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First Orgasm

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Sister was there when I first came.

Like most young boys, I was extremely curious about sex and sexuality during my coming-of-age years. But, I fell a little bit behind the learning curve. My friends seemed to know a lot more or were already making out and doing things with girls. I was clueless. My knowledge came from a Club Magazine that I kept between my mattress and box spring, and things I learned in the sex-ed portion of 8th grade health class. One day, things started to change. It happened by accident. Mom and dad were in Florida for February break with the others, and my sister and I were home alone. I had basketball practice every day, and she had cheering, etc. One day I came home from practice, took a shower, and came back to my room. I was happy to be home alone, because I wanted to look at the magazine in peace! As I remember the day, it was around 4:00 and was just started to get dusky. After I showered and dried off, I came back to my room and decided to lie down on my stomach on my bed. I didn't care that the towel had opened and my ass was completely exposed. It actually felt good. There I was, lying naked on my stomach with the door open, magazine at the head of my bed. I loved the photos of the women who were wearing nothing but panties. Those were my favorite.

So, I was lying there sort of mesmerized when all of a sudden I heard someone coming up the stairs. With only three steps, I had no chance of covering up and definitely couldn't jump up and close the door. I panicked; sort of. I just decided to feign sleeping and I hope that I wasn't seen. Of course, being where I was, there was next to no way for someone to not seem me naked on my bed. I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. This feeling intensified as I heard the footsteps come to a halt. I was lying there naked, already aroused from the magazine, and now someone can see me on my bed. I was able to cover the magazine with the pillow a nanosecond earlier. What I heard now was the deafening sound of silence. The foot of the bed was only five feet from the door, and someone is now basically in the room with me. I was mortified as I tried to remain still and appear as if I was sleeping. It wasn't easy. All of a sudden, I felt this wave come over me. It was something that I had never felt before. It was like I had to pee, but it was very different. I was helpless as the wave continued. In a way it was scary. I was trying to clench, but nothing was helping. My cock was pulsating and wouldn't stop. I didn't know what was happening, but I had my first orgasm, and my older sister was in the room.



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