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Friend, Timer, Blissful Torture

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One day, while riding my bike home from school, I saw a big clock-like thing on top of a garbage can, so I strapped it to my rack and took it home. It turned out to be a darkroom timer, and it worked perfectly! This thing had a minute hand and a second hand. You could set it for any amount of time up to an hour and it would count down to zero.

My neighbor from across the street, two years younger and just old enough to shoot a drop or two, with just a few hairs on his balls came over and saw my timer. He and I were always daring each other to do things, often masturbatory in nature. 'Like, I dare you to ejaculate in a glass of water.'

He suggested I try 'the torture' for eight minutes, measured by the timer, of course.

I asked what 'the torture' was. He explained that he would wrap the fingers of his left hand firmly around my dick so only the tip would be sticking out. Then he would rub the tip with the palm of his other hand. I don't know where he learned that, and I didn't think it would be all that exciting, but I was always up for anything that would get me off.

So, I said I would accept his challenge if he would also do it for eight minutes. He agreed.

Seems like I always went first in these things because anytime he came, he would want to be done right away, and wouldn't want to 'do' me. When I came, a minute or two later, I'd be all set for more and was actually excited to 'do' him.

Anyway, on to 'the torture.' There we are in my bedroom, it was at least an hour before my mom would be home, and we have removed all our clothes.

He put his left hand around my already very rock-hard cock. He just barely touched his right palm to the tip, and I almost jumped out of my skin. I had never had anyone rub directly over the glans before. It is an interesting feeling. The best way I can describe it is it makes you squirm and want to get away from it. If you've never had that, you might try it right now.

So here's the timer going and I'm thinking, 'oh no, eight more minutes of this?!' It was nearly impossible, but not quite impossible to bear the squirmy, almost painful feeling. He started rubbing lightly, but continuously. I really was squirming. He had to sit on my legs to keep me still. But you know what? About 30 seconds into it, the feeling evolved into something else. It started becoming excellent! It was sort of a feeling of getting ready to ejaculate, but it lingered and I didn't ejaculate. Really excellent!

But, my friend saw that I was starting to relax into it, so he rubbed a bit harder and squeezed my dick more with his left hand. That didn't change anything much. Then he relaxed his grip and somehow rubbed over more of the surface of my glans, and it became much, much more intense! Wonderful! But still I didn't cum.

I lasted the entire eight minutes without having an ejaculation and somehow, I was satisfied, at least for the moment. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I loved it!

Then it was his turn. I grabbed his dick and did pretty much the same thing. And he lasted eight minutes and loved it also.

We hadn't used lube. The next day both of us has slightly red, sore dicks, which quickly recovered. A couple of days later we did the same thing but with lube this time. Interestingly, the lube reduced the squirm factor just a little bit, and increased the 'going to cum' (but not actually cum) feeling.

A couple of times I tried to do this to myself, but I wouldn't allow it. Somehow, I wouldn't sit still for the squirm feeling. It seems one has to have a friend do it, or it won't work. I mean, you just won't keep it up until the squirm feeling goes away, to be replaced by the great feeling.

We repeated this performance many times over that winter and spring until the timer finally started to show why it was thrown out: It would stick occasionally, and then it stuck more and more often.

By then we were on to other things, such as other friends, male and female, to play other games with.

Have fun!



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