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Teaching and Learning

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How can something be embarrassing, erotic, innocent, heart-warming and arousing all at the same time? Read on and you'll see...


My wife's father and brother passed away several years ago. Melli, my mother-in-law, lives with Babi, her late-son's wife, her grand-daughter Neth, and two adult(but unmarried) daughters. Sometimes the women forget I'm there, and forget to cover-up in the house. The modest women get very shy when this happens and often turn red of embarrassment, as do I. With the exception of my wife, Arlene, none speak english. I've learned to speak some tagalog(philippine language) but the language barrier makes these rare but awkward moments- even more awkward.

As mentioned, Neth, my wife's niece lost her father at a very young age. As rare as my visits are, she's become quite attached to me over the years. Though coy and shy, she often teased and giggled around me. We never really spoke, again, the language barrier. Our exchanges were little more than smiles, giggles, silly faces and a bit of chasing and tickling. As a six-year old she would tell her family that she would marry me someday... but back to the present...

Neth had just turned 18. She is thin around 5-5 and 100lbs with elbow-length black hair. She is quite attractive but at 1/2 my age I only see her as a little girl. At least- I did- until this visit.

One morning I awoke before the family and took a shower. As I was drying myself, the shower-curtain suddenly opens and there is Neth completely naked. Startled and shocked it was clear that she had forgotten I was there. We both froze for a moment, initially, too shocked to be embarrassed. My mind was spinning. She tried to cover her parts with one hand and clumsily reached for the towel with the other. I too seemed to have a hard time covering up.

Angered at myself for not locking the door, I ran to the bedroom and told my wife what happened. She just laughed.

Breakfast was torcher; we did our best to avoid eye-contact. We spent the rest of the day avoiding each other.

Later that afternoon Babi (Neth's mother) asked Arline and I to talk about what had happened. I was nervous fearing they hated me now. This was not the case. They understood it was an accident. The problem was that Neth thought I was angry over her over it. I laughed, of course I could NEVER be mad at her. Babi then admitted, perhaps it was good for Neth to have been exposed to a man that way, accidentally, innocently and non-threatening. Babi did not want Neth's lesson to stop there. I was asked to leave, as the girls spoke in private.

Several minutes later, my wife, with a blushing Babi behind her told me that they wanted to use me as an anatomy tool for Neth. They would give her a lesson this evening and I would help. I really didn't understand but said, 'sure, no problem.'

After dinner, as the other women cleaned up, my wife lead me to the bedroom. She asked me to undress and lay in the bed... NO problem- a bit of 'luvin' from the wife was just what I needed after a day like this. But as I went to kiss her, she put her hand up and said, 'Neth's lesson, wait in the bed'. My heart sank.

I layed down on the bed and covered with a light sheet... and waited. My heart beat faster, as I heard the women climb the stairs. The door opened. The first to enter was Arlene, followed by Babi, my mother-in-law and a (still) blushing Neth. She looked as nervous and confused as I was.

The women hovered over me speaking mainly to Neth in tagalog (I was clueless). Neth turned her head as the sheet was removed, but the women forced her to look. The women were pointing at various parts of my genitalia, presumedly telling Neth what each part did. It was all very clinical and non-arousing. Only Babi, who had not been with a man in a long time, seemed to be getting on edge.

With a confused look Neth pointed at my scrotum and asked a question; Babi and Arlene looked at each other and said a few things. My wife then reached for some hand-lotion (Neth had asked how semen gets into the woman).

As my wife stroked me, I did my best not to get aroused to keep it 'clinical'. But my wife's warm hands got the better of me. My breathing got deeper, my penis harder, and my body began to writhe and squirm. Neth tried to stop Arlene's hands because she thought I was in pain (the poor girl really did care for her favorite uncle). The women giggled and assured her that I was in the most blissful state a man could be in. Neth seemed to blush at her own ignorance but very relieved that I was not in pain. She smiled and even winked at me.

My orgasm was approaching. Images of Neth's body from the morning were taking over. I was ashamed for thinking of her like that. But try as I may to keep it 'innocent', I am a man and my body won the moral battle.

My lovely wife stroking me, Babi's eyes transfixed on the first penis she'd seen in 11 years, and Neth-sweet innocent smile... it was too much. My hips raised off the bed and my whole body twitched. My orgasm was slow to build, the first few spasms were mild, but then I began to erupt like I never had before.

As I descended back to earth, embarrassment took over, but my mother-in-law seemed to smile with approval. As Arlene cleaned me up, the women ushered Neth away, but not before she kissed me on the cheek...



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