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Footplay among Friends-Part 3

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Ok, now for the third and final part of our saga...

Ok, so about a week after our first encounter, we planned another, and she had told me she had a surprise for me when I'd get there. So when I got there, she's wearing nothing but a robe. She frenches me and we hug and kiss at the door for a long time. Then she takes my hands and leads me into the bathroom, where a bubblebath was waiting for us! I'd never had a bubblebath before at this point, let alone with a sexy girl. So I start to strip while she loses the robe, leaving her completely naked. Once I'm naked, we climb into the tub together and oh, man, did it feel good!!!

At first we lay in the tub with her laying on me, her back to me. After getting fully hard feeling her bare ass on my cock, I decided to get a little bold. I reached up and cupped both her breasts in my hands. When she didn't object, I started playing with her breasts and rubbed her hard nipples as we just sat and soaked and talked for a while, it was REALLY relaxing and erotic. Then she said her feet wanted some attention. So she got up off me and lay at the other end of the tub (and btw the faucet is on the side so we could sit on opposite ends). I took her left foot in my hand, rubbed it awhile, then brought it to my mouth and sucked and licked those pretty toes, slowly and sensually. I LOVE doing that, and judging by how she started moaning and rubbing her breasts, I think she loved it too.

I then repeated the process on her other foot, then she climbed on top of me and we made out full force. She licked my ear and told me what she wanted to: She wanted to lay on her bed with me and make out while we both masturbated.

We got out of the tub, towelled off just a little bit, then ran into her room totally naked, her ass looked so amazing. In her room, she wrapped her arms around me and I practically shoved my tongue down her throat. The feeling of her damp naked skin on mine, my rockhard cock pressed into her midriff with my precum leaking onto her skin, the gentle grazing of her warm wet pussy on my balls, and our bare feet rubbing together, wow!!!! After kissing for a long time, she got the most seductive smile I've ever seen and pushed me down on her bed. She jumped on top of me, kissing me hard once again, and then started kissing down my chest to my nipples. She was making me SOOOO hot sucking and licking my nipples.

Then she came back up, kissed me, and then I went down and gave her tits some oral attention, her nipples were so hard, and she was moaning in pleasure. I remembered wanting to suck them the first time I ever saw her topless a year ago. Now I finally was!!! I was kinda thinking at this point that maybe we were gonna fuck, but after I kissed her when I'd finished on her nipples, she gently rolled me off her then lay on her side, and I lay on my side and we started kissing once again. She placed the incredibly soft soles of her beautiful feet on my feet, then reached her left hand down to her bare pussy and started rubbing herself. I asked her what about your vibrator?, she said she was too horny to stop and get it. I couldn't really see what she was doing to herself, but just watching her face, I could see she was giving herself a lot of pleasure, it was soo sexy to watch.

It wasn't until I became aware of the back of her left hand grazing my hard cock as she fingered herself that I realized hey, she wanted me to masturbate too! So I reached down and started stroking my cock with my right hand. Now, this whole time, her right arm was still around my neck and my left arm was still around hers. Soon after I started stroking myself, she pulled my head to hers and frenched me deeply. We remained that way for awhile, laying on our sides facing each other making out, moaning into each others mouths, her rockhard nipples grazing my bare chest, our bare feet rubbing together furiously, and the backs of our hands rubbing against each other as we got ourselves off. She suddenly started shaking and broke the kiss to start screaming as she had her first orgasm. I stopped masturbating and wrapped my arms around her tightly as she came. As her convulsions died down and she stopped screaming, we kissed softly. She withdrew her fingers from her pussy and licked them, I asked if I could have a taste (I'd told her of my love for girl cum before. She smiled at me, put her fingers back in her pussy, then brought them to my mouth and let me suck her fingers. She tasted REALLY good. Then she once again surprised the hell out of me by reaching her hand down to my cock, ran her palm across my precum-drenched head, and licked her hand. I was so horny at this point I don't know how I didn't cum right then and there.

We started masturbating again, she had another orgasm, we repeated the same process for it, then I told her I was going to cum. She instantly pulled me on top of her, and I was so close and so horny, I let go of my cock and put my arms around her. Less than a second later, I had a hands-free orgasm all over her bare chest, kissing her and moaning into her mouth as I came HARD. We were breathing heavily, our naked sweaty bodies pressed together, trying to catch our breath.

I got up on my hands, looking down at her starting to rub her tits and take drops of my cum from her breasts on her fingers to her mouth, and that just turned me on all over again. I kissed her passionately, then started kissing down her neck, down to her sperm-covered chest, and kissed ALL OVER her breasts and nipples, kissing, sucking, licking. Sure I was tasting my own cum, but I really didn't care. My kisses went down south, past her belly button, down to her soaked bare pussy. I kissed around it a few times, then kissed past it, down to her sexy feet. I took both her feet into my hands and licked and sucked all 10 toes one at a time. Then I licked both her soles, god it felt and tasted great! The whole time I'm doing this, she's watching me with this huge, horny smile on her face. Then I headed back north a little bit and we did other things I can't talk about on here (though we did NOT have sex). Then we just kissed and cuddled, totally spent, until it got close to her roommate coming home (didn't want rumours to get started). I got dressed, she put her robe back on and then we shared one last long makeout session before I left.

Now for an epilogue, not three days after this encounter, she and her boyfriend reconciled. I was sad that our arrangement was over, but at the same time very happy it had happened at all, and those sessions became masturbation fuel for me for a very long time.

Now, fast-forward about 14 months after this, to May of this year, she had yet another party at her apartment. Her boyfriend was out of town, and she was barefoot as usual. Towards the end of the night, we got to talking about our times together the previous year. This conversation led to us rushing to her room and locking the door, stripping naked in 30 seconds, and making out for awhile while we groped all over. She layed down on her bed and raised her foot to my face. I then spend the next 30 minutes or so sucking on her toes, swapping feet regularly, all while she masturbated furiously with her fingers. When she came, her toes curled in my mouth, it was SOO hot. Then we did...other things, it was the first time but certainly not the last...

Hope you enjoyed my saga! Comments are more than welcome!



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