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Fun With Gene

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This happened to me a few weeks ago. Gene and I are good friends. Gene is a bit of a slacker. He would come up to me. We talked about girls and things we started talking about masturbation and beating off. I told Gene about my new favorite technique of beating off to the video 'Debbie's Place ' (I seriously suggest it, it's great, something about the rhythm and Debbie's very sexy body.) Gene told me his favorite technique was the double fist. I was creeped out because I thought he was talking about fisting, but he laughed and told me it wasn't. I asked him to show me, and he told me he'd show me this afternoon if I wanted. Of course I accepted.

Gene drove me home and said he should only stay for a minute, I told him, reminded him that my sister was staying at school until seven and my parents wouldn't be back until midnight. Gene decided to stay longer. We went into my bedroom. Gene laughed nervously and sat down on my bed. 'Where's your lube, Rob?' Gene asked. I pulled out some Vaseline and Gene pulled off his sweatshirt. 'Okay , here's how you do it' Gene made two fists and put his thumbs on top of the first, Gene pushed the backs of his hands together and created a chamber. 'Wait, I'm still confused, show me on yourself.' I said, however, I wasn't confused, I wanted to see Gene's punkie, I am bi, and Gene often ends up in my masturbation fantasies.

Gene looked at me, and then thought for a second, and then proceeded to take off his belt. He opened up his baggy jeans and pulled down his oh-so-sexy black boxer briefs. His dick stood straight up and made mine do the same. His cute sweet little dick was about five inches long with a medium amount of brown pubic hair. Gene lubed up his dick, all the while watching me watch his dick. He then slowly did his double fisting technique. Slowly he moved his hands up and down. It was too much for me.

'Can I try it on you?' I asked sheepishly, I expected Gene to be repulsed but he said, 'go right ahead'. Within a flash, I moved my double fists up and down his cute penis as Gene smiled in appreciation. He then removed his shirt to show me his hard pecs and skinny body. I switched to the regular method and jerked him off faster and faster, up and down and up and down. He could barely stand it anymore and moaned and shot a huge load all over his slightly hairy hard chest and my fingers. Yummie.

I stood up and took off my shirt showing my well-built physique. 'How are you gonna repay me for that'. Gene undid my belt and my pants fell to the floor. He reached into my jockey's and began to massage my balls. He then pulled out my rock hard six inches and began to rub it. This was heaven for me; my fantasy boy Genie was rubbing my punkie. His warm soft fingers felt so wonderful wrapped around my penis. He spit on my punkie for lube. Now it was nice and warm and slippery. Up and down, up and down, down and up and up and down faster and faster ever faster up and down and down and up whilst playing with my balls and ass. I am not sure who was having more fun me or Genie. You can just imagine how I was feeling. Wuw here it cums. Ahhhh oooh four shots of warm thick very sticky white stuff came out all over Gene and me. So much fun. Gene said. Rob, now it's your turn to do me again. We did this many times over the weeks without my girlfriend even finding out.



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