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It Just Came Natural With Us

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Mike and I weren't told anything. It just came natural with us when we were 13 or 14.


Mike was my next door neighbor. We'd lived next to each other as far back as we can remember and grew up together. We were very close with each other because of this.

When we hit 11 and 12 years old and beginning to have these changes with our bodies, we noticed it and would talk to each other about it. I started growing boobs and taking on the 'girly' shape and Mike started growing darker hair on his legs. By the time we were 13/14 years old, Mike's voice had deepened and he had facial hair. We'd laugh about the way we had gotten with each other. Something we didn't talk about was the fact that we had both learned the pleasure we got out of 'playing' with our privates when alone masturbating.

Then one Summer afternoon, things happened. Mike's parents had put in a swimming pool in their back yard. Mike and I decided we'd go swiming. We went into our houses to get ready to get into the pool. We got there and I was wearing a little bikini and Mike these tight fitting swim briefs. I unwrapped the towel I had around me and showed Mike my new bikini by doing a 360 in front of him. I had no idea this would have the effect on Mike that it did. Turned out Mike was now looking at me in a much different way.

Mike didn't say much but kept looking at me (not my face). I was wondering why he was so quite all of a sudden. Then, I notice his swim briefs or I should say what was in them. I could easily see the outline of his penis and it was all swollen and big looking. I stood there looking at it (his penis in his briefs) and then looked up at his face. We didn't say a word to each other for a minute. Mike looked down and saw what I'd been looking at and he grabbed his towel wrapping it around him. Neither of us knew what to say to each other.

Then Mike finally spoke telling me 'I'm sorry. I don't know why I ___'. He was lost for the right words to say. I then asked Mike 'was it me'? Mike then said 'You look different to me now'. I was still standing there in my bikini and I again wanted to see Mike in his briefs so I asked him to remove the towel and that it was OK. Mike slowly unwrapped the towel and took it off. I again stood looking at that big 'tube' he had in them and had the urge to actually see it.

I then looked at Mike and asked him 'can I see it'? Mike at first said 'no'. I continued to press him on about seeing it and I finally told him 'if you will I'll let you see me too'. This finally did it and Mike said 'well, OK'. We went inside his house to his room. We stood looking at each other for a minute and I finally said 'well, are you going to let me see it'? Mike said 'what about you'? I then slowly started pulling down my bottoms. When I did this, Mike did the same. We finally got them off and we stood looking at each other's 'privates'. I couldn't get over how big it was. I walked up to Mike looking down at his penis and asked 'OK if I touch it'? Mike said 'if you want to'. I first touched it with my finger tips and finally my hand. I then wrapped my hand around it and slowly rubbed on it. When I did this, Mike said 'oh Dee, that feels good'. I didn't know it at the time but I was sort of giving Mike a hand job. Mike then said 'oh Dee, please don't stop doing that'. I kept it up and a few seconds later Mike's body shook and he let out a groan and this thick white stuff squirted out of the end of his penis hitting me on the leg. I jumped back as it kept squirting out landing on the floor.

I asked Mike 'what happened'? Mike said 'boys call it cum'. I touched it on my leg to see what it felt like. We wiped it up and put our bottoms back on and ended up going swimming. But, after this things were never the same again. We ended up getting alone together almost every day and I showed Mike how I did things to my pussy and show him how to do it. We got to 'playing' with each other. We never did actually fuck but we sure came close.

One day while in Mike's room, Mike's mom walked in on us and caught us. Needless to say, all hell broke loose. She came home early that day and we were in Mike's bed next to each other with Mike on his side and I was on my back with my legs spread. Mike had his hand on my pussy fingering it and I had my hand around Mike's penis jacking on it. This ended our 'play' time real quick. Mike's mom told my mom about it and they made sure we were kept apart. It wasn't until years later that Mike and I finally were able to get together again. When this happened, we ended up doing 'everything'!



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