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My Kindle Gave Me Away

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Masturbating at friends home


I stayed at a friends house some weeks ago. I've known him for over 40 years and every so often I go and visit him and his wife and family, enjoy a day out with them, catch up on whats happening in our lives, stay overnight and then take a lazy ride back home.
Their children are grown up now, one lives away, the other is at university and comes home during breaks, and its her room that I spend the night in sleeping on the floor.

After a great day catching up, a nice meal out and chat before bed, we all retired. Being unable to sleep, I dug out my Kindle Paperwhite and got stuck into a new book. After half an hour reading in the dark, I heard a rhythmatic thumping and quiet grunting and then soft moans. It seemed that my friend and his wife were getting it on, thinking that I was asleep and unable to hear them at it.

The moaning got louder, turning to cries of encouragement, and his wife was urging him to fuck her and make her scream and cum hard words Id never thought Id hear her say! and it seemed to work as the grunting got more intense, the bed creaking and thumbing against the wall got louder and his wife's cries of pleasure got louder still until she finally came with a throaty scream.

Now that Id heard that, I was going to find it impossible to get to sleep, especially as I now had a raging hard on. There was only one thing I could think of doing, and that was wank myself off to get some relief and hopefully get to sleep.

Luckily, my Kindle was set up to use my friends WIFI, so I searched for some erotic literature to download and read whilst I stroked off left handed. Finding some, I got on with reading it whilst happily wanking away. Gradually I stroked my cock, slowly at first, then speeding up, then slowing as I felt myself getting too excited I wanted to make this a hard cum after hearing my friends wife and her dirty talk.

I don't know why, probably just that I was extremely horny by now, but I looked around the room I was in, and by using the glow off the Kindle, I noticed a bundle of washed laundry that hadn't been put away yet their daughters stuff tops, jeans, and . underwear.

Nasty thoughts entered my head from all the stimulus Id been getting the last hour or more. Their daughter was 20 now, and although Id never really consciously thought about it, was a really lovely looking young woman. I wondered what type of underwear shed have, and so I stopped my wanking and looked through the washing and by the glow of the Kindle saw that most of her undies were conservative, functional bras and knickers, but then I noticed some rather nice black silky knickers, with a matching bra.

The knickers felt lovely, smooth and soft at the same time, most suitable for wrapping around my cock and using as I wanked off, so I did use them, thinking that If she had a boyfriend at Uni, then he was a very lucky guy, and if she was anything like her mom when cumming, then I hoped that her roomates enjoyed hearing her cum as I did hearing her mom a while ago.

So, wrapping her silky knickers around my very stiff cock, I stroked away, slowly at first, then faster and faster, now needing to cum. The glow of the Kindle cast a shadow of my cock and fast moving hand on the wall opposite. My breathing got more ragged as I came close to spunking. The thought of cumming into these knickers of my friends daughter was so intensely erotic that I sped up my stroking more and more until finally I came, hard, spunk exploding out of my cock and soaking those silky knickers so much spunk that it soaked through and ran down my fingers.

You dirty old bugger

Startled, I turned around to face the unexpected voice. There, standing in the bedroom doorway was my friends wife, wearing a housecoat that was open, displaying her full breasts, curvy body and shaved cunt.
In her hand was a pair of knickers hers.
She tossed me them.

Here, clean yourself up with these. Ill have to wash Vicky's knickers again now you've spunked in them she said.

God, Im sorry, I was just so turned on by you cumming earlier I mumbled.

Not to worry said Cathy, I find it kind of a compliment that youd want to wank off because of me, I just wish you hadnt used Vicky's stuff. Next time, just ask me, and Ill get you something of mine that you can use instead

Something like these? I said cheekily holding up her still warm knickers.

Oh, exactly like those she grinned.

Grinning back at her, I felt a stirring in my groin, and my cock swelled up again.

Nice she said as she eyed my hard on. Want to show me right now how much I excited you? she asked as she slipped her fingers into her cunt as she leaned against the door frame. Go on, wrap that lovely, hard, swollen cock in my knickers and wank off she said in a sultry voice.

How could I refuse such a request from a woman who was standing there, breasts swollen, breathing fast, one of her hands playing with her swollen nipples, and her other hands fingers up her cunt slowly fingering herself as she watched me wanking off for the second time that night.

Next time I visit she has promised me more time alone with her, and also to let me see her model her collection sexy lingerie, and of course, wank off for her whilst she does her fashion show.
In the mean time, she's given me her knickers from that evening to use, as long as I call her on the phone while Im wanking off so that she can hear me cum for her this time, as payback for me hearing her that wonderful night.



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