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Waiting To Be Picked Up

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Last weekend I was going to go shopping with a friend, and as usual, she was running late. I was sitting on the couch waiting for her when she called and said she was stuck in traffic and would probably be there in a half hour. I wasn't exactly happy about having to wait longer to leave, but there wasn't much I could do about it.

I waited patiently for a couple minutes when the thought went through my head that I had enough time to masturbate before she got there. I went back and forth a couple times and decided to give myself a quick orgasm to pass the time. I laid back on the couch and pulled off my socks and top, pinching my nipples and rubbing my tummy, sliding my hand down under my waist. I wasn't having much progress because I was wearing some jeans that are almost skin-tight, so I unzipped and pulled them off with my panties in one swoop. I was stretched out, one foot on the floor and the other resting on the back of the couch, and I started playing with myself. I was trying to be quick about it because I knew I didn't have a whole lot of time, but I still wanted to make it a good one.

I was in the middle of it, really enjoying myself, when all of a sudden the door opened and my friend walked in. She got there earlier than expected and I forgot the door was unlocked. I jumped up and grabbed my shirt and pants and ran on my tiptoes past her to my bedroom, telling her 'hold on, hold on!' She just stood there still with her mouth open as I sprinted past her completely nude. I closed the door and tried pulling on my clothes quickly and she asked me 'were you just masturbating?' 'Yes.' 'Why didn't you tell me? I would have waited in the car until you were done.' 'I didn't think you would be this early, and I didn't want you to know what I was doing...' 'How come? It's no big deal.' I walked out, dressed now but probably five shades of red, and asked her 'oh, so you would tell me if you were masturbating?' She shrugged and said 'sure, why not?' I just kind of laughed and shook it off, and we left for the mall. The rest of the day we didn't really talk about it, and I think she could tell that I was still kind of embarrassed.

Later on that night I was in bed looking at a magazine when my phone went off, I looked and it was a text from her and it just said 'hey I'm masturbating, lol' I sent one back and said 'oh really?' 'Mmhmm, laying in bed naked, You?' 'No, but I guess I can be' 'Do it and have fun with it!' 'Ok ok, I'm getting naked now' ':D'

With that I spread apart my legs and started rubbing myself, this time not worrying about being interrupted, and it felt especially good since I didn't get to cum earlier. After one I didn't stop, rolling around and giving myself a second orgasm before catching my breath and stopping, now all sweaty. I got up and hopped in the shower to rinse off, but this time I jumped back in bed and curled up, sleeping naked.



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