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For my Birthday

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Hey everybody,

My friend David said he was going to do something for my birthday then he never did. A few days ago he told me my present would be coming soon. He was talking about his cousin who is a girl. I've seen pictures of her & she has a tall skinny body just like me & sort of cute too. David says she likes to talk about sex a lot & that they have played sex games together & that he jerked off while she watched him before. He even got to see her jill too! What a lucky bastard! What is the best thing is she's coming to stay with him & his mom for Christmas & I get to meet her. David said she will probably do some sex stuff with him & that he will try to invite me to do stuff too. I've been jerking off & thinking about her watching me & me seeing her do it too. It would be the first time ever doing anything with a girl. I can't wait & I sure hope it happens. She's coming with her mom on Monday & will be here for a week.

I think my uncle is supposed to be away for some of that time. If he is I'm going to invite David & his cousin to go over with me. I know I shouldn't do it but if we're there nobody will bother us & then there will be sex movies to watch. David said she liked to look at sex magazines with him before so I'm hoping movies will be good too. If I could jerk off while she is watching me it will be the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I watch the girls on the movies jilling it drives me nuts & I imagine they are sitting in front of me watching me jerk off. This could happen for real! I sure hope so.

I tried my electro cock thing again for a change. It sure gives my cock a good blast. What I like is relaxing & letting a machine work on my cock. When I jerk off I flex my cock muscles. It's a habit now & I can't let them go if I'm jerking. They are the same muscles that flex by themselves when your cock shoots cum. When the machine gives my cock a blast my cock muscles are flexed by the machine. I don't even have to try because it flexes them for me. All I have to do is set up the time & power then relax & get jerked off my the machine. As long as the power is not over 7, 5 or 6 is best, then I get a real good cock buzz & I can go for a long time. I can edge with it too. All I do is when I feel like my cock is close to shooting cum & flick the off button until the feeling goes away then back on once it's gone. It's not as god as jerking off it's just different so I don't do it much. It's been maybe a month since I used it last. I like setting it to 5 or 6 & with the power going on for 10 seconds then off for 5. That's the best & now that I've learned to do it like that I think I'll maybe use the machine at least once a week. Sometimes my shoulder get tired & sore too so using the machine will help with that. Sometimes now if I'm at uncles & doing a 2 or 3 hour jerking time I'll stop about half way through & clean off my right hand so I can use my left for the rest of the time & not get greasy hand prints on the remote. It was hard jerking off with my left hand at first but now it's just as good as with my right.

David & I have been working out every day in his basement. It's been a bit cold down there so we haven't been doing it is the nude much to start off. We have to wait to warm up first before we take off our clothes. David always reminds me how much better blood flow is when there's nothing like underwear straps tight on our skin. It makes sense to me & I think I feel better when I'm naked but maybe it's just because I get a boner. I like it because between sets while the other guy is doing his we get to jerk off a bit. It keeps our cocks hard & the blood flows even better. We can't use anything slippery on our cocks while we are working out but it still feel good doing it dry & watching myself in the mirror while I do. After we're done we always use this lotion David has to jerk off & shoot our cum. It's a good way to finish off a work out & relax. It was David's idea to start & he was right. Shooting my cum always makes me feel good after we're done.

We haven't jerked each other lately for some reason. Not sure why it just never comes up. I'm OK with that. I liked the part about just relaxing & getting my cock jerked but I'm just as happy doing it myself. It's still fun that we do it together. Now we usually shoot our cum about the same time. Before David always liked it when we watched each other cum one at a time. He said it was good for us to learn how another guy does it & how he looked when he came. Now we just do it & cum whenever we want to.

I wish I had more news to tell you but I don't. I've been jerking off all the time as usual. I wasn't able to go to uncles for almost 2 weeks & that sucked. He lets me come over when he's home & I went one time thinking maybe I'd do it with him home. We visited for a long time & he asked if I was going to the guy room before I left but I said no. It was late & I had to go home soon anyway & I feel kind of weird when I see him after I'm done jerking off & he knows what I was just doing in there. I know he does it too & he's been in the room a few times when I've gone there. I just left without him knowing I was there. It would be creepy if he walked out naked in front of me especially if he had a boner.

I was able to go in the last few days & I jerked off a lot to make up for lost time. He has so many new movies & I haven't seen them all yet.

David suggested we try something new some time soon maybe after Christmas. He said we should try not shooting our cum for a whole week. He said we could jerk off if we wanted but not shoot our cum. After the week we get together & see who can last the longest jerking off before we give in & cum. It sounds like fun at the end but not during the week of no shooting my cum. I don't know if I could go a whole week or not. I usually cum at least 3 times every day & some days it's 5 or 6 times or less times but long hours jerking off. I don't know if it's possible to do. I've been doing it for so many years now that I think my body needs to shoot out it's cum or I wouldn't feel like it so much. I might try it but jerk off just once a day & still shoot my cum. Even that would be hard to do. I'll let you all know if we try it.

When David said we should try something new I suggested we try out my electro thing together. He likes my idea too. I said we could take turns & see who could take the most power on his cock for the longest without giving in or shooting cum. That could be fun. I've never felt what it's like passed 8 & 8 was almost too much to handle on my cock. I only tried it once for a real quick jolt. It blasts so hard that it feels like your cock is going to explode & your balls pull in so hard it feels not good at all. The only thing that might be good is feeling that same blast when your shooting your cum. Maybe I'll try it by myself first. The buzz feeling on your cock when you cum is best when it's on 5. If it were turned to 8 it might be great at that time just not before then. I'll let you know. If David goes higher than 7 I'll be surprised. 7 is pretty intense but it feels good at the same time. I'll get him to put the circle thing under his cock head like it should be & the other one under his balls so it makes his balls pull up tight. It feels weird & he might chicken out first & I win. He said the winner should get something good but he didn't say what. Either way I want to win.

I guess I'm done for now. I hope next week is good when David's cousin comes to stay. I guess we won't be working out in the nude that week but you never know. She sounds like she's really into lots of sex stuff. I hope David's right about that & she hasn't changed for some reason.

Talk to you all soon.



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