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For Shelly In The Treehouse

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I grew up in a small rural town. we had a neighbor right next door who had a daughter that was about a year younger than me, and there really weren't any other kids near us.

Shelly and I grew up together and were a close as friends could be. She was a total tom boy and would

play anything and everything with me. She also wasn't inhibited at all. She was kind of scrawny but cute; she had freckles and blond hair cut short.

We played a lot in a treehouse in her back yard. It was made out of some pallets her dad had put together. Ever since I can remember, when we had to pee we would just do it out of the treehouse.

When we first started doing it, she was probably about seven years old, and she would always want to look at my penis when it was my turn. She was an only child and seemed very interested in what I had between my legs.

I remember her asking, as she stared at me while I urinated, if that was 'my penis' (she must have already had a talk with mom), to which I said 'yes'.

When it was her turn, she would pull her pants and undies down to her knees and stick her little butt off the edge of the platform and let it go. I would act like it was no big deal when in reality hers was the first pussy I ever got to see, and I felt excitement that I had never felt before.

In fact I would usually suggest that we play in the playhouse after lunch when I knew we would soon need to go. I'll never forget the sight of her squating down right in front of me and the stream of urine gushing from the slit in her bald

and puffy little mound.

At thirteen my life changed forever one night when I was awakened during a 'wet dream', just as my young body convulsed for the first time, pumping it's hot, gooey load into my underwear. I was amazed, and explored myself a couple of days later when I again got an erection.

This time I knew what to do, as I sat up in bed and bathed in the beauty of my circumcised cock and the sensations of masturbation until I knew it was going to do it again. When it did, I felt the first 'bullet' of semen land hot on my neck; the rest flinging into the air and onto my stomach.

I felt self conscious at first, but soon found myself masturbating every chance and place I could. Along with my new and pleasurable pastime, came the even more pleasurable thought of Shelly watching me do it!

We were 'big kids' now and didn't go up in the treehouse much anymore, but I had a plan. One day while just goofing around after school, I suggested that we do our homework together in the treehouse, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

After a half hour or so of actually doing homework

I told her that I had to pee, and said 'you don't mind if I do it like we always did, do you' to which she said 'no problem'.

While doing my homework I had also been doing other 'homework' by laying stomach down and giving myself a hard on.

This time when I unzipped I made sure I was at an angle where Shelly could see what popped out of my pants, which she did, and then giggled and said 'you have a boner!'

I said 'yeah', as my pee went forth, and then added 'I ejaculate now too'.

She piped back 'what's that mean?'

I responded 'it's when the stuff comes out that makes babies'.

She said 'really?' in a most inquisitive tone. I then asked the big one, 'do you want to see me do it?'

She enthusiastically agreed, so after my pee dwindled to a stop, I just turned more toward her with boner in hand and proceeded to start masturbating.

She asked 'does it hurt to do that', to which I said 'oh no, it feels really good!'

It wasn't long at all, as I was so turned on by her watching me that I announced 'it's gonna do it', and I began to pump creamy spurts onto the floor of the treehouse.

Shelly was astonished, and could only say 'oh wow' as she put her finger into one of the puddles and then gave it a close inspection.

Then without saying a word, she stood up, dropped her own pants and again stuck her butt over the side of the platform. This time I was treated to seeing that beautiful stream emit now from a patch of light brown curls. Those curls hung down in the space between her open legs and her pee dripped off them when she was done.

She actually got a boyfriend soon after at school, and spent all her time with him. I would often masturbate remembering the treehouse and wonder what she was doing with her boyfriend as the result of my demonstration.



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