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Fist Time With a Guy - Part One

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This is part one of my story...comment if you want more! ;P


This is about my first experience with another guy...for his sake; I'll call him Dave. Both of us are 16 now, and still continue to talk a lot, even though he's moved farther away since when this took place. He's about 5'6', a bit chunky, and has an about 5 1/2 inch dick hard. I'm taller, about 6 feet, thinner, and have a longer dick, about 6 1/2 inches hard. Oh yeah, we're both circumcised, but I've always wondered what it's like to have some foreskin. We've been friends for about three years, but we didn't start hanging out until about a year ago. I knew him from school, but he lived really far away from me, so we never got to get together until we got put in a couple of classes together. After we'd talk in school, we exchanged numbers and began to talk on the phone a lot. All the time we'd start with the usual, 'Hi...what's up? Not much, yeah me to,' but the conversation always got around to masturbation. It was like clockwork. We had a game, sort of like truth or dare, but just with the truth. Whoever ran out of questions first would lose. During these games, one of us would remark that we were hard or toying around, and that would lead us to jerking off together on the phone.
Then we started sleepovers, but they were more like 'week-overs' at my house, because he had a bad family. The first time he came over, we started to talk about the usual stuff, and then got right on to business. I was hard as a rock by five minutes, and could tell he was too. I pulled out my bottle of Vaseline Creamy (great lube, by the way.) And suggested we 'handled our problems.' He smirked, and then told me that he'd never used lube. I was appalled, so I jumped up and pulled off my clothes, my stiffness jutting out like a spear. I squeezed some Vaseline onto it and slowly began to move my left hand up and down, paying special attention to the two inches just below the head ridge, my right hand gently rubbing my swelling balls. He watched me, engrossed, and I threw him the bottle, telling him to join me. He got up and removed his clothes, his flaccid four inches hanging limply above his supple balls. (By the way, I'm gay and he says he's straight...I dunno after this, though) He squeezed some onto his softie, trying to make it come up, telling me that he was nervous. I myself was approaching the strongest orgasm I would feel until a few weeks later, and told him so. I blew up; loads of hot sticky cum flying everywhere. I was breathing heavily as I cleaned the bed and myself up. He just stuffed his dick back into his pants and we turned in.
A few weeks later, we were on the phone, paying our game, when he asked if I'd ever let another guy jack me off. I said yeah and asked him if he would. He said yeah, and then asked if I'd ever let him do it. I said yeah, sure, and he told me that he'd let me do it to him, too. A couple of days later, he was at my house again, and it was late, about 2 A.M. We had been slowly stroking inside our pants for the last hour because of the talk we'd been having, and I mentioned the conversation we'd had a couple of days before. I asked if he still wanted to try it, and he said yes. So I got up and sat on the bed he was on, we were both smiling and I could tell he was just as excited as I was. I pulled down my pants, my Eterna-Hard dick springing into action. He did the same, his smaller yet curved pecker pointing north. I asked him if he wanted to go first or if he wanted to do me first or if he wanted to do us both at the same time. He said I could choose. So I said, 'Well...since you've never used lube before, you can do me and I can tell you how good you are at it.' He said that was good, so I gave him the bottle of lube and he squirted it onto my dick's head. He slowly pulled his hand downward, his thin fingers gently rubbing the lube around, getting it nice and smooth. I leaned back, the experience second to none in my life, and let him do what he wanted. He pulled back up, his hand pulling at the taut skin of my erection, making me shake with ecstasy. Slower still, he began to jerk me off, his right hand stroking, his left hand fondling my tight balls. I was writhing now, my legs going up and down to meet his hand on its trek downward. As I neared climax, I pulled away, telling him that I was about to cum. He pulled his hand away, it sticking to my dick slightly because of the precum all over it.
Well...I guess that's enough for today. It's probably really long already. If you want more, post it in a comment, I'll be glad to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it...I know I did. :)



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