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My mom caught me and said "It is pretty big"

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My mom caught me and said "It is pretty big" by fukin_ass@hotmail.com (fukin_ass@hotmail.com)
I'm 18 years old right now and I have 3 sisters and a brother and we live together. I would say my family is a "Horny" family. All of us in our family masturbate.
I was 13 or 14 when this happened. It was about 4:00 PM and a Sunday evening. One of my sisters went out with her boyfriend, the other sister went for practices, my brother went to soccer practice, my dad went to the garage, my aunt went to her friend's place and my small sister went to the neighbours house. Only me and my hot, sexy mom was home.
I was so horny seeing two things. One I saw a sex scene in a movie which lasted about 3 minutes, and about two hours earlier, I saw my dad and my aunt have sex which lasted about 40 minutes. My dad has a big cock about 10.5 inches, and my aunt has huge boobs, 40DD maybe. They were fucking each other. I was so horny looking at these two events, and my cock was rock hard and kinda hurt.

I had to relieve my self, so I went to my room and saw the "tent" that my cock has made. I took off all my clothes and was naked, laying on my bed. I had no covers or blankets. I was strokin my rock hard, sexy, big cock as hard as I can. After a while my mom waalked into my room with my laundry. I was so embarrassed, shocked and scared. I was strokin my cock and it was in my hand. I couldn't cover my cock, because I had no covers, or blankets, or even a pillow. She had them all washed in her hands. I couldn't do anything. My cock was sticking straight up. It was about 6 inches at the time. I was fully exposed to my mom.

She took a nice, long at my cock, which really surprised me. She was wearing a white, thin, low neck, sleeveless dress. Since her boobs were so huge (about 40D) it was a bit tight in her chest area. I could see her nipples and her pubic hair through that dress. I saw her nipples trying to rip through her dress as I she looked my cock. She wsan't wearing a bra or panties, so it was obvious. Then she said "My liitle boy is becoming a man now eh?". Then she continues "Sorry if I inturupted you, go on". She took a step forward, but glanced back and said "That's pretty big for your age, huh?". I was so surprised and didn't feel like stroking after, eventhough I wanted to. After about 15 minutes, I was still on my bed, but my cock is not hard. I heard a moaning from the other room, which was my parents'. I went to see what's happening, and to my surprise, it was my mom fully naked, fingering herself, as her big boobs danced. She had her eyes closed. I was so turned on (eventhough she is my mom) and my cock got hard again. I was still naked! I just grabbed it and stroke it. She opened her eyes and saw me strokin it and was kinda surprised and said "I thought you finished it? You can do it again in this short time?" I said "I never finished" She said "Oh! Then, how do you like ur mama's stuff my boy" I in a low voice "Its good, I've seen it before". She was surprised and said "In the shower and while changing eh?" Then she said "I don't care, you came out of this hole".

Then after she said "See this wet hole, it's disgusting to have been come through this hole eh?"
She still didn't stop fingering. She said "Why don't you join my son?" When she said that "I just shot my load. She said "Maybe too alte now, but you can watch me, I'm gonna do this for a long time"
I said "Its okay" and left.
Now, if she walks in on em while I was jerking off, she sometimes waches me or even gives me a hand. It's a fucking turn on for me. I watch her do it too. Thank you for letting me share this story.
Keep looking...lots to co(u)m(e)!



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