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Giving Thanks for Sister-in-law

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This was a Thankgiving to remember.


What a Thanksgiving dinner. The family and friends had gather at my brother-in-law's house, where Annie had played the most gracious host. Besides doing all the cooking and setting up, she had worked to keep everything flowing smoothly. That worked until all the guys decided to do upstairs to the bonus room to watch football. I would have gone, but I figured why leave a room full of women. I got my answer when Jenny suggested that 'the girls' go next door to her house to watch that week's soaps she had recorded. And of course the kids chime in and ask to go along to Kyle's room with Jenny and the girls so they could play video games.

That left Annie and me alone, and she quietly broke down in tears. We talked and I assured her, that at least she had me for company, and she seemed to come around. She got the smile back on her pixie face (just to say, she's 5'4', about 125 lbs, blond pixie cut hairdo, about a small C cup). I suggested that rather than her have to put everything up, why don't I help. She was thrilled for the offer. A half hour later, all that was left was to take the folding table and chairs back to the basement. I got everything set at the top of the stairs, while Annie went down to turn on the lights in the back storage area. I thought I was really smart setting things on the first landing of the basement, until I heard the 'click'. For security Jack had the basement door set up so unless you pressed a button, it locked and couldn't be opened except from upstairs. Oh well, I thought, we'll deal with that shortly.

We toted everything downstairs and got it put away. I admitted my glitch and Annie couldn't help but laughing at the situation. She said, 'That's okay, I'm just thankful to be stuck with you today'. With that she gave a platonic hug, and quick half-second kiss. I said I couldn't be happier than to be with her, and returned the hug and kiss, mine lasting maybe a bit longer than hers. We got into one of the 'Thank You - No, Thank You' routines, but for me, I noticed that we had seemed to slow down. And the kisses were getting longer, too.

On the fourth cycle, when I kissed her, I stopped and held her. And she held me back. All of a sudden all of the urges and tension that goes with a first sexual encounter hit me. As our lips broke apart finally, we both still held each other. I raised one hand to her face, I caressed her again, and this time all semblance of platonic kissing was gone. As we probed each other's mouths my other hand slid under her sweater, and hers under my shirt. As one we peeled our tops off, I made sure her bra came the same swift motion, too. I couldn't believe the pounding in my head, my chest, and my cock. The brief break to drop our tops was quickly ended, and we were right back in the same kiss and embrace.

I slid my hands down inside Annie's jeans in the back, she hopped up and wrapped her legs around my middle. I was near faint from the excitement, and carried her to the spare couch they had semi-set up downstairs. As we slid down, I fumbled with Annie's jeans as she jerked down my khakis. Collapsing back, we lay entwined, and she found my cock at the same time I found her pussy. She was absolutely soaked, and gasped when I touched her. I did the same when she grabbed my dick. I don't know how long either of us lasted, but it was either forever, or less than a millisecond. All I know is that we both exploded in shooting orgasms, and lay panting in each other's arms.

I could have stayed there for hours, but we eventually slowly gathered our wits about us. I asked that we not rush, and she let me dress her, and she did the same for me. Of course, we could not help but resist another round as we dressed, and were both totally spent when we were finally presentable. We agreed that this was our moment, and will see if more are to come. When Annie called upstairs for Jack to come let us out, he came and was astonished how much we had gotten done. Little did he know, we plan to keep on doing it as often as possible.



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