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Morning Masturbation

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One of my favorite memories when I was in my early twenties

I love mornings, morning wood, and mutual masturbation on a weekend morning. I was in my girlfriend's dorm room. We had fucked several times the night before, and I was spooning her when we finally fell asleep. Her phone rang and it woke both of us up. As she reached for her phone that was right next to the bed, I realized not only was my cock hard, it was resting between her two perfect ass cheeks. An exquisite sensation for me, and as she answered the phone, she noticed it was there too. As she started talking, I began to gently thrust my cock up and down, and my hand reached over and lightly caressed her breasts. She had lovely boobs. She was fairly skinny, and her breasts were small, but I'm a lover of all sizes and types of breasts. Her nipples were tiny, too, and very sensitive to being touched. Which is probably why she turned over, laid on her back, and shot me a look of annoyance. She covered the phone and whispered, "stop that! I'm talking to my dad!" That really got me going, and only made me more mischievous. I made my way down her fantastic body, and with my head at her navel, I gently spread her lovely thighs and looked at her pussy. She had an amazing pussy: it was very sensitive, and she didn't need much to get off. It was very tight, and clenched and squeezed my hard cock when he had sex. It looked fantastic, but then, all pussies look amazingly sexy to me. The best was she never shaved her bush-- I love women who keep their pubic hair. Her strait, downy pubes were sparse, a very light blond, and from a distance she looked like it was shaved. She got wet very easily, and they often carried a whiff of her pussy juice. I could smell that pussy now, and I parted her lips and began to lightly caress them. She was still talking, and shot another look down at me I looked up. Her eyes were huge, and her mouth was open, as if to say "What are you doing?!", but then I moved further down and began to run my tongue gently around her clit. I put one finger in her pussy, still slowly eating her out. I continued this for about five minutes, while she chatted. Her speech became ever evident that she was enjoying the sensations, and she was doing all she could to hide a gasp or suppress a sexy moan. When I began to directly lick her clit, she let out an actual moan. She then tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible. "Dad, I, ahhh, have to go now...ohhh...ok" And then, "Bye!" and she hung up. "You....aaah...Bastard!" she half yelled, have panted at me. I looked up. She was smiling, but her eyes were still huge. I stopped licking her, grabbed her hand, and placed in her pussy. "Fine," I said, "If you don't like it, finish it yourself." That was all she needed. She immediately started to finger herself, in just the way she knows the best. I could hear her pussy juices swishing around as she inserted a finger in, pulled it out, and swirled it around her clit. I sat up, my erection still there and throbbing, and I began to jerk myself off. Watch her laying there, masturbating, while I was jerking off myself, is one of our favorite activities. I find watching a woman getting herself off to be one of the most sexiest and arousing things in the world. I knew I wouldn't take long, and told her that I was almost there. "Mee,.ohh....tooooo!" she moaned. My left hand furiously stroked my cock up and down. I took my right hand and began to tickle that spot underneath my balls that works ever so well in boosting the sensation of my orgasm. A minute later, I came. My cock was aimed straight up as the first spurt of cum flew out and landed on my chest. I pushed my cock down, and the next two landed close to my girlfriend's left breast, and the next one coated her hand and a few inches down on her thigh. She gasped a few times, and then moaned her loud, sexy," I'm cuuuummmmming!" Her hips thrust up and down. "Wow." I told her. "That was one of my best cums ever." I told her. "me too," she said. She sat up and kissed me, then she took her pussy-juice and cum-laden finger and put it in my mouth to suck on. I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. What a girlfriend!



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