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Fun With Siobhan after Swimming

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This is about me and a beautiful girl called Siobhan getting to know each other a lot better. I hope to do more with her in the future!


I love this site and go on it every time I fancy a wank, which is everyday!

A bit about myself: I'm 5'7, swimmers build, very athletic.

I wouldn't consider myself to be 'big' but I have a 6inch dick which is just over 5inches around and love the feeling of it when I grip it in my hand!!

This story takes place back when I was 14 nearly 15.

I had met this amazing girl called Siobhan who was 13 at my local swimming club which I've been going to since I was 10. I got talking to her and we became friends effective immediately.

Now I like talking to girls about tossing off and things, so when she brought up the topic of masturbation up I was in heaven!!

At first she talked openly about dicks and seeing guys pubes in school with me and other people in the showers where I couldn't help but getting slightly turned on and hard. Then one of the girls shouted that I had a boner (which I almost did) and all eyes were on my crotch. Thankfully it had subsided and wasn't blatantly obvious.

Later that night we started talking about me getting hard in the showers and she said she saw it when it was quite big. She asked if I had a full on boner and I said no, then she asked 'it gets even bigger?!?'

I was like yes of course ahhah so she said wow,how big are you?? Just under 6inches

Did you have a wank when you got home?? Yes I was really hard and turned on, but I really want someone else to do it for me. I jokingly asked her she could always lend a hand and she said I'd love to!!

We arranged to do it next training session and I managed to hold back and not wank til then.

We then asked each other questions about what we do when we're horny. She told me she fingered herself with 2 or 3 fingers til she cums really hard.

I told her all my secrets. I told her how I love eating my own cum, it's so sweet and isn't that salty.

Eventually when we met up after a swimming session, I took off my trunks and wrapped a towel round my waist then walked to her cubicle. We chatted for a few minutes, the whole time my dick was hard as a rock but she had her clothes on which I wasn't bothered about. Then she saw the outline of my dick against my towel and commented on it's size. I said how about seeing it for real. Without award I dropped my towel and her eyes widened and lit up, staring at my fully engorged cock. She asked if she could touch it which I was more than happy to let her.

Her first touch sent lightning bolts through my penis and my body and I held her hand and showed her how to grip it properly. She wrapped her index finger and thumb lightly round the head and slowly tugged the foreskin back. I couldn't believe, the first time a girl ever saw me erect and was touching my dick felt amazing!!

Then her mum called for her to go, so I was left with blue balls and a dick hard enough to drill through diamond.

She said 'until next time' in a sexy voice and I couldn't help but admire how gorgeous she is and her sexy figure as she walked off. I shut the cubicle door, dropped my towel and jacked off as hard as I could. I came within minutes, splattering the cubicle wall with my jizz which I left there for someone else to enjoy.

More was still to cum (pun intended ahhah) as a few days later she wanted to jack me off properly and after the swimming session, through which I was incredibly hard throughout,we both went into a bigger changing room. I'd already taken my trunks off and put my towel round me but she was nearly fully dressed because she'd been changing before I came in.

So I sat down, took off my towel and spat on the end of my dick for some lube and rubbed it in. She then sat next to me and wrapped her soft little hands round my shaft. She had never tossed a guy off before and this was the furthest either us had been with the opposite sex. She then slowly stroked up and down my shaft and it made me incredibly horny to see her work my dick.

I told her to kneel down in front of me and jack me off which did. She started stroking a bit harder and asked me when I'd cum so I said I'll tell you when.

As she continued to jack me off, the pressure built up in my balls and I told her to grip harder and go faster.

As she ranked my dick even quicker and harder, I told her I was about to cum and then it hit me. A huge wave of pleasure swept over me and I was in ecstasy. I came the biggest amount of cum I've ever seen and it came out thick and fast in 6 or 7 spurts. She let go of my dick and screamed while I moaned at how good it felt. She told me how much she enjoyed it but had to go, so she quickly picked up her bag and left, leaving the door wide open for all to see. Thankfully no one walked past and saw me covered in my own jizz, stark naked. I shut the door and wiped myself down before getting dressed quickly and left.

Needless to say I jacked off about 3 or 4 times more that night while having phone sex to Siobhan. I've never told her how much I love her for that and I hope to repay the favour!!

I have other stories about what I get up to which I might write in the future if you want to know.

Happy jacking and jilling everyone!



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