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Gym Class Fantasy

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When I was 14, I began to have this recurring fantasy when I masturbated. I had, entirely on accident, seen my brother coming completely naked from the shower, only one time-he had no idea that I had seen him-he had a very stiff erection that was pointing all the way to the ceiling. He was only 12 at the time, but I thought his penis looked so beautiful as it stuck straight up in the air, the skin pulled back from the head, and the head so swollen and proud.

Seeing him that way made me start to think of the different guys in his gym class, and how they must each look with an erection. I would lay in bed and masturbate, rubbing the swollen shaft of my clit and think of all those guys.

Then I would imagine all the guys in the gym class lined up, and me sitting down, with my top off-the guy at the front of the line would see my titties exposed and would get a hard-on from looking at them. I would masturbate each guy to orgasm and then the next one in line, and then the next. I was fascinated by all the different shapes and sizes of penises, all different races of guys-circumcised and uncut, large penises and small ones, some that stuck way up at the ceiling, some that were parallel to the ground. Some guys got rock hard looking at my titties or seeing the guy in front of them orgasm, some guys I had to pull the foreskin back and forth to make them hard.

I would begin to masturbate each guy, pulling the forskin of his dick back and forth over the head. I loved how each one felt different in my hand, as the foreskin travelled back and forth over the head, each one feeling unique. I looked up into each guy's eyes as I did this, seeing the pleasure he was feeling from the friction of his foreskin moving back and forth. I would do this as long as it took for each guy to climax, sometimes feeling his balls with one hand, sometimes moving up to his chest.

Each guy would orgasm differently-one guy would groan from the pleasure of his orgasm, but wouldn't ejaculate anything, since he still hadn't begun to shoot-the head would turn purple as he said, 'ahhhh' as he felt the intense sweetness in his dick. The next guy would shoot long streams of come, 5 or 6 of them, as he climaxed, and would sigh as each stream flowed out-I would reach around and grab his butt as he orgasmed and feel the spasms in his butt as his semen shot out in rhythm. The guy after him would groan as he came, but only oozing out a few white drops at the tip, still too young to shoot in streams.

I would lay in bed and think about this lovely scenario, rubbing my clit and immensely enjoying the feeling I was having. When I wanted to orgasm, I would think of one particular guy, and right as he orgasmed in my fantasy, just as he was feeling that intense pleasure in his dick, I would furiously rub my clit and bring myself over the edge, and double over from the intense orgasm that was ripping through my belly, using all my energy to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. I wonder if anyone else has had this kind of fantasy, or if I'm the only one. This is still one of my favorite fantasies, one of my tried and true ones that always gives me a crashing orgasm that leaves me exhausted and sleepy.



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