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Footplay among Friends-part 2

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Here's Part II of my three-part saga of me getting to enjoy a close friend's feet...

When 'A' & her boyfriend 'took a break' as it were, I really had no idea what to do, if anything. I didn't wanna come off as some opportunistic douchebag by making a move, ya know? About a week after the breakup, she & I had lunch, and nothing happened, we just talked & hugged. Towards the end of the afternoon, however, she brought up both parties at her apartment, & then asked ME if I'd be interested in messing around with her, and I told her I would, but not until she was completely single.

She did however offer for me to come over & let me play with her feet sometime('since I love them so much' as she put it), & after thinking about it for maybe three seconds, I said yes, & we arranged a date...

I went over her apartment, she had gotten a brand new pedicure just for the occasion, and her toes were painted strawberry-red, her favorite. She answered the door wearing just a tshirt and a pair of booty-shorts. I took my coat, shoes, and socks off, and we sat down on her couch & played footsies while discussing some ground rules. I could lick, suck, & rub her feet & toes as much as I wanted, but we wouldn't have any other sexual contact. We hugged to seal the deal then she invited me to take my shirt off if I wanted. I saw her starting to take hers off, so I figured why not? I took my sweater off & was in the process of taking my shirt off when I saw her taking her bra off, and I got hard instantly! I asked her why she was topless, she was like well you've already seen them! and I was like true.

She lay on her back on one end of the couch & I lay on the other end, and her bare feet were resting on my chest right near my neck. God, they felt amazing on my bare skin, I took her pretty feet into my hands for the first time and started rubbing them, and wow, I mean this was something I'd always wanted to do, they are so soft & smooth & sexy, my cock was so hard. Then, after awhile of rubbing them, I asked her if I could suck her toes, she just nodded with a smile, so I did. I started by taking her toes on her right foot into my mouth. Mmmmm, this was even better!

After I had throughly sucked her right toes and soaked them with my saliva, I switched to her left foot. After repeating the process, I switched back to her right foot and sucked all 5 toes, slowly & sensually, one at a time (I LOVE doing that). As I went back to her left foot to repeat that process, I looked at her. She was just sitting back with a HUGE smile on her face, she was lightly teasing her nipples, and that turned me on even more! I should probably mention at this point that the whole time, MY bare feet were at her sides, feeling her nice, soft skin. As I started doing the one-at-a-time suck treatment on her left foot, she took her free hand and reached over & started rubbing my right foot, and it felt SOO good. I started licking her left sole, and as she giggled, she started rubbing her right sole on my nipple, and oh god, it'd been so long since that had happened for me, I love that sensation!

At this point, I had probably been doing this for close to half an hour, and after I licked her right sole (and she simultaneously rubbed her left sole on my other nipple), I told her I couldn't take it anymore, I had to go into the bathroom and get myself off. She let me up. Then I grew some balls and asked her if she wanted to watch me, so I could jerk off looking at her in person, she was like absolutely! and hugged me tight. Damn, the feeling of her boobs and her hard nipples on my bare chest, I'm amazed I didn't cum right then and there.

We went into the bathroom and she sat on her sink while I sat on the side of the tub across from her. I asked her if I could strip naked, she gave me enthusiastic permission, so I took my jeans and my underwear off at once. It was weird, you know that kinda-uneasy feeling you get the first time you're naked in front of someone new? I didn't feel that at ALL, maybe it's just cause were so comfortable around each other. I started stroking my hard cock with my right hand while rubbing my nipples with my left. I looked at her incredible, almost-naked body, from head to sexy toes, her beautiful tan skin, her great breasts, with her VERY hard nipples being teased by her hand, and her sexy, soft, smooth bare feet. She footsied me occasionally, her toes still wet from my oral attention. Then I saw her hand going down her booty-shorts!!!! She started rubbing herself down there, and moaned a few times.

At this point, I could've exploded right then & there, but I was pacing myself as best I could. I wanted this to last. She stopped and asked me to wait right here, she had to go to her room for a second. I stopped stroking and tasted a little of my precum, which by this point I was overflowing with, waiting for to come back. When she did, she had her small vibrator with her!!!! And I was like you gonna join me?(yes, I am aware that was a lame thing to say) She took her booty-shorts off, leaving both of us totally nude, sat back down on the sink and turned on the vibrator, rubbing her nipples with it. I could FINALLY see all of her, her bare pussy looked incredibly wet. I resumed stroking as she began rubbing the vibrator on her clit. She came in about three minutes, she moaned, then screamed, her head all the way back, and her whole body shook. That was all she wrote for me, I got up, turned around to cum into the tub, but didn't quite make it, I came like mid-turn, and it was MESSY.

After I cleaned up and she came down from her orgasm, she was like next time, you can cum on me, I won't mind and she laughed and gave me a VERY tight hug, her totally naked body pressed hard against my totally naked body, then she surprised the hell of me by grabbing my head & french-kissing me, I was shocked but I returned the kiss and we probably made out for like two minutes. I thanked her for the footplay, she was like no, thank you! She told me her semi-ex did play with her feet a lot, but only because she liked it. She said it was better when the guy truly enjoyed it himself...

Final chapter coming soon, it's probably the hottest part! Comments??



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