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First Time - With Neighborhood Girl

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This is my first ever experience with seeing a girl naked, and 100% true (unlike other stories I've seen here)-I still masturbate to the memories today.


I was 15, growing up in Northern New Jersey back in the late 1970s. Summers were carefree, sometimes boring, but I had some friends I would hang out with to leisurely pass the hot summer days-fishing, baseball, riding bikes, etc. I had one friend, Mark, who was 14 and I spent most of my days with hanging out. We lived in a nice neigborhood, not totally upper class, more middle class I guess, and it was bordered with woods we would hike through and play kids games in. These woods actually backed up to Mark's backyard.

One late summer morning I rode my bike to his house, and he came running out, really excited, and told me he had something to show me. I dropped my bike and followed him into the woods, along a well worn path and back to a clearing well known to both of us about 200 yards in. We'd spent many a day there, shooting the breeze, drinking soda, looking at baseball cards, eating candy and generally just being kids. It was quite private and we were rarely interrupted back there.

He practically ran ahead of me, and we didn't talk. I wondered what the hell he wanted to show me back there that I hadn't seen before. We got to the clearing and I started to catch my breath, and I watched as Mark reached into the hollow of an old tree that had fallen down. He pulled out a black trash bag that looked dirty, and he told me to come over to where he was. Breathlessly he told me that he was riding his bike home from the park about a mile a way the night before and saw this trash bag in the brush by the side of the road. As he told me this, he opened up the bag and smiled. Inside I saw magazines, what looked like five or six of them, the one on top titled 'Hustler' and a picture of a mostly nude woman on the front. 'Holy SHIT!' I said and he laughed. We sat on the old tree, using it as a seat, and he pulled them out. There were 3 Hustlers, a Playboy, one titled 'All Alone' and one called 'Puritan'. He handed a Hustler to me, and I was speechless as I quickly soaked in pages of naked women, spread eagle. Never up until that time had I seen a picture of a naked woman. It was all brand new to me, and I liked it.

I was nervous and anxious and excited all at the same time. We were both talking quickly, me wanting to know EXACTLY where he found them and we theorized how they got there (we finally agreed that somebody had to get rid of them, like some kid who was afraid of getting caught-would would throw away THESE magazines?!?!?!). We both began making comments about the women, mostly vague things like wow she had big boobs, or look at her sexy butt. I was very, very hard, and made sure the magazine covered my lap so Mark couldn't see my erection through my cutoff jean shorts. I vaguely remember noticing him doing the same.

That first day we spent HOURS paging through these magazines, mezmerized. I very clearly remember going home that evening, going straight to the bathroom, and masturbating as I sat on the toilet. My orgasm came very quickly, and I ejaculated much, much more semen than I ever had up until that point in my life (I began masturbating when I was about 14). Early the next morning I was back at Mark's house, and we were in the woods, 'reading' by 9:00. Our conversation this day turned towards things we'd like to do to these gorgeous, naked women, and we also talked about girls we knew that we'd like to see naked and touch (he told me he thought my aunt was hot, and she was, and we both agreed we wanted to 'screw' our other friend's 19-year-old sister). As we became more willing to talk about such things, he asked if I had ever seen a girl naked in real life, and I said no, that I had only seen my younger cousin in her underwear by accident a year or so before. He said he hadn't either, but had seen his aunt in her bra & panties when he stayed over her house about a month before-he had walked by her room when she was changing for bed and the door was open a little).

Mark and I had NEVER talked about or done anything sexual together. Even at this point we didn't talk about masturbating, although I was very tempted to ask him if he did. I was SO horny I couldn't believe it, and assumed he was too. Soon we were both talking about wishing we could see a girl naked, who could we get to take her clothes off, etc., when he came up with an idea. There was a girl down the street, Chrissy, who was always home and hanging out in her yard. She was about 11 or 12, a good kid, but a girl so she didn't really hang out with us. He said we could ride by her house and if she was there tell her we found something and we could get her to come back to the clearing and show her the magazines and see if she would take her clothes off. At first I thought it was stupid, and told him so, and we sat silently paging through the mags. But I couldn't get it out of my mind. I had to see a girl nude. Finally I said, maybe it's not so stupid, let's do it. Then HE hesitated, and we went back and forth for a good hour before we finally decided to take a ride on our bikes and see if she was home.

To shorten the story, she WAS home, shooting baskets in her driveway, and she willingly hopped on her bike and rode back to the clearing with us. She was kinda cute, not developed really yet other then small swells for breasts, but she had long brown hair, and I eyed her ass through her tight blue gym-type shorts. She had on a plain red tshirt, and of course Mark and I were also in shorts and tshirts given it was about 90 degrees in the middle of July.

We swore Chrissy to secrecy, and she was giggling when we told her what was in the bag. We handed her the 'Solo' magazine, which had pictures of both men and women (not models really, and they were black and white photos) naked and masturbating. Some in their beds, others just lying on the floor of various rooms, some outside pictures. Her eyes went wide as saucers when she opened it up, and her mouth dropped, and she visibly blushed.

We egged her on, commenting how cool the pictures were and we tried to act mature and blase' about what we were doing. Mark really didn't waste much time before asking THE question to Chrissy: 'Have you ever seen a guy naked?' She laughed and said no, and Mark (god bless him) quickly followed up with 'We'll let you see us naked if we can see you'. Now this was not anything we had discussed. In fact we didn't talk about HOW we were going to get a girl to take her clothes off. I didn't know that I would have to get naked too, and now Mark was saying we would BOTH get naked. I kinda freaked in my head for a second, then figured why not, it would be cool. Chrissy at first was like NO WAY, but Mark was really persistent, telling her it was no big deal, older people got naked with each other all the time and it would be fun. She was softening as he kept gently urging her to do it, and I could tell that all the pictures of the naked people in the magazines was making her very curious. I could not believe when, about a half hour after we got her there, she said, 'OK, I'll do it but you guys have to get naked first'. YES! Right away, before Mark could reply, I said 'OK, but we all have to strip to just our underwear first, then we will get naked, then you'. She said OK.

I couldn't believe it was happening, and I was really nervous, but it happened fast. I began to pull my shirt off, and Mark did too, and so did Chrissy. It was awesome, seeing her white training bra against her tan skin. That alone almost made me cum. No words were spoken as we pulled our shorts off and draped them on branches of the old dead tree, all of us still in our sneakers. The first thing I noticed, believe it or not, was that Mark had a hard-on, a big one. He wasn't trying to hide it like I was; we both had on white briefs, and his erection was obvious. So was mine, but my hands were covering it. Chrissy looked GREAT; she had on white cotton panties, briefs, that were covered with sprinklings of little red flowers all over them. Her ass looked amazing, and she was obviously nervous, giggling to try to hide it.

Mark was first. In a matter of seconds he said 'OK here I go' and yanked his underwear off. Not wanting to feel uncool, I quickly did the same. I couldn't help but look. He proudly put his hands on his hips, and his cock was rock hard, jutting slightly up towards his stomach. He had only a small patch of blondish brown pubic hair, and I would guess his cut cock was about 5' long, pretty average and looking very much like mine (except mine pointed upwards at more of an angle). I saw him glance over at me, and Chrissy was looking back and forth between the both of us, giggling and covering her mouth and saying 'oh my god' over and over. I put my hand on my hips like Mark, and we both 'posed' and laughed and told Chrissy it was her turn.

Surprisingly, she didn't hesitate. She quickly reached down and unsnapped her training bra (it had a front clasp) and shrugged it off. I had only a few seconds to see her tiny tits capped with swollen pink nipples before she was sliding off her panties. She let them rest at her ankles, and she stood up, striking the same pose as Mark and I. THERE SHE WAS! The first naked girl in my life. We were all standing within a few feet of each other, in a small circle, and Mark bent down and told Chrissy he wanted to look closer at her vagina. He did, inspecting but not touching, and I did the same. It was smooth and hairless, nothing more than a slit, and she did nothing to move her lips apart for us to see further. She didn't seem to mind us looking at her, then Mark said she could look at our 'cocks' (first time I ever heard him say that). She giggled and bent over and looked at Marks and he said 'you can touch it if you want' and she did, just a little, and he distinctly groaned. He moved back then did the same to me. I couldn't stand it-I didn't touch myself and was on the verge of coming. I announced that I could make white stuff come out of my cock, and Chrissy said, 'What, sperm?' which surprised the hell out me. I said yea, and proceeded to begin stroking my cock. Literally two seconds after I started Mark did the same, and I'll never forget the look on Chrissy's face. It took me less than a minute before I said 'OK here it comes' and I squirted three solid streams of cum onto the leaves and dirt on the ground and Chrissy was again saying 'oh my god'. I hadn't even noticed Mark masturbating and I heard him breathing hard and saying 'me too' and I looked over and he was stroking his cock really, REALLY fast and then he came, thick gobs of cum kind of just oozing out and all over the ground and his hand.

At that point he and I both got a little weird, wondering what we had just done. We quickly put our clothes back on, and Chrissy did the same. We swore her to secrecy, and told her to follow us and we went to the store up the street and bought her an ice cream. We never did anything like that again, and we never talked about it with Chrissy, but Mark and I actually had a couple of times where we jerked each other off later that summer at the same clearing in the woods. The next winter his dad got transferred to Boston and I never saw him again, but I'll never forget that summer.



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