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Growing Up

Posted by: Author: Age: 65 Posted on: 1 comments
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Starts as MM Then Solo


I learned at a very young age the pleasures of Masturbation. At about 7 or 8, while taking a bath, my mother came in and showed me how to pull my foreskin back and to clean under it. Later I was outside in the woods and had to go. I pulled my foreskin back,took a leak and pushed my foreskin back and forth a couple times,and it felt good. I got a semi hardon and kept pulling it back and forth. Later that night I did it again. I kept it up for long time and got a wierd sensation and stopped.

That summer we went to my Grandmothers house and was with my cousin,and we were talking and I told him what I did,and felt. He was my age and told me I was Jacking off. I didn't know what that was...he said 'I'll show you'. He said to take out my penis and he started to stroke it and I got real hard. Then we heard my Grandmother coming down the hall and he stopped. We never finished. When we went back home I kept up doing it by myself. We lived in the country with a lot of woods around,and I started to go to the woods alone and Masturbate. I took off all my cloths and walked around naked stroking as I walked. One day I was in the woods and it started to rain. I was naked so I walked in the pouring rain and stroked at the same time, what a great feeling. I kept this up for years. At about 11 0r 12 I told a good friend of mine what I did and he said let's do it together. We went into the woods and got naked and Jacked off. Later we Jacked off each other. A while after that his older brother joined in the fun and we played switch with each other. The first time I came was something I will never forget. I shot cum on my chest and was in heaven. We had a lot of old cars in the back that we junked,and I would sit in them and Jack off all I wanted, and believe me I did it in a lot of cars. I had a few other Jack off buddies in high school as the years went on.

I joined the service after high school and had a hard time finding places to Jack off. I got a car and on trips back and forth I would Jack off as I drove, still do today. On long trips I would Jack off for hour's at a time. In the rain is still the best. I was a virgin when I married,the only sex I had was when my girlfriend, later my wife would Jack me off. I will continue my story in the next letter,and fill in some other details.



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