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In the Bungalow

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This was not long after I started college. There was a girl in my class who I managed to get on with-and we started hanging out more and more as friends. One day, when we were alone in the cafeteria, our conversation took an interesting turn...


Bryony and I were sitting in the cafeteria, eating our lunches. The rest of the place was empty as most people were in classes. We were just talking about this and that; being regular teenagers. Then, out of the blue she changed the subject.

'Do you remember that party we went to ages ago? I heard an interesting rumour about some stuff that went down.'

'What happened, then?'

'Well, apparently Rebecca took Mark to the bathroom and tossed him off.'

I was so surprised. We never talked about that sort of thing-and the minute she realised she went really red.

'Sorry I said that-knowing you, you probably have no interest in that sort of thing.'

'Wait a minute-why would you say that?'

'Well, you just don't strike me as the type of guy who...' she stopped mid sentence and carried on eating.

'Who what?' I was slightly interested in what she thought of me.

'Who...enjoys a wank every now and then.' Then she turned really red. I was so surprised.

'Well, it might surprise you to learn that I do every now and then.'

She stopped eating and looked straight at me; not saying a word. I looked at her expecting some sort of reaction-and all of a sudden I saw a grin slowly appear on her face.

'Mike...that...is...EPIC! I really had no idea! Wow-you're full of surprises, aren't you?'

'Well, can I ask you something?'

'Yeah, sure.'

'Do you do it?'

Once again a grin slowly appeared on her face. By that I knew that answer.

'Well...I suppose...yeah I do!'

We spent some time speaking in hushed voices about how often we do it, what we like doing and so on. Finally, I got fed up of whispering.

'Hey, do you want to continue this conversation somewhere else? Where we can't be overheard?'

'I'd love that.'

So with that, we left the cafeteria and went for a walk-continuing our conversation. As she talked, going to detail about how she does it, I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants. It was getting unbearable.

'Look, Bryony, I need to confess something.'

'Okay...what is it?'

'The thing is, this conversation is making me so horny.'

She looked at me briefly, then leaned in slightly.

'Me too. I need to do something about it now-and I mean now. Come with me.'

She took my hand and led me to the college library. Then we walked a little further-to an abandoned bungalow that was almost hidden from view. It was old, and looked like no-one had lived in it for years. She opened the door and we went in.

'This is where I come to masturbate when I get turned on during a normal day. No-one ever comes here, except me.'

She turned around and locked the door. We went to the back room which was the only one to have curtains. There were three chairs-but nothing else. I was so turned on.

'When you come here do you do it naked?'

'Oh yeah, unless I'm pressed for time. We're not today, though.' She winked at me, and sat at one of the chairs.

'I think we should just do it at our own pace-taking off clothes when we want them to be.'

I agreed-and sat down on the chair opposite her.

'Let's go then,' I said. I really want to see you cum.'

'You won't be disappointed.'

She stood up, unbuttoned her pants and let them drop to the floor-she flicked them away with her toe and sat down again-spreading her legs and slowly massaging her pussy through her panties. Then she took off her top and threw it away. There she was, sat in her bra and panties masturbating. It was a great sight.

I took off my jeans and took out my cock-which was already oozing out precum. I started wanking with my eyes fixed on Bryony-watching her get herself off was making me so hot for her.

By now she had taken off her bra which showed her perfect tits-they were amazing-she played with one while she rubbed underneath her soaking panties with the other. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.

I took off my shirt and my boxers-she saw this and stopped-just looking at my body. Then her eyes went further down and focussed on my cock.

'Wow. How long is it?'

'Seven inches.'

'That's amazing. You could be a porn star with that!'

She proceeded to take off her panties-so both of us were not totally naked. We then carried on. She stuck two fingers inside her pussy and began to thrust them in and out of herself. I started to pump my cock faster than before. Bryony was beginning to moan load-and I could tell she was getting close-so I started to go even faster.

Bryony's breathing got faster-she opened her eyes and looked at me-moaning louder and louder-then she said:

'Oooohhhh I'm going to cum! Ooooh shit! Oh man that feels soooo good!!'

She threw her head back and her body had several spasms as she had an amazing orgasm. She stopped and didn't do anything-just sat there. A little while later, she opened her eyes and turned her attentions to me. She started urging me to cum.

'Cum for me, Mike. Yeah, jack off your hard cock just like that. Oh yeah, I want you to cum on me, baby.'

'Bry, I'm cumming!'

She knelt down next to my cock and told me to cum on her face. With that, I let myself go and squirted my juices all over her. It felt amazing. We enjoyed some time just sitting around the bungalow, talking about this and that, remaining naked. Then, once we both got horny again, we did it again.

We did this at least once a week for the rest of time that we were at college-each time better than the last. Maybe I'll tell you about those stories some day.



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