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Fun at Boarding School

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My interest has always been in the endowment of the male species and I encouraged my parents to send me to a boarding school where I thought opportunities for interaction with other boys would be accommodating. I was right. The next four years offered a variety of
experiences. One afternoon while coming on to a classmate in his dorm room he rebuffed my efforts and finally said. 'Why don't you check out Charley' I knew Charley, he was a jock - a bit of a redneck - one of the few who had a car - big and popular and a classmate. I wondered why he said that because I always thought Charley was off limits. One lazy Sunday afternoon shortly thereafter when I knew Charley was alone in his room I bumped on his door and walked in. He was reading a book on top bunk and greeted me unenthusiastically
I ambled over aimlessly talking drivel. He kept reading. I stood there planning my next move. Finally I put my hand on his leg. He didn't move. I proceeded to caress him and moved my hand under his body toward his crotch. He accepted it. I couldn't believe it. This was going to work! Eventually he moved his body just enough to accommodate access to his cock which was now engorged. With little effort I unsnapped his jeans and this large cut cock bounced out as I massaged it slowly. I still didn't have good access. The jeans were obstructive and the position was not good. But I took what I coudl get. Precum oozed and allowed just enough lube to work the organ. Charley kept on reading. Somehow I don't think he was concentrating on the book. I continued to massage until he came on the bed. I helped clean up and quietly left the room.
This was the beginning of the most exciting relationship I had during my 4 years there. When my roommate would be away for a weekend, Charley would come to the room and together we would jack each other. Charley went down on me for the first since childhood (with my cousin) and introduced me to the wonder of sucking cock. Charley did my first anal and thereafter it was all uphill. I looked forward to seeing his large profile in my doorway when I was alone in bed. I knew the fun we would have.
At one point Charley thought we shouldn't be doing this and wrote me a note that we should stop. That was hard to take but I accepted it. But we had bonded too much to throw it away and before long he was back in bed with me. The followng year was even better. My roommate left school and went back to Ohio and I was alone for awhile. Each night Charley would do an afterhours trip to the lavatory. The hallway of the dorm was dark and he passed by my door to and from. I'd watch for him and if the hallway was clear I would crack the door and ask him to come in. He would check the hallway to see if anyone was there to see him enter and come in. We'd bolt the door and shared the best experiences of my teen years. Understand, we were not friends. Nor did we share the same friends. We were lovers only. That year we graduated high school and lost contact. He was from southern Va and I moved to Pa.
The following year I returned for homecoming. I was invited to bed down on the floor of a friends room where 4 other guys were spending the night. Midnight or thereabouts when nearly all were asleep the door opened and it was Charley looking for somewhere to flop. The light coming through the window was just enough that he could tell who was on the floor. Someone offered him a chair and he said: No, I'll just share the floor with Mike. I had been asleep but that really woke me. My heart did a skip and and I threw back the cover to allow him access. Few words were said because the other guys wanted to go back to sleep.
It was exciting having Charley's warm tight body beside me again wearing only his biefs. Our bodies touched and the electicity connected. We waited until all the guys were back to sleep then Charley moved. He put his head under the cover and doubled down to my crotch. My boner was profound and his lips caressed my foreskin and as he tongue licked my head I could not tolerate much of that. Before long I shot a number of spurts and Charley took everything and quietly repositioned himself. He gave me a tug and I knew what he wanted and I reciprocated. The faint light coming though the window would have given any one of the guys a clear signal of what was happening but no one woke. I finished taking Charley swallowing everything he could give me then nestled against him to spend the night.
I slept soundly and awoke to find him gone. That was goodbye. I saw him only once since at a reunion with his wife and son. Charley I miss you. You were a special part of my growing up.



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