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Fun at the Beach

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My wife and I are real fans of your web site. We are both in our 40s, and similar to many of the readers here, we enjoy masturbation as part of our sex life. We often masturbate in front of each other and find it very erotic and arousing. We have always known that there was a bit of the exhibitionist in us and took that and masturbation to a new level recently. We've engaged in mildly risky public sex in the past. Like making love at parks and beaches with people nearby, masturbating in the car on the highway, or parked somewhere with people around. We've also tried it in theaters and a bar.
We like to go to nude beaches and resorts. Normally, sexual activity is discouraged at nude locales, but we found that that is not true of everywhere. I was traveling on business this past August. Since the workload was not heavy, Lisa came along and we used the trip as an opportunity to visit some areas we had not seen before.
The first was at a large freshwater lake. The clothing optional area was secluded from the rest of the recreation areas. It was forested right down to the shore and there were areas of large rocks and small sand coves that substituted for a beach. We visited on a weekday and there were not many people there, but there were scattered groups of couples and singles here and there. We found a spot on a large flat rock at the edge of the water, got naked and enjoyed the sun.
After a while another couple took a spot on a similar rock to our right. They looked to be in their 20s, and we both commented that they were quite attractive and looked like regular nudists because of their all over tans. We chatted with them for a few minutes just after they arrived.
After a while I just happened to look over at the other two and was surprised to see them fooling around. They were laying on their backs side by side with the woman closer to us. The man had his hand on the girl's pussy and was obviously fingering it. She had her hand on his cock, it was erect and she was slowly stroking him. I rolled over onto my front and tapped Lisa nodding toward the couple. She showed a look of surprise also when she looked, but also smiled and giggled. I was already getting a hard on.
While we were looking, the girl turned her head our way, looked right at us and smiled as if to say, 'hey, look what we're going.' She said something to her friend and he looked over and nodded. Now that did get my cock hard. We kept watching and in a few minutes, the girl began to orgasm, arching her hips off the ground against the guy's hand. Right after that the guy came, shooting cum all over both of them. We were close enough to see it clearly. They didn't stop playing after their orgasms, they just kept stroking each other.
This had quite an effect on both of us. Lisa told me how hot the scene had been and that she was very wet between her legs. When I told her that I was hard she reached under me and felt my cock. Boy, was it erotic.
I suggested to her that we do it too. Lisa was hesitant, it would be the boldest thing we had ever done. I looked around and didn't see anyone else near us. As we debated the possibility, I rolled onto my side facing Lisa, my back to the other couple. I started stroking my cock as we talked and that encouraged her. She got on her side facing me and started doing herself. She could see the other couple and kept up a commentary of what they were doing. The other couple started watching us and we agreed it was obvious that they could tell what we were doing. That was it for me. I shot my load all over Lisa's thighs and stomach, which helped her get to her orgasm.
We rested a little, then jumped into the water to clean up. The other couple was still at it. Once in the water we could look back to shore and our anonymous friends. That's when we saw them. There were two young men in the bushes above the rocks we had been on. They weren't together, about 10 - 15 yards apart. They were both dressed, but had their shorts down and were furiously beating off, looking at the other couple. We both voiced the same question, had they been watching us? They had to have been. They either finished their business or got nervous, because first one and then the other moved away.
We went back to our rock. The other two were taking a break, sitting up. We chatted again and thanked each other for the show. We told them about the two guys in the bushes and they said they expected it. Turns out they used this bit of shoreline regularly to put on a 'show.' It was time for us to get going to our destination, so we said goodbye and left.
In the car back on the highway we were still charged up. We masturbated, stroked each other and took turns driving so we could give each other head rolling down the road. That night in our hotel we had terrific sex reliving the events of the day. We agreed that we would try it again and thought up ideas on how we might go about it.
Two days later we were on the Gulf coast, a Saturday, and headed out to another nude beach. We followed our guidebook to a specific parking area and once on the beach, confirmed it was a nude area. There were lots of nudists scattered along the beach in small groups and singles, some were coed, and some were just men or women. It wasn't real crowded though because there were miles of beach, and people with SUVs could drive as far as they wanted. We walked beyond the most crowded area and found at spot. I picked it because there were two 20-something women sitting there. One was nude and the other was wearing bikini bottoms without a top.
People passed by now and then, walking or in vehicles. It was quite a pleasant place. We passed the time with a walk to collect shells and swam a little. Two couples came along the beach later carrying blankets and a cooler and set up close by to our left, between the dune line and us. They looked to be college students in their late teens or early 20s. From the lack of tan lines it was apparent that they were regular nudists.
The arrival of the couples got our attention and the gears started turning. We discussed the possibilities, but were unsure that this was the right situation. We both became aroused talking about it, me hiding my erection by staying on my stomach. Then one of the couples went off into the dunes. I thought they were just headed off to take a pee, but they were gone a long time and we began to think that maybe they were back there fooling around. That served to arouse us even more. The comments their friends made when they returned seemed to confirm our suspicions, and we were really sure when the other two immediately headed off the same way to the comment, 'don't get sand in the wrong place.' We were still concerned about how the two females to our right might react. We thought we had heard one say something humorous about the other people going to the dunes and they seemed amused by it, no frowns or anything. We hoped they were cool, and came up with an idea to 'test the water.'
We waited for the missing couple to return, checked that there wasn't anyone approaching to close along the beach and started our plan. I rolled over on my back with my hard cock pointing straight up. Lisa checked out the reaction of the others and told me that they all had noticed. There wasn't a negative reaction as far as she could tell, both of the girls to our right were openly looking and smiling, a good sign. Lisa and I were both flushed and breathing hard as we pondered taking the next step.
Lisa made a comment about not forgetting to keep sun block on my 'member' loud enough for the others to hear. She pretended to put some on her hand and rub it on my cock. It was only four or five gentle strokes, but she did it long enough so that everyone had a chance to see. She told me one of the college girls had pointed out what she was doing for the others. Again, just some laughing and smiling. We had their attention.
Next Lisa let her paper bookmark catch in the breeze and blow a few yards away. I got up to retrieve it, my boner sticking out boldly. Now I could see that we did indeed have everyone's attention. And it felt great. I loved having all these young people looking at my erection. I was close enough to the college kids to speak casually, 'Sorry guys, it just gets that way sometimes and won't go down.' I was facing them squarely when I spoke. The girls twittered and one of the guys said, 'That's cool man.' And one of the girls said something like, 'you should try the dunes, too.' I told them we might and went back to Lisa.
As I went back to Lisa, I was watching the faces of the two girls, they were looking right at me and there was no sign they were disturbed. I stood in front of Lisa who was sitting up. I told her what the girl had said and she was delighted. My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour. We made the decision.
'OK, kneel up in front of me. I'm going to start stroking my cock, when I do, finger your pussy.' Lisa knelt up with her knees spread. I took hold of my cock and started slowly working my hand over it. Lisa put a finger in her pussy to spread some wetness to her clit. Then used her other hand to spread her outer lips open and worked her finger over her clit. She was being very obvious about it. In a slightly hoarse voice she asked, 'Are they watching us?' 'Go ahead and see for yourself.'
She looked over at the college kids first, 'Oh, this is so hot.' Then at the two females, 'Double hot, they're looking right at us.'
There was no laughing now, everyone was staring at us open mouthed. I stepped closer to her and she was ready for the next part of the show. My cock was right in front of her face, she gave the tip a couple of kisses and a lick before I stepped back.
We were both really into it then. We were looking back and forth, at each other, the kids, the two girls. Lisa was making grunting sounds and alternating between putting some fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. I was using both hands, but being careful not to cum before Lisa was ready. We had used this same masturbation position before in private and knew how to get off together, Lisa first, then me right after her. I was taking my time and completely enjoying the thrill of being so naughty and erotic in front of this small crowd.
Lisa looked over to the kids and announced, 'Honey, the guys are hard, look. They got hard watching us, we're so bad.' 'We sure are, and you look so beautiful right now.' The next time I looked one of the girls was stroking her boyfriend's cock. 'Quick Lisa, look what that girl is doing.' When Lisa looked the girl put her mouth over her friend's cock and gave him a short blowjob. She took her mouth off him and blew us a kiss. Then went back to playing with the cock. She was a hot little number herself.
That did it for Lisa. She told me she was coming and she did, hard. She dropped to one hand and kept working her clit, moaning and shaking for a long time. She was still fingering herself as she rose back up and said, 'Now, do it now.' I stepped close again and finished myself off. My first wad of cum shot onto one of her breasts. I aimed higher and pumped four or five big streams of cum onto her face and into her open mouth. My cock was still throbbing when I dropped to my knees and pulled Lisa to me.
We each kept a hand on our genitals as we hugged and kissed. We swirled a little of my cum around our tongues. We stayed like that for several minutes, Lisa having several mini-orgasms. While we were holding each other I saw the one boy cum while his girlfriend sucked him.
After we caught our breath, and according to our plan, we got up and walked over to the kids. Lisa was still covered with cum and I had some smeared on my face and chest. She asked the group, 'Did you enjoy our show?' The boy who had received the blowjob managed a low, 'Yeah.' The others didn't say anything, just kept staring at us. I said, 'Well, we were happy to put it on. Try it, you might like it.' No one answered.
We went back to our towels, gathered our things up and walked past the two girls. I asked the same question. The girl who was naked said something we didn't catch, but she was smiling when she said it. We walked on down the beach for a way, stopped to clean my cum off each other, and left the beach for our hotel. By the time we got back to the hotel, we ready to make love again.
We are working on other ideas.



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