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First Time With Tyler

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This was a first orgasm for me and an older friend


My first time was when I was 11, almost 12. My parents went away for a weekend and I was staying at a neighbours house. They have one boy named Tyler and he was 14 then. I knew him a long time and I would often hang out at his house and he at mine when our families had BBQ's and stuff. I liked Tyler a lot. He was pretty good looking and always seemed to have girls around him but when I was around he would always spend time with me. I also always loved his house. It's a 100 year old Victorian mansion with about 50 rooms, kind of secret stairs, passages and stuff. On Friday me and Tyler were running all over, exploring the attic and everything so we got pretty sweaty and dirty. Later that evening his mom told us we had to get a bath before bed.

Tyler had his own bathroom but it was old. It has one of those huge clawfoot tubs but no shower. When we got to his bedroom he said I could take a bath with him or go take a bath in another room. Both options scared me. The house was big and it always scared me to go anywhere in it alone. I even made Tyler stay with me when I had to use the toilet. I also didn't want to be seen naked by Tyler. A few months earlier I was changing at a swim pool and an older boy about Tyler's age made fun of my small hairless willy while showing off his huge hairy one. Since then I was afraid to reveal myself to anyone. Tyler could tell I was uneasy about both options and soon got me to tell him about it. He told me he would stay in the bathroom with me and not look while I took a bath but if he did see my willy he wouldn't make fun of it because he knew what it was like since his was rather small too. He then stripped off all his clothes showing me his privates. He had a little hair but not near what the other boy had and his willy was not much larger than mine. He told me boys would also make fun of his size too. This made me feel better so I agreed to stay with him and I took off all my clothes. We ran naked across the hall to the bathroom, filled the tub and climbed in. I was amazed at how big it was. I started to have a hard time fitting in my own tub but Tyler and I both fit in his with room to spare. Nothing really eventful happened except at one point we were laying down side by side facing each other (I was amazed we could do this without bending any part of our bodies)and our hard penises touched together. I really didn't think much of it. I was excited to be taking a bath with him and being naked and seeing another boy naked for so long I could check everything out but it wasn't sexual. Tyler reached and put our willies together and compared. They were actually the same size, maybe 4 1/2 or 5 inches long but his was fatter. He actually said he thought mine was big for my age. He made me feel proud for what I had instead of ashamed. We got out, put on clean underwear and ran around in just our briefs the rest of the night. I never did that at home but Tyler's parents never said anything about it. I figured they let him do that all the time.

Later that night we were laying in his bed in just our briefs and the talk turned to a party he went to the week before. It was a party with boys and girls and I was a asking questions about it since my birthday was coming up in about a month and I was considering inviting some girls and I wanted to know what kind of things they do at a boy-girl party. One thing that got my attention was he told me that he went to a party when he was 12 and the boys and girls played spin the bottle and the winners went into a closet and kissed or felt each others parts. I had just started to think about what it would be like to kiss this one girl in class but I had no idea about how to go about it so I asked Tyler how do you kiss a girl. He explained it a bit, even about French kissing and sticking tongues in each other mouths. I told him I thought it sounded gross and he said he thought so too at first but once you do it it's pretty exciting. I pressed him to tell more about how it felt and he just said that I had to do it to understand. I guess I bugged him to much because eventually he said we could try kissing each other so I could see what to do but we couldn't tell anyone. I thought it sounded gay and I didn't want to be thought of as gay even though I didn't really know what it was then. I just heard that boys doing certain things was gay and you didn't want to be that. I trusted him though so I didn't say anything about it being gay and I really wanted to know how to kiss and I really didn't care if it was a girl, a boy, or a squid. I agreed to it.

I was laying on my back and Tyler leaned over and put his lips on mine. He did that a few times. I didn't really feel anything and I told him. He said maybe we needed to get closer and he kind of laid down on me so he was half on and half off with one leg between mine. He started putting his lips on mine again and then tried sticking his tongue in my mouth. It still seemed gross to me but I remembered what he said so I opened my mouth a little and let him try. I soon got this tingly feeling in my willy and felt it start to get hard. I began to think that maybe this was the good feeling I should have when kissing. I tried putting my tongue in his mouth and I got even more excited. Tyler got more on top of me and I could feel him pressing my leg between his and I could feel his boner in my thigh. I thought this was really great. We started to kiss harder and he got all the way on top of me but then I had a hard time breathing and I asked if I could go on top. We switched places and started to kiss again. I eventually laid on top of him and was pressing my boner in his belly just above his. I could feel the tip of his rubbing against balls. He was hugging me and started to move his hands down and put them on my behind. I thought that felt great too. We did this like 5 minutes and I got tired of kissing. What was going on between my legs felt better. I slid myself down a little so our boner would be touching and I was rubbing them together while Tyler was pushing up and down.

Without saying anything Tyler reached down and pushed his underwear down and he asked me if I wanted mine off to and so I said OK and he pushed mine off and we both kicked them all the way off our feet almost without even changing what we were doing before. Both our bare boners were rubbing against each other. I never felt that excited before. Tyler just kept telling me to keep going. I soon couldn't help going harder and faster and then felt as though my entire body caught fire starting at my middle and going both ways. My body shook uncontrollably and I felt something slippery between our bodies. I didn't know what it was and I hoped I didn't pee on us. That scared me a little because I often peed a little in my underwear when I was scared or excited but I thought it was over since it hadn't happened for more than a year. We both had an orgasm but I didn't know what it was, only that it was great but scary. I rolled off Tyler and we looked at the slimy white stuff that was spread all over our bellies and chests. Tyler said it was cum or semen and that it was from him and it was the first time he ever did that. I asked if he was OK thinking it was some kind of disease and I wondered if I could get it.

Tyler then told me I didn't have to worry about it and explained about cumming and jacking off and stuff. It was great since I heard about some of this stuff but didn't know what it was and I could never ask my parents about it. I wondered if that happened every time you French kissed someone but Tyler said no. He kissed some girls and it felt great but he never messed his underwear doing it. We went across the hall naked and washed up. When we went out again his mom was coming down the hall and asked what we were doing. I was really embarrassed and scared. I knew parents wouldn't like what we just did and I was completely naked in front of his mom. Tyler saved us by saying we forgot to brush our teeth. His mom just said OK but it was after midnight and we had to get right to bed and go to sleep. When we got in bed again I told him I was embarrassed and he wondered why and I said because his mom saw me naked. I was surprised when he said his mom sees him naked almost everyday when she wakes him up. I found out he slept naked and sometimes ran round around naked after his bath. My mom didn't see me naked after I was six.

Tyler and I had a few more kissing sessions that weekend and a few more times over the next year or so. Mine were without cum till I was about 13 but I always liked seeing Tyler shoot his out and was excited when he was jerking mine when a single watery squirt came out. I made it a point to sleep over at his house often after that but we often did it after school in remote rooms of the house. We even kept doing it after I started kissing girls but eventually we gave up the kissing and just masturbated together until we could get girls to do it with us. I never really thought of us as being gay but it just a way to get off, but I wouldn't do anything like that anymore.



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