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Fun With Sarah

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Another true story from my great wanking past.


Fun with Sarah

This is another true story that happened about two years after I was wanking with my niece and involved my other niece Sarah who was Carols younger sister. Sarah was 18 and into horse riding just like her sister and also used our house as a base for getting to the stables so she was around a lot at the weekends and I couldn't fail to notice that she had blossomed into a sexy young woman. She was of a very similar build to Carol in that she had developed a great set of tits and had a fantastic arse that looked great in tight jodpurs, some people would say that she was overweight but to me that is how a woman should look, curvy.

Anyway, she had come to ours from the stables and had her tea and my wife had left for her shift, Sarah and I were watching tv and after a while she said I am going for a shower, I said ok see you in a while, she went upstairs to the bathroom and after she had left I turned the tv off and went up to the bedroom with the sole intention of having a wank, as I passed the bathroom I could hear the shower running and got a mental image of Sarah naked under the water, this helped to harden my cock ready for action. I went into the bedroom and pushed the door to and then rather than just dropping my jeans and pants I decided to strip off, so I got undressed and stood in front of the mirror and started to slowly stroke and wank my hard cock all the time looking at my reflection, I picked up a bottle of baby oil from the dresser and poured some on my hand and massaged the oil all over my hard cock and then started a nice oily wank.

As I was so preoccupied I hadn't heard the shower stop or Sarah coming out of the bathroom until I heard a cough from the doorway and looked up to see her standing there with her wet hair and just holding a big towel across her body, as I had been caught red handed I decided to ignore the fact that I was naked and erect and asked her what she wanted, she replied I came to use auntie's hairdryer but what you are doing looks much more interesting, can I stay and watch?. I was shocked at this request to say the least but also quite glad that she had asked given my past fun with her sister, I said are you really sure you want to get into this? Her response knocked me for six, she said why not after all you did it with Carol, she told me all about how she would watch you then how she joined in and eventually you wanked each other, I have been wanking for the last four years and Carol has taught me a lot about self pleasure and also told me your secret, you don't need to worry as it is perfectly safe with me as long as we can have some fun too, I have been waiting for a moment like this to broach the subject with you, well she said what do you think? I was pissed off with Carol for telling (she obviously didn't mention the fun we had with Jayne) but also horny as hell at the thought of more wanking fun, and slightly peeved at her blackmail reference but my cock ruled my head and I told her it was fine by me as long as it was kept strictly between us, she agreed to that and said lets see you wank then.

Over the time we were talking my cock had started to soften slightly but a few strokes soon brought it back to a full hard on, Sarah commented that it was as big as Carol had told her and she asked for a close look at it, so I stopped wanking and held it round the base between my thumb and finger to show her the full seven and a half inches of my cut cock with its slight curve to the left and my tight shaved ballbag, she smiled and said Mmmm very nice, as she stepped away from me she dropped her towel and said what do you think of my body? My cock twitched and oozed precum at just the sight of her naked body, before I answered I took a moment to drink in her beauty, I knew she had big tits but seeing them in the flesh was something else they were fully developed and firm with big areole and hard nipples, she had a nice swell to her belly and big hips and thighs framing a lovely patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair below which her wet and swollen labia were visible, she was aroused too, as I looked at her she turned around to show me her arse, WOW what a beauty, full round cheeks with that perfect shape I cannot describe but I think looks fantastic, again I had seen it in jodpurs and it looked great but naked it was awesome. I finally managed to speak and in a hoarse voice and said you are beautiful, your pussy looks swollen are you turned on? She replied that she had been playing with herself in the shower and was going to wank after she had dried her hair but she wanted to see me wank first.

She sat on the edge of the bed and she looked at me and said let me see you wank that big cock then, so I stepped over to her and stood right in front of her and started to wank my cock really slowly because if I went at normal speed I would have cum too soon. As I stood there wanking my oily cock and looking at her naked body the only sound in the room was the squelchy sound of my hand sliding on my oiled cock, I had to stop and edge after a while as I was close to cumming, she asked what I was doing and I told her it was my technique to prevent orgasm too soon, she said she had never seen a cock spurting cum and was really looking forwards to my orgasm, I said it wont be long now as I felt the familiar sensations of orgasm starting to build as I stopped edging and started wanking again.

I said I am going to cum are you ready? She nodded yes as I turned side on to her and let out a groan of pleasure as my orgasm hit me and I shot wad after wad of hot cum onto the carpet, as my orgasm subsided the last dribbles of cum ran down my fingers and I finally stopped wanking and let go of my cock, did you enjoy that Sarah? She said WOW that was amazing a lot better than I expected, I said that was only the first of many, as she was still taking it all in I lifted my hand to my mouth and started to lick the cum off my fingers, she asked what I was doing and I replied I love the taste of my cum and always clean my hand after wanking.

I crossed the room and sat in the armchair facing the bed and said to her its your turn now, I want to see you wank, come and sit in front of me, she got up and moved to the corner of the bed and sat down facing me with her legs wide open to expose her very wet cunt to me, she was totally at ease showing me her body at its most intimate and completely unfazed by her and my nudity, unlike her sister Carol who took a long time before she was at ease naked and exposed around me. Sarah was obviously very turned on by the situation and it didn't look like it would take long for her to cum as well, she leant back slightly and with her fingers of her right hand started to gently circle her aroused clitoris then started rubbing it slightly to the side, her technique was very similar to Carols which was not surprising really as her sister had taught her to wank, she then slipped two fingers into her cunt thrust them in and out a few times then went back to rubbing her clit, with her left hand she was rubbing each breast in turn paying special attention to her nipples.

After a while she concentrated on her clit and her breathing started to change and her chest and neck started to flush red as she said oh yes I am cumming, the speed of her rubbing increased as her orgasm hit and she arched her back and let out a loud gasp of pleasure as it washed over her, she stopped rubbing her clitoris as it became too sensitive and dipped her fingers into her cunt and rubbed them in the lovely creamy white discharge that had appeared as she came. WOW!! She exclaimed that was a good one, I could tell I replied I enjoyed it to as I showed her my semi erect cock that I had been playing with as I watched her, do you always get that discharge when you cum? She said she got it anytime she was aroused and her pants were generally coated in it after, especially after she had been horse riding. I asked if I could smell and taste it, and she offered her coated fingers to me, I sniffed it and it smelt indescribably great, young pussy is the best I can come up with, it tasted even better sweet and musty at the same time, delicious. I licked her fingers clean as I had my own and we both sat for a few minutes in a post orgasm glow saying nothing just looking at each other.

She got up and said back in a minute, I sat and watched her great arse as she walked out of the room and heard her go into the bathroom, she came back into the bedroom and was carrying her pants that she had worn all that day, they were white cotton with little red hearts all over them, I automatically started to stroke my hardening cock at the sight of them and she turned them inside out to show me the gusset which was covered in her creamy discharge from the days wear, she used them to wipe more of it from her still wet pussy and handed them to me saying here is a present for you, my cock was now fully hard and ready for action. Let me see you wank while you sniff and lick my pants before shooting your cum into them she said.

I didn't need any encouragement and was wanking with her pants on my face before she had sat down, as the heady scent of her musk and aroma filled my nostrils and her taste filled my mouth as I licked them I could feel my orgasm starting and I said I am going to cum, she said stand up and let me see you cum in my pants, I stopped wanking and stood before her holding her pants on the flat of my hand in front of her and then started pumping my hard cock again and said here I cum as I shot a lesser load than before all over her stained cotton pants, staining them even more in the process, OH YEAH!! She looked up at me and said you enjoyed that didn't you? You like my pants don't you? I nodded yes and thanked her, she said no thank you that was great fun and I hope the first of many? I replied, defiantly.

And the die was cast as it was with her sister, we became wanking buddies of the first order and enjoyed being with each other on a regular basis even getting Carol involved, but that is for next time.



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