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Girl Next Door

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Unexpected fun


When I was thirteen I played for a local football team and got injured in a game and it looked like I had broken my arm when I was slide tackled. Anyway, I was home that weekend and feeling sorry for myself and neighbour, a girl named Chloe who was a year older came over to see how I was doing. I was in my room when she came over and my step mother let her come up to see me. No big deal. We just talked for a while and after maybe twenty minutes my step mother stopped by my room and said she needed to go into town for a few minutes and that she would be back in time to start dinner and asked Chloe to stay.

We heard the car back out of the drive way and we talked a little more and Chloe was telling me she felt sorry for me and wished she could help me. We had been friends for a long time and she was cute and she was maturing and I was noticing. I was in sort of a temporary cast from the wrist all the way past my elbow (on my left arm) and sort of uncomfortable, and Chloe noticed and asked if I wanted a backrub. I liked the idea and it was all sort of innocent at that point I guess but it was just too hard for me to lay on my belly for her to rub my back. It hurt my arm. So I rolled over.

All I was wearing was a pair of shorts and when I rolled back over I was surprised when she kept massaging me only this time on my chest. It was more like light tickling as we talked but it was cool and it was a lot more than a backrub would have been. She just sort of tickled me and even ran her fingers over my nipples and I knew right away that was not an accident. Then she began to gently stroke my chest and worked her way towards my armpits pulling the few sparse strands of hair that had begun to grow there that summer. I was sort of gimpy with just one good arm but I put my right hand to good use and I told her that if she was going to touch me I would do it to her.

She laughed and kept teasing me and so I tickled her. All she was wearing was a t-shirt and a bra underneath and shorts. But I tickled her where she was touching me and when she touched my bare nipple I ran my finger over her breast and I thought I could actually feel her nipple! We did this for a few minutes and it was Chloe who took the next step and she leaned back and peeled off her t-shirt and told me this would make our game more fair. I told her it still wasn't totally fair because she was touching me in places I could not reach on her. She laughed and sort of shrugged and said OK, and the next thing I knew, she was unclasping her bra and I nearly passed out when she pulled it off and I saw my first set of female nipples.

They were large already and sort of reddish brown and almost as soon as I touched them, they got hard. I did wait to touch them until she was again playing with mine. I needed that to get the nerve to actually do it I think. Chloe's nipples were not the only thing getting hard and by now I was pitching a tent in my shorts and she saw it. She was much more aggressive than me and when she began to tickle my belly and let her fingers slip below the waist band of my shorts, my dick was straining to be released but I was too amazed to just do it. Chloe did it. She let her fingers roam lower and lower and she found my bush. As she foraged in my bush she kept brushing her fingers against my cock and it was incredible.

She knew I was loving it and the more she allowed herself to touch my cock the more I tickled her nipples and I was going crazy with excitment. Chloe saw this and she said something like, 'let's get rid of these, they are in the way' and she began to tug at my shorts and pulled them down. I lifted my ass to assist her and in a second I was naked and my cock was exposed and rigid. She began to just touch it and it was actually throbbing and even though she could have made me cum right then I was able to remind her that we had to be fair and she took the cue and stood up and unbuttoned her shorts and slipped them off. Then she dropped her panties and stood there for a minute then sat back down next to me and I thought I was gonna faint from sheer excitement.

Chloe and I kissed and as she put her tongue into my mouth she grasped my dick and I tickled her pussy and felt up the soft hair. We played with each other for just a little while and we were nervous as hell that somebody would come home and catch us. As I remember we had maybe ten minutes of play time and in that time I touched her everywhere with my one good arm and hand and she touched me and softly stroked my cock and because I was so young and not really much in control of my cock yet, it did not take much for me to cum. I just lost control of myself and I ejaculated all over my belly and chest and it was like Chloe knew exactly what she was doing and that was her goal. Actually, if it was going to happen, the timing was perfect. Because just a minute or so after I cummed, we heard a car come into the driveway. We dressed so fast and she cleaned me up to hide the evidence. Dinner that night was interesting to say the least. Chloe and I played together a few more times but in the middle of the next school year, her family moved and we lost touch after awhile. But I remember that afternoon when I forgot about my broken arm for a while.



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