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Gangs All Here

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My sister turned me on to this site not long ago and urged me to write in to tell everyone of an experience I had a few years ago. It was the most erotic, wild, and memorable masturbation experience I have ever had. I didn't plan on it happening so that made it even better.
It started out with my husband going on a guy's weekend water-skiing trip to my parent's summer cottage on a lake. Every summer for the previous 4 years some guys from his work and he would go for the weekend for some fun on the water. This year I decided to check up on 'the guys' to see just what they do up there without the women. To my disappointment, they were actually out on the boat water-skiing and tubing. I figured that since I was already there that I would stick around and have some fun with the guys. There were six other guys there with my husband and they seemed pretty excited to see me. Anyway, we had lots of fun in the sun. Later that night I was getting very horny with these fine looking seven men around me and I could feel some tingling sensations down in my pussy and my nipples were hard and erect. I could see all the guys were noticing my nipples and this turned me on even more. As the evening continued the talk inevitably turned to sex which later led to us playing the game truth or dare.
Every question and every dare had some sexual connotation to it and the dares were getting riskier and riskier every time. I decided to really go for it and dared one of the guys to strip down naked and stroke his cock for 60 seconds in front of me. I made the right choice; his cock was huge and already hard. He stood in front of me and slowly slid his hand up and down on his cock while he starred right into my eyes. It was everything I could do not to start sucking on it right then and there, but I knew the game was just getting started. To make a long story short, eventually we were all stark naked and hornier than ever. It was my turn and I chose dare. My husband, of all people, dared me to let all seven of the guys masturbate and cum on me. I couldn't wait to get at it. I laid down on my back on the floor and told them that I wanted them to do it all at the same time. All seven guys got down on their knees around me and started to stroke their cocks. I was in heaven and I just had to masturbate myself. One of the guys spread my legs apart and moved up between them and continued jacking off right over my aching pussy. I had a cock on each side of my face, a cock over each breast, a cock on either side of my pussy and a cock between my legs right over my pussy. I knew it wasn't going to take me long and I started to arch my back and cum. It was a very intense orgasm and the guys loved it. While I was cumming I felt the first stream of sperm hit me in the stomach, it was my husband who was shooting his load on me. The sight and sounds of my husband and me cumming set off a chain reaction. Soon I was being covered in hot, creamy sperm. I had sperm on my face, on my tits, and all over my stomach and pussy, it was spectacular. That set me off another massive explosion. I think that it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Words cannot describe the feelings that were pulsating through my whole body. I didn't want it to stop and I continued rubbing my clit at a feverish rate to bring myself to another orgasm. The guys started rubbing all over my body. They were playing with my nipples and rubbing my inner thighs, hands were everywhere on my body smearing their cum all over me and I came again. I didn't count how many times I came that night, but it was numerous, and the guys shot their loads on me numerous times also. I was a mess when we were all spent but I loved every second of it. Not much skiing was done the next day, as we were busy 'playing' with each other.
Word traveled fast at my husband's office and the next year 14 or 15 guys showed up. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but my husband informed me that two wives and one other lady from the office did show up 'unexpectedly'! I'll let them tell you what happened on their ski weekend. My husband told me, with a grin on his face, that it just wasn't the same without me...ya right, I can only imagine.



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