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Sexy Pregnant Checking Clerk Part 1

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This is my first submission, feel free to comment.


Well to start I had been working at this grocery store for a few months when this all occurred. Her name was Danielle she was 27 and she was a very sexy Hispanic girl, very fit and cute nice set of at least C cup breasts. She got pregnant a few months before I started working there and after she started showing she was even sexier than she was before. Her and I would playfully flirt and all that while I bagged her customers groceries, and over time things got to be more sexually joking than before. Things like 'Oh, what I'd do to you in bed.', things of that nature.

So after about six months of our joking she was at nine months into her pregnancy and man-o-man was she looking sexy.(Here's when things get better.) Then one day we were sitting in our break room on our lunch talking about how the customers that day were real A**holes, when out of the blue she says 'So when are you gonna make good on all your offers to me?' Me being the naive little 18-year-old says, 'What?*pause* What do you mean offers?' Then after a moment of thought I said 'Ohh!...Whenever you want.' That's when she said 'How about now?' as she grabbed my thigh gave me a very sexy look with her gorgeous eyes and walked into the female employee bathroom shutting the door behind her.

Instantly I smile thinking of the possibilities as I stand and walk into the bathroom after her. I give a soft knock on the door then open it, and there she is...completely naked laying on the cushioned bench in the restroom. Needless to say I immediately shut and locked the door behind me. I walked up to her and without saying a word took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it till I felt it get good and hard. Then she stopped me and pushed me back from her as she stood.

I stopped, a little dumbfounded and said 'What's wrong?' And right then she ordered me to strip down in front of her. In the heat of the moment I obeyed her every command. We stood there facing each other for a moment when I couldn't take anymore I walked up to her put one arm around her and started rubbing her hot, wet, pink pussy. As I did she grabbed my now rock hard cock and started rubbing it like a pro. We quickly made our way back to the bench where she sat me down and then straddled me still with my cock in her hand. I thought to myself 'Oh my god I'm gonna f**k her so hard!' Right as I finished that thought she said 'We can't have sex Honey, but we'll cum for each other.' I absent-mindedly shook my head as I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could tasting her sweet milk, as I did she rubbed my cock on her wet pussy and lubed it up for what was about to come. She stood up and pulled me with her and when I was standing she kneeled in front of me and started jerking me off with both of her hot hands that were soaked with her pussy juices. It only took about 5 minutes when I started to feel myself about to cum, I told her and as I did she laid down in front of me and told me to finish myself off on her. Once again under her spell I did as she wished, I took my throbbing cock into my hand and after three strokes I shot a huge load all over her beautiful tits and on the floor next to her. The next shot hit her face then the next landed on her sexy belly. I was spent.

She took her fingers and moved the cum from her face into her mouth swallowing it all as she stood up. Then I took her in my arms gave her a deep kiss, and said 'Your turn.'



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