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Greg and Martin

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How I got to do two guys together.


It's a well-known fact that most guys are turned on by two women getting it on. I like to turn the tables and watch two guys get it on, but only if they are straight and uncomfortable. I'm willing to use the power of the pussy to get what I want.

I'm a very nice looking coed at a large south eastern university. I stopped in a campus coffee shop after my last class on Friday afternoon. I ordered a latte and was approached by a guy named Greg who I barely know from one of my classes. He saw that I was alone, and invited me to come sit at the table he was sharing with another guy. The two of them made for an odd couple. My class acquaintance was a total hottie. Light brown hair, tall, lean and muscular. I would say he was just my type, but really, he would be any woman's type. His friend, Martin, who turns out to be his roomie, was rail thin, wore glasses, kind of nerdy, with a baby face.

None of us are 21 yet and we commiserated that we had to hang out at coffee shops on Friday afternoons instead of one of the local bars. Greg suggested that we all go back to their dorm room, where they had some drink. Of course, I jumped at the invite. I had fantasized what Greg's penis looks like and this might be the perfect opportunity to find out.

We went back to the dorm, and by the time we had drained our second drink the conversation had turned to sex. Greg had recently broken up with his girlfriend and I said you must be horny all the time since you aren't getting any. Greg just snickered with the confidence of an alpha male, and Martin was becoming noticeably uneasy. I said, I'd be happy to help you out. Before Greg could even respond, Martin stood up and said, 'Well, I'll leave you two alone'. He started to leave, but tripped and barely steadied himself. 'Those drinks were stronger than I thought' he said as he was visibly embarrassed.

'You all right'? Greg asked. 'I'm cool'. At which point I told Martin he didn't seem in any condition to leave the room right now. Why don't you just stay. Maybe I could help you both out.

Greg looked at me and said 'How'?

'Well, that depends. First I'd have to see what you got'.

I got up and closed the door.

'We'll show you what we got, but you've gotta show us yours'.

Greg took off his tee shirt and started to undo his belt, but Martin was petrified. I took off my top exposing my beautiful boobs. My nipples were already hard and I was feeling the wetness in my pussy. Greg dropped his shorts and he had a perfect six-inch semi, not yet nearly hard. Circumsized. Not too thin, not too fat. It was everything I'd dreamed.

Martin just stood there, like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. I walked over to him and started to unbuckle his belt. He was trembling. An obvious bulge was appearing underneath his shorts. I pulled down his boxers and out flopped a huge penis, one of the biggest I have ever seen. Within seconds he was completely erect with at least a nine inch circumcised pole sticking straight up against his abbs. And thick. I took his hand and placed it inside my panties against my wet vagina, and he slipped a finger in. I removed my panties.

By this time, Greg was hard too. 'How are you going to help us both'?

'I'll jack you off together'.

Greg walked over to us and stood opposite Martin so I could get a hand on each of them.

'No, no, no. That won't do'.

'But you said you'd do us both'.

'I didn't say I'd jack you each off. I said I'd jack you off together'.

'What do you mean'?

'I mean put your cocks together and I'll jack you off together. Just sit on the bed facing each other and put your cocks together and I'll jack you off'.

Greg was shaking his head. 'I don't think so'.

'And I want to lean over and have you both cum on my breasts'.

Martin still hadn't moved or said a word. Greg looked at him, and Martin said, 'I won't tell anyone'. Now Greg was the one who looked freaked.

I said 'I won't tell anyone either, but I think Greg is embarrassed his penis is so much smaller than that baseball bat you're carrying around'.

Greg's horniness got the best of him. (Men are sooo predictable.) He moved to the bed and sat down. I took Martin by the arm and sat him down facing Greg. Their cocks were close but not touching.

'Hold them together'.

Greg reached out his fingers and pulled Martin's huge cock next to his. I wet my fingers in my pussy and rubbed the slick wetness over their dicks. A steady stream of precum was leaking down Martin's dick and collecting on Greg's cock head before trickling down Greg's cock and pooling in his pubes.

I had all the lube I needed and placed both my hands around their cocks and started stroking. After only a few strokes, Martin grunted 'OH GOD!', and spurted a strong rope of cum that hit Greg on the cheek, just beside his lips. Then two more ropes coated Greg's lean chiselled chest.

A very startled Greg wiped the cum off his cheek, looked Martin in the eye and said 'Now I'll have to kill you'.

Martin was horrified. 'I'm so sorry. Oh God I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to'. Greg started laughing. He smiled. 'I don't give a shit. You must have been REALLY horny'.

After cumming, Martin was still rock hard, so I continued to jack. I rubbed Martin's cum over both dicks. There was so much come they were really slick. I leaned over and tried to get their cocks between my breasts, but there was no way, so Greg fucked my breasts with Martin's cum as lube. It felt so good, and Martin was totally entranced watching.

'I'm gonna cum. Martin, get your face down there! Awwwwh! It's only fair. Awwwwh'! After Greg had cum between my breasts and onto Martin's face, Martin was still hard. Greg's cum was on Martin's lips, but not in his mouth. I gave him a big sloppy kiss, making sure that Greg's cum was shared between us.

By this time I was so horny I was dripping. I had to have Martin inside me. That's as much as I can tell on this site.



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