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Friends With Benefits

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Emily is a good friend. I won't say where I met her because she might be embarrassed.


Depression. Don't let anyone tell you its just feeling miserable and that you should pull yourself together. Imagine someone unscrewing a plug in your heel and letting your very life force drain out. Each day is an effort beyond imagination and night times are periods of terror. Of course, one of the first things that happens is one's sex drive disappears.

Emily is a good friend and, unlike most people when you mention chronic depression, she didn't find something important to do elsewhere. Instead, she invited herself over for afternoon tea. It was a monumental effort to tidy my house and get even a simple tray of tea and biscuits ready. A ring on the doorbell told me Emily was as good as her word.

I think a description might help. Emily is mid twenties, and tall. She is around a size 10 I would say and has very small breasts. She does, however, have a couple of small tatoos on her back, and a pierced tummy.

We sat in the garden and talked about the weather, anything. Then she said 'So. Tell me about your depression.' I told her that with me, bi-polar depression gives no warning. It descends like a lead weight with no notice and lasts for months. I also said that climbing back out of it is like trying to climb a sheer cliff face. Emily asked me how I go about it. Actually, it varies. I find myself something that I can be interested in even if only for a few minutes at a time. She said 'and sex?' I told her that while my mind is willing, my body is totally unresponsive, even if my wife is, emm insistant.

Emily said 'Well, what you need then is something unusual. Something that you would not dream would ever happen. For example, how would you like to lick my pussy?' This from the sweetest, most innocent looking girl I ever met! I stared at her like a dumb-ass. She persisted. 'Look, If I sat like this' (she scooted down in her chair and spread her legs. I saw what could have passed as a schoolgirl's panties.) 'and pulled them aside like this' (I found myself looking at a perfectly smooth hairless pussy) 'You would not get aroused?' I could actually feel a tingling in my crotch... who wouldnt? Then Emily leaned forward and just unzipped me, cool as you like!

She moved to sit next to me and started to jack me so beautifully. Then, she took my hand and pushed it inside her panties. 'Finger me. Just have some fun. God knows, you need it' There I was, me, in my 50's fingering a girl in her 20's and getting the most delightful hand job.

For the last three months I had no flicker of sexual response. Not a thing. Now I was harder than I had ever been and feeling like I was about to cum. Emily, though, was also responding. She was getting very wet and I could feel her pussy tightening around my finger. She looked me directly in the eyes, smiled and said 'Oh Chris. I am going to cum in my panties' And she said it so innocently. I felt her convulsing and my hand filled with wetness. At the same time I felt a massive release on the way and I orgasmed hard.

Afterwards, I was still looking into her eyes, still had my hand in her panties and two fingers deep inside her. Ohhh it was lovely. Then I heard my wife's voice 'Did it work?' Emily looked over my shoulder and smiled 'Oh yes!'

My wife joined us and I learned that she had set the whole thing up with Emily. It was partly that my wife, who has a very high sex drive wanted a fuck, and partly because she thought it might get me over my depression.

What did Emily get out of it? Well, that was something my wife and I could do for her. She wanted to watch two people fuck, REAL people, not a film. So, as soon as I recovered, we did it for her, there in the garden. Emily masturbated and from time to time held her panties or her fingers to my face.



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