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The Laboratory

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Jacking off

The Lab Although it was a very hot and humid summers day, I was exhausted, and felt my T-shirt, and sport shorts with an inner brief was sticking to me. I looked around and noticed a bar. I decided on the beer. I entered, it was hot and noisy. I ordered and paid for a beer, noticing this fantastic looking chick alone in the corner. I crossed to her, she smiled. May I? She was looking at me. Yes she said. I've been for a run and wanted a long cold beer. You must be fit? she said. I try to be, I like to run five miles a day, I noticed her glass was almost empty. Another? Yes, I'll have what you're having she said. Okay, what's your name? Pat she replied. I returned to the bar and ordered and paid, returning to the table, with the drinks, handing her one. Thanks, as she takes it, looking at me I was thinking as you are young and fit. Where I'm working, we are carrying out experiments on human sperm. Looking at her, thinking this was a strange thing to tell someone she's just met. You might be able to help, youlll stay with us for a few weeks and be well paid she said. Interesting, especially the money, I don't mind trying anything once. I'd better get back to the apartment, shower, change my clothes and pack a case. Why not come back with me now, you can shower there and we'll launder your clothes. I was looking into my glass, and felt cornered, then finished my beer. Alright, why, it's sounds sort of interesting I said. Right, we both left the bar. I got into her car, we were driving for some time, and approached a non-descript building miles from anywhere. Over the entrance it had Research, she parked. This is where I work, we got out and entered. She opened the first door, by using a fingerprint, and acknowledged the doorman. I looked around. I've seen this building when I've driven past here a couple of times, but never known what went on here, she didn't reply, I followed, she opened a second door by keying in a number, we entered. It's hot I said, It has to be. I sat. Would you like a cold drink? Yes I replied. She picked up the phone, Two ice waters. She opened a drawer and took out a form, starts asking all normal questions, like, name, address, age, married, childhood ailments, occupation, she looked at me. This is where I asked more personal and detailed questions she said. Okay, I don't mind. The door opens, a young fit guy around about my age enters, in shorts and T-shirt with a tray with two glasses on, and a pitcher of water, he sets the tray down. He leaves closing the door. I pick up the glass and start to drink. I can feel the sweat trickling down my back. If you want to strip, go ahead she said. I felt a bit awkward and take off my sneakers. She looks. No socks, Never wear them, more comfortable without. I could feel the coolness of the stone tiles on the bottom of my bare feet. I start feeling a little more relaxed, and take my T-shirt, then shorts off, I see she's scrutinising my body and feeling a little vulnerable. I'd like to talk about your sex life now she smiles. Yes I'm starting not to feel so inhibited. She asks Do you have a partner? Yes, she writes down the answer, looks up Guy or girl? I've been with her for a year, she smiles Is your sex normal? It all depends I say. By now, I'm prepared to answer any questions she asked me.


It's hotter, I say, she smiles. Can I phone my girlfriend? All in good time, how often do you jack off? Often as I can? About a year ago, a friend and I went to a football match, we had to stay overnight our team won, we were happy and went to the bar, had a few drinks, went back to our room, and watched porn on TV. There was this couple. The guys cock was so big we couldn't believe it. We looked at each other, and laughed, I couldn't measure up to him. The friend said. Why? We laughed. He stripped off, and started stroking his cock. I looked, Let's have a look at yours, he said. I thought why not, I stripped and stroked mine, then we both got stiff and we ended up jacking each other off, we enjoyed it. By this time, I didn't care what I talked about or what happened, she smiled, I'll try anything once. A couple of things have to be done before the sample is taken, we always ask guys to take a shower, pointing to a door, There's everything you need, Okay I said. After, we'll start she said. I opened the door and went in, looked around and went back in her office, she was sitting with her back towards me, I coughed, she turned. I can't find anything. That doesn't matter don't worry about getting the floor wet. I returned had a shower, and walked back in to her, very wet and naked, Are you comfortable with this? Yes, she has a form on her desk, Would you sign this consent form?. I signed it without hesitation. She smiles May I examine you? Yes I said. There was something in the water that helps you to relax, then she takes a tube out of the drawer and smears cream on her hands, I looked at her. Don't worry, it's a disinfectant its something we've developed for this examination. First thing, is to check your testicles, stand with your legs apart, she looks. Wider? I move my feet as wide as possible, my limp cock is hanging over my balls, she looks. That's better, then she holds my balls in her cupped hands, I can feel her fondling me, my senses are enhanced, my limp cock starts to rise and stiffen. Good, then holds it, I feel the pre-cum start, this is promising she said, then stroking it. I can feel my cock start to move. All of a sudden I feel an explosion and shoot a load of cum. This has never happened before. We use guys in their early 20s, because they're at their sexual peak, then washes her hands. Now, I've got to have a blood test, she gets me ready for a test, and takes blood. Lifts the phone, He's ready, looking at me You passed, now the next part, I've just taken blood. I'd like results soon she says, the door opens. In walks this fantastic looking twenty something year old. Pat hands her the file of my blood, Mandy takes it and hands her a sealed packet, then leaves, Pat looking at me. Have you ever used butt buddy? I've heard about them, I've never needed to use one. I understand they enhance enjoyment when having sex. Yes, but this one has sensors and the information is transmitted to a computer and it helps us when you're jacking off. If you get on the couch and lay on your stomach. I get on, As this is your first time, I will tell you what's going to happen, just relax. I breathe deeply. First, we have to put lube around your anus. I feel this warm substance trickle around it. Its a relaxing feeling. Don't fight it she said. A few seconds later I could feel the pressure of the butt buddy trying to enter, I heard Pat say, Stop. Then I feel a finger circling my anus, then the muscles start to relax, and beginning to enjoy it. Then feel the butt buddy gently pushing on my anus, after a few seconds, I feel it gives way, and it slides in. How does that feel? Amazing I reply. She looks at the computer screen, I've never seen readings like this before. Ill let you get used to it, before we continue. After some time on the couch, Pat comes over. Are you alright? she said, I've never experienced anything like this when I'm having sex. Well, the next stage will be amazing she said. To get the right amount we need, we normally get someone to jack off guys. What's your preference? I looked at her, Girls, I've just shot my load for today, Don't worry, we can make you cum again she said. I watched Pat take a condom out of the packet. These are special. Mandy pours oil on me, Pat checks computer, Fantastic. By this time, my cock is hard and erect she, rolls the condom down, I can feel cum start to rise. Mandy asks, Something happening? Yes I replied. She starts stroking me, I start cumming, it seems if I can't stop, when it does, I flop back exhausted. I look and see the full condom on my stiff erect cock. Its about four times larger than normal. Mandy carefully removes it, without spilling the contents. Pat examines the condom. That's impressive. Now take it to the lab Mandy. She exits with the full rubber vessel, closing the door. You're suitable. We don't get many like you. Now my cock is limp. I seemed if I dived into a dark pool and lost consciousness. When I came round, my head was spinning, and laying naked, sensors were attached all over my body, like the other two each side of me. I tried to move, but couldn't. The three of us were spread-eagled on a frame, our wrists and ankles were secured by straps, also straps across our chests and stomachs, we couldn't move. My mind was in a daze, trying to figure out what was going on. When I looked around I saw medical equipment. The door opened, Pat walks in. How are you? What's going on?, I can't, move I said, she smiles. If you do, the straps will tighten. You've been out for twenty four hours, we had to do a proper internal examination. I looked at her. Where am I? This is where we milk men. You'll stay here as long as we want she said. How long? Pat cuts in. That all depends if we like you, and you produced top quality. What do you mean? You'll find out she said. The door opens, Mandy enters, crosses over, and hands Pat a bag, this situation is getting wilder by the second, first I was told this is an experiment, then I'm fondled, then jacked off, now I'm here, Where am I?. Pat doesn't reply she is holding a butt buddy. We had to put you out for twenty four hours, because we had to produce one that would fit properly. I looked at her, she continued. This has been tailored for you. Don't worry, it won't hurt, a button was pressed, the frame I'm on, starts to rotate slowly, until I'm facing the floor, then stops. I can feel my cheeks, gently being pulled apart. Pat says pour it, I feel liquid on my anus. I'm squirming, I can't move, Don't fight it. she said. I could feel the point of the butt buddy as it touches me, I resist, then I feel my cheeks gently being pulled open, more liquid is poured in. I feel the point gently, then the muscles relax then it sides in. When you've got used to it, then it will be inflated., I look at Pat she continues. It was specially made for you. It's made out of two thin rubber tubes, the outer one has sensors, which monitors and transmits information to a computer, and also receives information. The information that's received we can make your body produce more semen, when we want. The butt buddy is permanent, it will be inflated to one and a half inches I looked at her in disbelief. That's the circumference of the average male stool, when you want to go to the bathroom, go as normal it will automatically open. I seem to dive into a dark pit and lose consciousness. A button is press, I feel the butt buddy start to slowly inflate, and feel rubber gently pressing on my muscles, I start to resist, then feel a gentle vibration, after a few moments I can feel my muscles slowly relax. I'll come back later when its inflated she said and leaves. I dive into a dark pit and lose consciousness. I regained consciousness, and resigned myself to what has happened, to produce high quality cum. Pat returns, a button is pressed, the frame moves to a different position, now I'm on my back. She takes what looks like the jockstrap out of a sealed bag. I look at it. Mandy removes the straps from my ankles and slides it up my body and positions my balls in the pouch, I can feel it tighten around them, not too tight but comfortable. I'm beginning to think, don't fight it, just enjoy being a prize bull. I suppose, cumming all the time isn't so bad. Hell, as I'm here, Ill never get near a hot chick again. I suppose there could be worse things that I could have ended up as. I noticed, Pat looking down at me. It's a more advanced jockstrap than what you would wear, it was made to fit snugly. She strokes my cock, it raises like a bridge. That's good she says, and oils my erect cock, it starts to move and I shoot cum. Just what we want, there's a group of us, who like cum directly from the guy. The other guys are in the same position as you. The vibrating of the butt buddy lulls me into a sense of security, and I drift off to sleep. I wake, still feeling the butt buddy gently vibrating, now its like an old friend, the door opens, Mandy enters with a large bottle, crosses to me, takes off the jockstrap, pours the oil over, massaging my body, she moves down to my crotch and starts massaging my balls and cock, I can feel my senses increase. I hear female voices, door opens, six of them enter, two go to the guy next to me and two to the other guy, and two cross to me. Buttons are pressed, the guys either side wake, control is turned on one unit. The jockstraps are removed, one of the girls touches his cock, he shoots cum and it lands on his stomach, they lick it off. I could see it was my turn, the jockstrap is removed, a button is pushed, the girls all stand around, start playing with me, I'm starting to get used to this and beginning to enjoy it. One strokes my cock, the other squeezes my balls, my cock raises like a bridge, I shoot a load, it lands on my six-pack, it is lick it off. In turn they all suck me off, every time I shot my load. I start to feel exhausted, they walk away, I see them talking to Pat, she crosses to me. They've tasted you, and you're the best she says. I'm exhausted, I can't go on I replied. We can make you cum as many times as we like, she said How long am I going to be kept like this?. I'm trying to free myself, someone shaking me, I open my eyes and my girlfriend is looking down, and sees me struggling. You're all twisted up in the duvet. I looked round. What a nightmare. What happened? It started after a run, I was hot and I went into a bar and I met this girl, Pat. I hope I never have a dream like that again.



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