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How It Happened

Posted by: Author: Age: 27 (16 at the time) Posted on: 1 comments
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When I was about 16 I had a friend named "Tyler". (his real name was Scott, but few people knew that) Tyler was small and had a little kid body and short red hair. I had met him playing basketball at age 13, but we really weren't friends until 10th grade. I don't consider myself gay, but this kid was cute! I kind of thought of him as the little brother I never had. I enjoyed making him happy and doing things with him even though he was almost two years younger than me.

I was friends with a lot of stoners and cooler guys and Tyler was kind of a preppy boy who didn't go to a lot of the wilder parties. I remember once my parents went out of town for the weekend to visit relatives and I asked Tyler to come over for the weekend, which he was happy to do.

When he got there we started watching "American Pie". We were on my couch sitting right next to each other drinking beer when tyler put his finger through a hole in my jeans and started rubbing my leg. " what are you doing" I asked. "nothing , just messing with you" I told him to quit making the hole bigger and watch the movie. He quit and we went back to the movie. It wasn't long before one of the naked scenes came on in the movie and Tyler started rubbing my leg. "you have a boner don't you dude" he asked me. I told him I did and pushed his hand away embarrassed." It's not a big deal you know" he said and started to slowly put his hand between my legs."Look dude" I said a little drunk " I like you and you're my buddy, but if you don't stop I'm going to kick your ass" He seemed almost hurt and asked me " You wouldn't really hurt me would you"? I thought about it and said "no, you're right I wouldn't hit you just because you touched me, but you are seriously making me uncomfortable man".


He smiled "Just let me touch it" he was almost begging.I'm not gay, but if he wanted that bad to touch me I was almost flattered that he thought that much of me."alright" , I agreed "but you can't tell anybody"! He assured me he wouldn't and started to gently rub me between the legs. I drew in a deep breath the way some one would if you poured cold water on them."you okay"? he asked. " yeah its just I have never done anything like this before". He assured me we weren't "doing anything" he just wanted to feel me.


After a minute of him feeling my privates I started to get hard. He unzipped my pants and took out my throbbing dick. He looked at me questioningly as to ask if it was ok. I nodded at him and he began to slowly jerk me off. It was probably one of the best feelings of my life to feel his little hand around my dick even if I was VERY shy and embarrassed. I didn't even let my other friends see my penis let alone play with it! After jacking it for a few minutes he asked if he could put it in his mouth. Now I was really scared. "I don't know dude" I told him "that seems really gay". He told me he wasn't gay and that he just wanted to know what it was like.


I reluctantly let him take it in his mouth for a while. He only sucked for about 30 seconds and then he went back to jacking me. It wasn't long before I felt the familiar pressure building up and I told him "Oh shit dude, I'm going to bust"! but he kept on going and I blew one of the biggest loads I ever have right on my stomach. He rubbed it into the skin on my belly. After I cleaned up I ended up jacking his little 4" cock off, but he never did end up having and orgasm while I was jacking so he did it himself. Afterwards we finished the movie and I feel asleep cuddled up to my best friend with my head resting on his lap.

Guys do some crazy stuff



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