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First Time - New Cousin

Posted by: Age: 13 (28 now) Posted on: 3 comments
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First time touching another dick, it was my new cousin, his dad just married my aunt.


To set the scene for my first time touching another cock:

My Aunt married my Uncle (both their second marriage) one summer when I was 13. I spent a lot of time at their house as I was a page boy on the big day. My Uncle came to our family with two kids from his first marriage, a girl much older than me, and a boy (we shall call K) who was a year older than me (14). So this first time was with my cousin (well by marriage).

K was very loud and rough and tumble, whereas I was a lot quieter and shy as a kid. We got on though, although we hardly understood a word each other said as I am Scottish and he had a thick English accent.

I had natural blonde hair when I was a kid (although it is dark brown now). I have always been tall and on the slimmer side of average, I am 63 now. K was shorter than me and really fit and energetic for a kid, he had muscles in his arms that he used to show off to everyone, and used to try and arm wrestle me every chance he got. He has dark black hair.

I had started to masturbate a year or so earlier, and was at it any opportunity. I had not long found out that doing it makes you spurt out water clear/white stuff too and it felt even better than dry cumming. I was leaving my sticky mess wherever I could, I had got into a routine that I had to wank and cum before I could go to sleep, so was at it every night, tugging away on my dick making it spurt. My dick must have been about 4.5 hard at that age and I am uncut, I am 7 hard now. I had hair on my balls and around my dick at the time and they were turning from blonde to brown.

One day my aunt called and asked if I wanted to come over and have dinner and spend the night as K was there. I said yeah. We spent the afternoon watching films, riding our bikes, wresting etc, normal kid stuff.

When it came to bed time, my aunt said we could sleep in the spare room together that had a big double bed. I usually slept in shorts and a t-shirt, and K slept in his boxers. We got into bed and put a film on. We were lying on top of the covers, and I could see K kept putting his hands down into his boxers and playing with his dick. It was making my cock jump and spring watching him. I was thinking to myself, why does he need to touch it all the time, I wonder what it looks like, I wonder if he masturbates too.

All of a sudden he jumped up on the bed, pulled his boxers down and wiggled his dick at me, it was a little smaller than mine but rock hard, I could see the little veins in it, it was really thick and he had mountains of dark black fluffy hair around it and his balls.

I laughed and asked him what he was doing, he replied he was bored and wanted to have some fun and make me laugh. He pulled his boxers back up and lay back on the bed, neither of us said anything for a few minutes, until he put his hand back down in his boxers and pushed his hard cock through the hole in the front. He asked me to touch it, I said no way, but he said it was cool and he did it with his friend back home all the time. He said if I touched his, he would touch mine.

So I did, I grabbed it with my hand and slid his foreskin back, he told me that was nice and to keep doing it, so I started wanking him off, I was rock hard by this point, and my dick was tenting in my shorts.

I was just starting to speed up my hand strokes, when he jumped up quickly and pulled his boxers all the way off, he then sat on my stomach, totally naked, his small hard cock pointing up, and his balls sitting on my skin. I shuddered, it felt so good having someone so close and naked to me. He spun round quickly to face the other way and took my shorts off, I could see his ass when he bent over sliding my shorts down. He got off, kneeled beside me and grabbed my dick and started pumping it hard and fast. He kept telling me how big my cock was, and how hard it was. I told him what he was doing felt great, and I was going to pee (I didnt know what it was called at the time). He said you are going to cum, its what guys do, the words had literally just come out his mouth and I shot my load, which at the time was just a little bit of cum, nothing like the wads and ropes I shoot up over my shoulder now.

He then climbed back on top of me and started stroking his dick, hard and fast, it must have only been 4 or 5 strokes and his cum hit my chest. It was so warm and wet, it felt amazing. He then fell on to me, both us panting and laughing. My aunt then shouted up from downstairs come on boys, its too late to be laughing and jumping around, we looked at each other and laughed again, then climbed under the covers. We slept together naked that night, when we woke up in the morning we went at it again, wanking each other off until completion!!

I often think of that night, and wank off to how good it felt, I have been with many guys since then, and I have few more stories to follow on here, one when I was 16 with a friend and one when I was 15 with my older cousin, but this one always gets me hard just thinking about it.



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