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He Introduced Me To a New Pleasure

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We were both frequently enjoying masturbation but when we did it together, it opened a new world of pleasure.


It was a warm summer morning and I lay comfortably dozing in bed, just a sheet over my naked body. I sensed that the door to my room opened and I realized that the kid from next door had come over to spend the day with me as he often did as both of our parents were away at work. I continued to lie there, relaxed and comfortable, pretending to be asleep as he came over and sat on the bed beside me. We were pretty close friends even given our age difference and were comfortable in each others presence. This wasn't the first time he had come into my room to wake me in the morning so I wasn't surprised that he sat down on the bed.

It did get my attention however when I felt his hand grasp my cock that was standing erect, pushing up the sheet that covered it. We were close but never had been this close!

My eyes opened and I saw him looking at me with a smile on his face as his hand continued to gently clasp my hard cock. You must be having a good dream, he said jokingly. Then he added, wow, you sure have a big cock. Then he began a more vigorous fondling, sliding his hand down to the base and feeling my balls. I didn't resist, not sure just what to say and he kept exploring my hard cock under the sheet. You are huge! He said, gently clasping and touching me. What have you been dreaming about, he asked with a little laugh. I didn't reply at first and he continued, saying it must have been a good dream to give you a hard on like this. Finally, I replied, don't you wake up in the morning with a hard on? Yeah, he laughed but my hard cock is tiny compared to this! Well, mine was once the same size yours is I am sure and yours will grow a lot bigger as you grow up. I sure hope mine gets as big as this one, he exclaimed. Why do you want a big one, I asked? Aren't guys supposed to have big ones, he asked? When you fuck a girl, doesn't she want it to be big? I suppose, was all I could say, surprised at where the conversation was going. We had never talked so openly sexually before. How big was yours when you were 13, he asked. Umm, I said, remembering back to three years before. Well, I think it was probably about three, maybe four inches long on hard. It is twice that big now, he said. Yeah, I agreed, I guess it is. Have you ever fucked a girl, he wanted to know. No, no such luck, I told him, just fucked Minnie. Who is Minnie, he wanted to know so I laughed and told him: as many fingers as I can get around it! He laughed at the joke as he continued to clasp my hard cock through the sheet.

If you play with it, does it tickle, he wanted to know. Oh yes! I assured him, it sure does tickle really good. Mine too, he said quietly. Do you beat your meat often, I wanted to know. Yeah, I guess so, he admitted, every day or so. No more than that, I exclaimed. When I was 13, I beat off every day, often more than once. He admitted, well, I guess I do that sometimes. Is it OK to do that, I mean doing it so much, is it bad for you? No, that is just what guys do naturally, that is what your cock was made for so it doesn't hurt anything, just feels good. When did you learn about masturbation, I wanted to know. Last year, I visited my cousin who is a year older than me and he told me about it, showed me how he did it and suggested that I try it. We did it every night and his would always tickle but mine didn't at first but after about the third or fourth night mine felt nice when he beat me but nothing like it feels when I do it now. He said I was really good at making him shoot off. Oh, I asked, so you did it to each other? Yeah, that is how he wanted to do it. He would have me beat his meat until it tickled so much he made me stop then he would do it to me. The last time we did it together, he made mine really tickle good and then I realized how good it could feel. When I got back home, I would sometimes play with mine and usually it would tickle, get really red and tickle so much I couldn't stand to touch it. I really liked it so I did it more often and always it would tickle really good. My cock has grown a lot this past year and I really like to beat it off.

How did you learn?, he asked me. About like you did, I told him, except I was younger. I guess I was almost 11 when I first heard about it from a friend. He was 14 and was really liked to do it. He told me about it one day, saying how good it felt and how all the guys did it and that I should too. We didn't do it to each other, he would play with his while I played with mine. He would tell me how he was feeling, and let me know just as his was starting to tickle really good. I would beat mine just like he was doing but I wasn't feeling anything by the time his was tickling. He would encourage me to keep stroking mine, telling me to do it real fast. Finally, I got tired and stopped. I think we had done it several times over the course of the Summer before mine started to tickle really good. Well, I guess it did tickle a bit, enough to make me interested in doing it when he wanted to but never the wonderful good feeling that started later. He moved away before I got to where it really would shoot off. But, by then I knew how to do it really well so just kept doing it to myself. Maybe all the exercise I gave it made it grow so big, I laughed.

So, you have never had anyone do it to you, he wanted to know. No, haven't done it with any one else. It really feels good to have someone do you, he said. Really, I said, like what. Oh, I don't know, he said, I guess when some one is doing it to you, then you don't have much control over how he does it and sometimes if you are doing it to yourself, you might not keep doing it when it starts to tickle but if someone is doing it, they don't know just how you feel so they keep beating and make you tickle harder. At least, that I what I think, he added.

How big are you, I asked, reaching over and grasping his pants at the crotch, gently feeling between his legs. I discovered his hard cock and gently rubbed his pants against his hardness. I fondled him as he continued to fondle me, neither of us saying anything. By now, I was really horny so I asked him if he would be willing to beat me off, telling him that I would do it to him. I would like that, he exclaimed.

With that, he pulled the sheet off my body and saw I was laying naked in the bed. Again, he grasped my cock and with the sheet removed I could feel the warmth of his hand against my cock shaft. I pulled at his pants and told him to take his clothes off so he stood up and undressed then lay down naked beside me. He had a really nice cock, about three and a half inches long, maybe an inch thick and there was a small bush of hair at the base. My cock was about as hard as it had ever been, probably 8 inches long and at least two inches thick and I had a large bush of hair that grew around my cock shaft and onto my balls. He leaned up on his elbow, looking at and feeling of my cock shaft and balls. Wow, you sure are big, he kept exclaiming. How do we do this, I asked? Well, we can do it to each other at the same time or one can do the other and then trade places. Which do you like best, I wanted to know. I'd like to do you first, see how it is when you cum then you can do it to me. Is that OK, he wanted to know. Sounds good to me, I replied.

He was a bit surprised at all the cock juice that flowed from my cock, saying he had never seen that much before. I told him how much better it felt when you beat off with it all lubricated up with the nice, slick cock juice. So, he smeared my cock juice all over the shaft and began a methodical stroking. I just gently held his cock, fondling it softly while he beat my meat. It wasn't very long before I had one of the most fantastic orgasms I had ever experienced, cum shot everywhere. He was really excited and pleased that he could make me cum so good.

Now, it was time for me to repay the favor so he lay back on the bed as I clasped his hardness in my hand and began to stroke. His was a bit slick with his cock juice and I made it better by transferring a lot of mine from my hot shaft onto his cock and continued to stroke. He said that it really did feel better all slick like that and added that he sure liked the way I did it to him. His orgasm took a bit longer to arrive than mine had but it was really a good one, accompanied with a nice little spurt of cum. He was really pleased at that, saying he had never seen it shoot off before.

Needless to say, the remainder of the summer we had frequent and very pleasurable masturbation sessions. We made each other cum dozens of times and experimented with lots of different ways to pleasure each other and ourselves.



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