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Get What You Want - Masturbate!

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I've always enjoyed watching women get themselves off, ever since my High School days.


Around four years ago when our daughter was around 14 my wife and I took her for a nice two week vacation. We got a nice bigger than average hotel room. The room was shaped like an "L" with the living room part located along what would be the base of the "L". Being around the corner it could not be seen by anyone laying in bed. After being on vacation for a week, and not having the opportunity for sex with my wife because of our daughter in the room, I was feeling a lot of pressure. One night around 3am I got up to go to the bathroom, and then taking a towel I went to the living room to sit in a nice comfy chair and get myself off. The room was pitch black. After a few minutes I heard my daughter whisper "Mom." I stopped wanking and listened intensely. After about five minutes, when I thought she had gone back to sleep I started my manipulations again. A couple minutes later I was very close to cumming when I heard the unmistakable whimpers of my daughter cumming! She had called out to her Mother to make sure she and I were asleep before starting on herself. I found it funny that we were masturbating together and she didn't know it. My wife and I were married for almost eight years before I ever saw her get herself off. She knew from stories I told her of sex experiences in High School how excited I got watching a girl play with herself. She just refused do it in front of me. Then one day after a week of trying to convince me to buy a new car for her, she smiled and acting shy said, "I'll get myself off for you......" "Three times and I get to tape it" (VHS) It was a deal. Inside of four days I had my videos. I loved jerking off to the tapes when no one was home and the urge struck. She was smart though, only offering as part of a deal once a year or so, not every time she wanted something. Being so rare an activity, just her saying she'd masturbate for me got my heart pounding. I'd be like a kid anxious for Christmas! Over the course of 25 years I filled six VHS tapes, and figured I had 6-7 sessions per tape. Then both tape players died and I was unable to watch my wife's exciting orgasms for three years. Now it's DVD players and I finally bought a video camera that records right on a small DVD disc. My wife has frigged herself for cars, home improvements, vacation destinations / cruises, real estate and sometimes for my birthday or Christmas when she couldn't come up with any ideas for a gift. One time she tried to get me to get a pool for the backyard but would not go for the five masturbations price tag. It's been a playful negotiation process for us, she ends up getting what she wants and has fun fulfilling her contract, I enjoy playing her videos and masturbating with her whenever I want. Evidently unknown to me, (until recently) my wife caught our daughter masturbating and it was rather embarrassing for both of them. They are extremely close, and my wife tried to set our daughter's mind at ease by telling her that even she found the need to masturbate at times, everybody does it. She even joked about how men love "to watch" and told her how she got her father to agree to a more expensive college for this coming Fall. I was floored when my wife told me she had told our daughter about our little arrangement, and that she can usually get what she wants by playing with herself. So the other day my daughter and I are having a nice chat and she tells me of a car she saw that she has just GOT to have to get her to college. She has saved enough for almost half the cost and does not want to lose out on the sale. It is not cheap and initially I said no way. Then she tells me that she knows what Mom does to win me over and get what she wants. I could feel my face turn red and my heart start to pound. Was this my little girl offering to masturbate for me? I was silent for a minute. "You saying you want your Mom to masturbate for me so you can get the car?" (I was playing dense) "No." "Does Mom know you're offering to do this for a car?" "Hell no" she said. I have mixed feelings---I certainly don't lust for my daughter, but I would find it exciting I guess. Both of "my girls" know it is an extreme weakness I have. I just have to watch. Right now it's still in the negotiation stage---price is two masturbations on video. She has not mentioned the car for two days now and I suspect she is going to chicken out. But someday she'll know how to persuade her husband to give her what she wants!



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