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College Roommate

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College Roommate mix-up


When I went to college my freshman year their were too many people for too few rooms. Me and about 125 people had to stay in a hotel on the edge of campus. When I arrived I received my key and found my room. I opened the door and see two beds and desks and a tv. I start to unpack and hear a key entering the lock and the door turning. I turn around and see a women coming into the room. I look at her as she looks at me. I ask if she is in the right room and she tells me she is. I introduce myself as Albert and she tells me her name is Andi. I sit on the bed and call housing and tell them that my roommate is a women and her name is Andi. They tell me sorry but we can't do anything for a few weeks. I hand her the phone and she explains the situation and gets nowhere.

Andi hangs up and starts to unpack. After an hour of unpacking I ask if she wants to go grab a bite. She says no and I tell her I will be back. I am not a bad looking guy just need to lose 20-30 lbs. Andi is very good looking and I'm sure will be hit on by most guys. After grabbing a bite and talking with a few people I grab Andi a sandwich and head back to the room. I knock on the door and enter and see Andi in shorts and a t shirt. I hand her the sandwich and she thanks me and starts to eat. we talk for a while and then I change into shorts and get into bed. Andi goes into the bathroom and comes out and gets into her bed.

The next morning I wake up and go to the bathroom and when I come out Andi is looking at me. I ask if everything is okay. She tells me nothing and goes into the bathroom and showers. When she is done I tell her I will let her change and go to the diner inside the hotel. While eating Andi joins me and tells me thanks and she has to go. She grabs my oj and drinks it and leaves. The two guys I am eating with ask me who she is and I tell them my roommate. They smile and tell me good luck. Over the next few months we start to get into a rhythm and after I pee in the morning I go downstairs and have breakfast while Andi showers and dresses. One morning while going to the bathroom Andi stops me and asks why I'm hard in the morning. I laugh and tell her it's called morning wood or a pee hard on. She is still looking at it and I tell her I really must go. I go and when I start to pee Andi is next to me. She looks at me peeing and asks to hold my penis. I say okay and she touched my penis and moves the stream around. After I finish I tap it twice and try to put it back in my shorts. Andi asks why it hasn't gone back down. I look at her and say now I'm excited and it won't be that easy. Andi laughs and leads me to the beds. I look at her and she asks if I think she is pretty. I tell her yes and very. She then asks why. I look at her and say she has a sexy body, nice ass, great looking boobs, a great smile and a very happy person. Andi smiles and tells me her boobs are small, legs are hairy and ass isn't great. I smile and tell her another reason I wake up with a hard on is because you are in the room next to me in a bed. Andi smiles and gets up, thanks me and goes into the bathroom.

When I get back from class that afternoon Andi is on her bed putting on her sneakers and I see on my bed is a pair of shorts, socks and shirt. I ask her what gives and she tells me we are going running. I tell her I'm out of shape and don't run. Andi asks if I want to see her in her bra and panties tonight I will run with her. I strip to my underwear and get dress and we go out running. After 10 minutes I am done and walking. Andi continues on and tells me she will meet me at the end of the trail. She takes off and I see her ass moving I start to run/walk the rest of the way. 20 minutes later I catch up and we walk back to the hotel and I'm coughing the whole way. Once in the room I sit on the floor and lay down. Andi tells me to get up and I sit on the bed. She then stands in front of me and takes off her shirt and shorts. I suddenly feel better and Andi laughs. Andi does have small breasts and a great looking ass. I tell her again and she then takes off her sports bra and show me how tiny they are. I am now hard and explain I am a breast man and love smaller breasts. I then stand and show her my tent. Andi tells me to strip and I do and so does she. Andi has a nice amount of hair around her pussy and I tell her another turn on. We hug and then kiss. Andi tells me she has wanted to do that for a few months. I move my hand to her ass and cup each cheek and tell her amazing. I then lower my head to her boobs and kiss each one. Soon we are on my bed and are kissing each other. Andi tells me she is very horny and wants me. I ask if she is a virgin and she says yes. I smile and tell her so am I. We play and fondle.  She grasps my rock hard cock and rubs the shaft up and down, up and down, playing special attention to my sensitive head.  I can't last for more than a minute and I blow my load all over her hand and leg.  I can't wait to get my fingers into her warm, moist pussy.  I have 2 fingers exploring her tight hole while gently circling her clit with my thumb.  She is twitching.  The ecstacy is too much and she tries to push my arm away, but soon I feel her tight muscles spasm around my fingers.  I cum again without her even touching me.  Spent, we sleep, but the next night we take each others virginity.

After that first night we only sleep in one bed together and when the college tell us they found us each a separate room we tell them we have fallen in love and they leave us alone. At the end of our freshman year we find an off campus apartment and move in together. Our parents see we are in love. We lived in the same apartment for 3 years and on graduation night I asked Andi to marry me. We have now been married for 6 years and have 2 children and always donate to our college.



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