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Hot Pool Fun With My Best Friend

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Two best friends skinny dip in a pool and then get off together.      


My friend Jeff and I knew each other since elementary school.  We had grown up together, gone to high school together and had lots of great stories from over the years.  Over summer vacation after school was out, he had his parents' place to himself for a weekend.  It was a nice house in Florida with a crystal clear pool.  One day, he called me up and told me that his parents and sister would be leaving on a Friday morning for a family trip.  Jeff stayed because he was working over the summer; however, he was off the schedule for this particular weekend, a detail that he neglected to relay to his parents.

At any rate, I gladly accepted and drove to Jeff's house.  I brought my coconut oil, a towel and a change of clothes.  I wore my trunks, a t-shirt and flip flops.  I picked up a case of beer and brought some wings for us.  I arrived and knocked on the door.  Jeff heard the doorbell and yelled from the pooldeck for me to let myself in.  I came in and put the food in the cooler and the beers except for two in the fridge.  I gave Jeff a beer and sat down on the pool deck.  "Nice day.  No clouds at all!"  He agreed and we talked about what was going on in our lives at the time.

I oiled up and let it soak in to my skin as I chugged my beer.  It was an extremely hot Florida summer and I was glad to be in Jeff's pool today.  I grabbed two more beers from the fridge and brought them out.  I jumped into the pool and the water was a great temperature - not too cold, not too hot.

Over the next hour, the conversation turned to girls and our sexual conquests over the past few months.  Jeff and I always got very graphic about the things that we did with the women we dated and while we drank beer and soaked up the sun, we didn't hold back.  When Jeff hopped out of the pool to grab another beer, I could see that his cock was erect and pressing against his trunks.  I was also hard.  He cannonballed back into the pool and pulled on his dick through his shorts, saying "I am hard as a rock.  Wanna skinny dip?"  I looked around the yard.  The fence and hedges hid the pool area entirely from the neighbors.  Jeff also noted the same and said that no one would see us.

I figured that it would be fine and so we both slipped our trunks off.  Our dicks both stood at attention underwater and we laughed.  We were both about seven inches erect.  I am uncut and Jeff is cut.  He has a huge mushroom cock head.  

We continued to talk about everything.  The sun and water felt great and every so often, a cloud would pass the sun.  When each cloud would clear, my body would warm up quickly again and my dick responded as well.  Out of the blue, Jeff came closer to me and said, "I didn't realize that you were uncut".  I told him that, over the years, in the high school locker room, I would pull my foreskin back so that I appeared to be cut, since 95% of the guys we went to school with were cut.  Jeff was fascinated with my dick.  He said, "Show me", so I backed up on the steps and got halfway out of the water.  My hard, uncut cock was glistening with coconut oil and pool water.  I grabbed my dick and pulled my foreskin back, exposing my shiny, pink, bulbous cock head.  "Wow.  Love it.", was Jeff's response.

I fully submerged myself back in the pool and told Jeff it was his turn for show and tell.  Jeff said, "But I don't have a foreskin to pull back."  I told him, "That is fine.  Just get up on the steps and show me how you stroke it."  He smiled and complied.  He proudly showed me his hard meat and stroked it back and forth.  The veins were visible and his head was huge with a bit of precum already forming on the slit.  I was stroking my dick underwater and Jeff noticed and smiled.  He reached for the bottle of oil and using some, greased up his cock for me.  He stroked for a while and said, "Wanna go take a shower and take this inside?"  I said that was a great idea.

We toweled off and went inside.  The cold AC hit us and we hurried to get the shower warm to rinse off the oil.  We got the water nice and hot and jumped in together.  We wasted no time in getting each other soaped up.  Every time one of us moved and our dicks touched, it was like an electric current shot through me.

I lathered up my hands with some body wash and stroked Jeff's dong.  He did the same to me.  We looked at each other and laughed.  We were really enjoying this bonding.  By now, the bathroom was completely steamed up.  Jeff shut off the water and we dried off.  He headed into his room and put some porn on and plopped on the bed, naked.  I followed and did the same.  "Man, they have nice tits!", Jeff said about the two lesbians pawing each other onscreen.  He resumed stroking his dick and I did the same.  Since we already touched each other's dicks in the shower, we didn't feel the need to formally ask if it was OK to stroke each other in bed...so we did.  I grabbed Jeff's throbbing penis and he grabbed my uncut cock.  We stroked and edged for about an hour and every time one of us got close, the other would sense it and just hold each other's cocks in our hands.  

Finally, we were at a point where we could no longer stand it.  We were both ready to erupt.  Jeff looked at me and asked, "Ready?"  I said, "Oh, yeah...."  We stroked each other like there was no tomorrow and finally, we knew we were going to have really explosive orgasms.  Jeff's big dick shot a load about a foot into the air with a few successive shots that were only an inch or two from the tip of his cock.  As soon as I saw him cum, I tensed my whole body and told him not to stop his stroking.  I shot even harder than Jeff did, my cum splashing down on both of us.  He continued to stroke me slowly.  His dick was still in my hand and I was giving it firm squeezes.  "That was fucking awesome!", I said.  Jeff agreed and said, "That felt amazing!!"  We laughed again.  I looked around at the mess we made.  Cum was everywhere.  Jeff stripped the sheets off his bed and threw them in the washer.  We grabbed more beers and jumped back in the pool, our bodies still slick with jizz.  We continued our masturbation party all weekend long.  By the time that we were done, I was exhausted.  What a great weekend!



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