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Masturbation is good for both sexes and healthy too. Don't let people tell you it's dirty or gross.


My girlfriend and I have sex on a regular basis. However this week we decided we were going to hold off for a little bit longer so it'll be better next time we're intimate. It's something we do occasionally and it always makes things feel better.

So yesterday she came over after we went shopping and we were laying in my bed just relaxing. She had to leave so she could go home and prepare for work in an hour. She was resting and eventually started to doze off to sleep. I was laying with my head on her chest and my genitals were resting against her knees, which she had tucked up.

I also began to doze and was dreaming of making love to her, I began to get hard against her knee. She moved gently as she does when she's sleeping. This nudged my cock which was sensitive from being aroused and it made me really horny. I think I gasped or something which woke her up. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that nothing was wrong. She said she didn't believe me and told me to tell her. I explained why I gasped and she giggled, gave my cock a quick rub through my jeans and closed her eyes.

I needed to rub myself so bad. I reached into my pants and gently started rubbing my erect penis. She opened her eyes and asked what I was doing. I told her I was just going to do it softly and she could go back to sleep. She told me not to make a mess on her clothes and I told her I wouldn't. I kept rubbing and she started kissing me. I rubbed a little harder. She kissed me more passionately. I rubbed even harder. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and ran her hands through my hair. I rubbed my cock quicker and harder than before.

She told me I was making her so horny.

I rolled on top of her and started grinding my cock against the crotch of her jeans as she continued to kiss me so passionately. She ran her hand along my back, down between my buttocks and grabbed my balls gently through my jeans from behind. I thrust harder against her jeans.

She took both her hands and began to undo her pants. I took this as my cue and I undid her belt and slipped her jeans off. As they were off I ran a hand from one of her feet, wrapped it around her small calves, my thumb over her knee as I ran my hand as tight I could across her smooth thigh towards her purple panties with a nice warm wet spot on the front.

She undid my pants and I slid them off and pounced back onto her body. Before we started having sex we'd regularly 'dry humped' or as we called it 'grinding'. It's always great for getting her off. She was playing with my hair and pulling it which meant she wanted it a little harder than normal today. I was grinding against her body, thrusting against her pussy. I know she can feel it against her clitoris by the way her body shakes when I do it.

She told me she was close to coming so I thrust harder and harder. It was so rough the top mattress of my bed was moved from the bottom one. I continued to gently grind as she came down from an intense orgasm (the claw marks on my back serve as proof).

I laid down beside her and began running my hand over her mound massaging it. It felt so lovely. I really am in love with her pussy.

So here I am lying beside her, still hard as a rock. She starts to kiss me again after she regained energy after her orgasm. She's kissing me so madly that I started rubbing myself again. It's something we've talked about a lot but never done-just having her watch me.

I whip my cock out from my boxers and stroke it so she can see it. Having her kiss me as I do it is just so sensual that I wish I could stay in that moment forever. Then she rolls on top of me her legs either side of mine. She takes her hand and rubs it from my neck down to my balls rubbing her fingertips over the bottom of them as I'm stroking my cock. She then runs a finger down closer to my bum, teasing me by going close but not all the way to my hole. She then leans her face down next to mine and tells me to come for her, to show her how hot she makes me.

With my free hand I reach up and grab her breasts, I momentarily massage each of them before I slide my hand around to her arse, which is still only covered by her purple panties. I grab her arse, rub and spank it-just like I would if she was riding my cock. It put that familiar feeling in my crotch and I begin to rub harder and harder until I came on my stomach. I continued rubbing until I was completely out. Then I kissed my girlfriend a long hard wet kiss with plenty of tongue.

We had plenty of fun cleaning up the mess. It was great to be able to express ourselves sexually without having to go all the way. Something most people our age don't do.

I would like the teenagers reading this to remember that you don't need to have sex to express your affections for someone. And sometimes it's a lot healthier to wait. Masturbation is the great alternative to STI's.

Happy Jacking and Jilling.



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