened his pace and I was stroking away at my own penis with my left hand and Rusty's with my right.

The head of Rusty's hot penis was as red as his flushed chest and I could feel it become very hard as he said 'Now, now,' and his hot cum half-spurted, half-oozed onto the heads of our penises. Feeling Rusty's hot cum on my penis took me over the edge and, since this was my first orgasm, my own cum shot with enough forced that it hit Erik's lower stomach, just above his pubic hair. That was enough to bring on his orgasm, more an ooze than a spurt, but (after all) this was his third orgasm in less than half an hour.

I held the three heads together, mixing and spreading our cum around the softening heads.

'Wow,' said Rusty.

'Yeah, wow,' I agreed.

Erik jumped up. 'Time for the water, Jake.' And he ran down the beach and into the water. Rusty and I followed, and I dove in again to wash all the cum from my body.

'We need to get back,' I said, turning into the responsible older boy. 'Siesta's almost over.' The boys groaned a protest but followed me out of the water. We dried ourselves off with the two towels, again trying to avoid the cum, and they put on their suits and I my underwear and shorts.

We stood in a small circle looking at each other. 'I'll go back to camp ahead of you two in case I need to create a distraction for you to sneak back into your tent. Wait a minute or two and then follow me back.'

'Okay,' said Rusty, and Erik nodded.

'Ah,' said Rusty, 'skinny dipping, a traditional Boy Scout camp activity.' We three smiled.

'Ah,' I said, 'the circle jerk, a traditional Boy Scout camp activity.' We laughed and made our way back to camp.



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