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Caught My Sister

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Blackmail is fun!


A few weeks ago my sister, Cheryl, got off her regular term at university and she decided to come home for the summer. My family and I greeted her warmly and she was very comfortable for the first week of summer. My first thought when she got back was how much sexier she looked than the last time I saw her. I have always thought my sister to be beautiful and I have been attracted to her for years, but on the day she came back she seemed sexier than ever.

For the first two weeks she was home, everything was normal. One day, I woke up alone, and Cheryl was still in bed in her old room. After a quick shower I walked into the sunroom to watch some TV and found a note saying that my parents had gone out to do some shopping. The note also said that I had some chores to do, so I put on some work clothes and went outside to do some yard work.

I mowed the backyard and trimmed the edges and decided I would mow the front yard after a break. I went in the backdoor and I closed it. My house has a security system (but we never use it) that beeps three times every time a door closes. As soon as I closed the backdoor and the three beeps ended, I heard the most erotic sound coming from upstairs.

I could hear a voice moaning and yelping one floor above. I immediately knew it was Cheryl. I slowly and quietly creeped up half the stairs and peeked a look over the railing.

There was my sister in the kitchen, naked on all fours fingering herself. I could see her entire body, and my cock instantly sprung to attention because I loved the way her back arched and her ass was pushed into the air.

I kept watching for about five minutes and I figured she came at least a few times. Then she got up and I hid below the railing. Suddenly I heard moaning again, so I got back up and peeked again.

Cheryl was holding a sort of board type thing against the breakfast table. On the end she wasn't holding down, there was a big black dildo attached. She had stepped over it and was riding it like a homemade fucking machine (to this day I don't know if she bought it or made it, but I like to think that she made it)

She seemed to be really getting into it, so I quietly climbed up the rest of the stairs and made it to the kitchen doorway where I was a mere eight feet away from her, peeking around the corner and watching her ride a dildo while completely naked.

I kept watching for what seemed like hours. My cock was hurting like a bitch, so I took it out and started stroking myself. Suddenly I think she heard me moaning a little bit and she stopped her activities and turned around really fast. I froze and I tried to hide, but I knew she had seen me. She called my name and I walked into the kitchen. I stammered my apologies.

'How long have you been watching for?' she asked, and I thought about it. '10 minutes, maybe,' I said. She was dumbstruck. Then her attitude changed from being in an erotic high to being extremely pissed. 'You can't tell anybody about this, especially not mom and dad,' she said, while pointing her finger at me.

Then I got an idea that I read about on this very website. Blackmail! 'Only if you let me join in,' I said. She stayed silent for what seemed like an hour. 'Fine,' she said. I immediately dropped my shorts and boxers and pretty much ripped off my t-shirt. When she saw my erect cock she told me that I had the largest cock she had ever seen. She knelt down and began to stroke my raging dragon in a wonderful handjob. After she stroked me to an intense orgasm I started finger fucking her pussy. She was lying face up on the breakfast table bucking and squealing and she came so hard that her juices splashed all over the kitchen floor.

I laid down on the floor and she got down on all fours and started giving me my first handjob. It was an incredible feeling to feel her warm hand around my cock. Every once in a while she would lick my balls and shaft which would make me shiver in ecstasy. She continued to jack and I told her I was going to cum, so she sped her hand up and down. I shot huge streams of cum onto her hand and arm. She got up and let my cum trickle down her wrist onto the floor and she giggled, saying that she liked my cum.

Since then we've masturbated each other with abandon. I hope my parents leave again and we get another chance to have some fun! Thanks for reading!



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