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Getting Comfortable With Yourself

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Getting Comfortable With Yourself
I have a variety of ways that I have pleasured myself over the years and am always looking to try something new so this sight is terrific. It is not antiseptic and matter of fact....it is erotic and informative. My pussy is throbbing now!!!
I love to masturbate....and have given many past lovers "shows". In fact in my long term relationships I have never been shy about letting my lover watch me. Many women are inhibited sexually and this overt display of confidence and boldness leaves men weak in the knees...believe me. I love to watch men masturbate....the way those masculine hands handle those cocks so carefully and the looks they get on their faces as they stroke the shaft and fondle the head makes me want to touch myself.
I fantasize a lot about other women although I have never had a lesbian experience. I imagine not only another woman's tongue flicking my clit and sucking my lips but also watching her fuck herself. I also imagine tasting a pussy, putting the clit behind my back teeth and moving my toungue up and down and over it sucking it in and out.
All in all many of my orgasms come from watching my boyfriend masturbate as I stroke my clit or imagining a woman masturbating for me or sucking my sweet lips or letting me bury my tongue in her slit.
It doesn't take much to get me in the mood. Sometimes it just happens and other times I find myself unable to resist feasting on my clit after reading my boyfriends penthouse magazine. The pictorials in there are fantastic as they show women by themselves, women with women and women and men together.
Although I have always been attracted to men in my public life, I believe in my private life of masturbation I am most turned on by women. The pictures of young gorgeous women with their pussies spread wide make my clit pound in my panties. Pussies are such fantastic things.....all shapes and sizes. I like that magazine because its "hard core" nature shows the action up close and personal. I like the way the models pussies are shaved clean and how the moisture sticks to their different sized labia. Some have tiny clits and others so big and juicy that they stick out from beneath their lips.
These pictures usually initiate one of my forms of masturbation. I will lie on my back and pull my panties down. I spread my legs wide but keep my knees bent so that I can arch up to position myself to the desired angle and pressure. I place my left hand on the outside of my pussy with the "butt" of my hand pushing firmly on my pelvis and my index and middle finger opening the lips. I then take the middle finger of my right hand and rub my clit in circles counter clockwise around and around my clit. Direct pressure isn't necessary I just push hard and actually circle my purple hood, each circle pulling on the skin making my hole open and close in contractions.
With my left hand I then insert a vibrator slowly in my pussy as far as it will comfortably go. HERE IS THE TRICK: Instead of pushing that vibrator in and out I move it side to side while I rub my clit. It pulls and pushes all the right places taking me to intense orgasms. When I pull the black vibrator out it is slick with creamy white juices and strings of sweet smelling clear cum....mmmm.
Another tricks are those masagers that look like bugs.....the "feet" are spread apart in a perfect distance that alows one "foot" to vibrate my clit while another "foot" vibrates the area between my pussy and my ass. You can either push hard or move it in circles either way the orgasm is intense and comes in a wave from your asshole to your clit. Because of this dual stimulation I sometimes imagine there is someone sucking and pulling and licking my clit while someone else fucks me with their tongue or licks my tiny ass.
Another tip: Shave your pussy. Pull the lips back and get all of the hair smooth around your clit and lips. I also remove the hair around my ass even though I don't engage in anal sex very often...it makes me feel sexier. Once you have trimmed your pussy stand in front of a mirror and look at it. I remember the first time I shaved I stood normally in front of a mirror and realized that my clit peaked out at the top from beneath those lips and I realized how sexy it was. Lay on your back and spread your legs for a mirror....when you're shaved you can see every crease and crevice of your beautiful pussy. I have even squatted over my scanner and scanned pictures of my moist pussy....it is very erotic. It makes you feel dirty yet beautiful at the same time.
This all my sound ridiculous but believe me if you can get comfortable with your own pussy......not only will it turn YOU on but you will surely become comfortable enough to turn your partner on......or maybe I should say "TURN YOUR PARTNER OUT!!!"



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