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Fun Times

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Everything written here is full truth


Ok. So there are a lot of people here that submit to Solo Touch that enjoy public masturbation like I do. Here is a list of my latest jerking experiences. Can you top this list?

I went to the local park early in the am and went into the women's bathroom. Walkers and joggers were there as well. I pulled my pants to my ankles and jerked my load onto the back of the sink. I didn't bother to clean it up.

I went to a bookstore with my wife and told her I left my wallet in our suv. I stood on the side of my truck facing the highway entrance ramp and released right on the ground. It was at night but it was under a light.

I rode a city bus in the middle of the day just to do it. I rode it to the mall and on the way back I did it, squirting onto the back of the seat in front of me. I counted 7 people in front of me.

In a dressing room I stripped naked and left the door open. no one came by but it added to the excitement. I shot my load right on the seat for the next person to see.

I did it in a money machine lobby at night. No traffic was around but the camera was no doubt on. I wore a hat to hide my face.

Through my mail slot. I live in the city and my block has 11 houses. All of the people know me too. I jerked until my cum shot onto my screen door and ran down it in broad daylight.

In a rest stop bathroom. I was super horny. I went in and jerked myself at the urinal. I didn't stop when a guy came in. I just closed my eyes and thought of some porn I saw recently. I don't think he could tell but I felt like a total pervert doing it. It was great.

In a cruise ship hallway. My wife went in to take a shower and I put on a robe. I was naked underneath. I opened my robe and grabbed my hard cock. Anyone could have walked out but no one did. I left my semen on the floor.

I also did it off the side of the ship the very next day. Again it was morning and my wife went in to shower. I went onto our balcony naked and released my load over the side. The wind took it right away.

I went to the movies in the middle of the day. It's discounted to two dollars so I wasn't wasting much money. I sat near the front and as the movie got really going I pulled my dick out and jerked onto the floor. That got a little messy as I couldn't lean up quite the way I wanted to. I tucked it away and had to walk out with cum dripping down my legs in my pants.

I jerked off on the back bumper of my suv and drove to work with my thick white cum holding tight. When I got to work it was still there and I left it for all to see.

At a national home repair store I went to the garden section outside and jerked off onto some bricks.

I drove bottomless to a basketball court and got out on the other side of my truck where I really couldn't be seen. There was a full court game going on not far away and some pretty ladies were watching it. I rubbed a good one out onto the ground.

In a fast food restaurant I did it at a table. I was the first one in. There were no other customers at the time but the windows were nice and big.

This is a small list of my public experiences. Like I said just my latest accomplishments. who can top it?



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