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During summer vacation when I was 13, me and my buds used to hang out at Steve's house during the day because we were usually unsupervised. One day, the five of us were in the basement rec. room playing lincoln log wars, when Steve asked us all "Wanna see my brother's dirty magazines?" Of course we did, so Steve disappeared and brought back a pile of Penthouses, Hustlers, and Cheris. We started looking at them, and the conversation soon turned raunchy. Steve accused Kevin of having a boner, and he dared Kevin to prove he didn't by "whipping it out." Not wanting to be accused of being a pussy, Kevin unzipped his pants and pulled out his wiener. Well, maybe it wasn't hard at first, but within just a few seconds it was stiff and pointing at the ceiling. Everyone laughed, but we were all impressed that he was pretty big and had pubic hair. He turned red and acted embarrassed, but he was none too fast putting it back in his pants. Soon the conversation turned to jacking off and wanking (we were listing as many names for it as we knew). I had been masturbating for a long time, but it became apparent that Alan didn't know what it was. "You know, when you rub your wiener until it creams..." Steve tried to explain unsuccessfully. Just then, I was so horny, I thought I could sneak an unobtrusive rub through my pants. But Steve spotted me. "See, Mark has a boner, betcha he's about to cream." I quickly pulled my hand away. Just then, Steve reached over suddenly and goosed my crotch. I doubled up laughing like I was getting tickled, but I couldn't pull his hand away. "See, he's so horny he's gonna come! Get him!" He started wrestling me, and I was quickly pinned in the fetal position. Soon Kevin, Dan, and even Alan joined in. They pried me open and pinned me on my back. All the while, Steve continued his relentless crotch grabbing. I was hysterical. Laughing, flushed, panicked and aroused, I struggled spastically to no avail. Finally, they got my pants off and Steve got a proper grip on my rock hard boner. He was right about one thing; I was so horny there was no stopping it. I felt myself start to lose control almost as soon as the jacking commenced. For some reason, I remember the sensation of the strewn lincoln logs poking into my back. With an exasperated flourish, I squirted my load. Three small spurts, but each with enough force to hit Steve in the shoulder. "Eew!" he recoiled. Finally I was free. Alan was clearly fascinated. While I was recovering, the other boys continued the jack-off play. Steve convinced Alan to masturbate him under the guise of "showing him how," and Dan started playing with himself. Soon they both came, and then Steve returned the favor on Alan, who obviously enjoyed his initiation into a larger world. As they finished, I noticed that Kevin was slyly fondling himself through his pants. "Kevin has a boner too - gang wank him!" I exclaimed as I launched towards him. The other boys jumped in, and we pinned him down while he feigned protest. I pulled down his pants and underwear while Alan pulled his shirt up. I grabbed his hard boner and started stroking roughly, and he began to buck and struggle. Then I realized that I shouldn't be so rough, so I tried to stroke him quickly but gently, like I did myself. He seemed to submit to the inevitable at that point. Still, it seemed to take forever to make him come, though it was probably only a minute. I was excited to touch a penis so much bigger than my own, and kept imagining how good it must feel for him - as it had for me. Finally he ejaculated, oozing a blob of thick sperm onto the back of my hand. Laughing hysterically, I reached up and wiped it on his face. We played jack off games for the rest of the summer, and gang-wanks were a frequent occurrence (my name for it stuck). Though we would protest, it was quite apparent that each boy secretly relished the opportunity to be the victim.



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