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First Time with Jenna

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My first time with the girl of my dreams.


This is a true story and it happened about 6 months ago. There is girl Jenna at my school and I have liked her since I was a freshmen.  Anyways I had heard she broke up with her boyfriend and I decided to make my move.  So one night at a football game I got her number and flirted with her hardcore.  Then about a week later I asked her if she wanted to go see the lights at the zoo (it was around Christmas).   To my surprise she said ok and was excited.

Before I go any further let me describe Jenna.   She is about 5'4",   long brown hair, brown eyes, 36DD, and the juicyist ass you ever saw. She was hot  as hell. Im about 6', muscular football build, and very handsome.

So later that night it was too cold to go to the zoo.   So I said lets go rent a movie and watch it my house.  She agrees and before you know it were sitting on my bed watching SuperBad on my 50" TV.

Well, about halfway through the movie I was about semi-hard because first there was a hot girl in my bed and second we were kinda cuddling.  So she says, "I gotta go to the bathroom" and before I can move she throws her leg over my leg and she is sitting on my lap.   Her pussy is right on my cock and I could feel the warmth. She then leans in giving me clear view of her cleavage.   She grinds on my cock three times and the leans in and french kisses me.   Then our lips and tonges seperate and she gives me this grin. Then she goes to the bathroom.

My 7" cock felt like it was gonna rip through my jeans and I tried to get it down before she got back.  Well I couldn't get it down.  She came back in and sat right on my cock and she said "MMM...Someone is excited".  And with that she leaned in and made out with me.  I started feeling her huge boobs and eventually got her shirt and bra off. Once I saw them I sucked on her right nipple and fondled her left breast with my hand. She started to moan softly and she was grinding on my cock hard.

She then ripped my shirt off and we continued making out.  She fell to my side and I went straight for her zipper.  In no time I had her jeans and panties off.  I detoured to her ass real fast and gave it a feel.  Then  I gave her a light spank.  She gave me a little kiss then smiled.   I took my right hand and went to her pussy . She was literally dripping wet.  I could feel a small little stream rushing down her leg and onto my bed.

I inserted one finger and she moaned.   Then I inserted three and she almost screamed.  Her pussy was so tight and wet  and I was fingering her fast and hard.   In about five minutes she said, "I'm gonna...cum!" and with that I felt her squirt all over my hand, bed, and jeans.  I was amazed and she sat there for a minute then looked at me and said, "Your turn baby".

She reached for my pants and had them and my boxers down in a heartbeat.  It felt so good when she grasped it with her hand.  She gave me a few strokes and then played with my balls.  She would stroke me up and down, then she would use her thumb and circle the head of my penis.  She then stopped and sat on my legs. I thought this was it, I'm no longer gonna be a vrigin, but instead she laid my cock against my stomach and pressed her warm, wet lips on my shaft and grinded back and forth on it.

This went on for 7 minutes and all of the sudden she froze and moaned really loud.  Then I felt a fluid all over my cock and balls.  She fell to my side and laid on her back trying to catch her breath.  I couldn't hold it any longer and I said "Oh..baby..I'm gonna cum".   Right then I released rope after rope of cum.  The first few hit her face and her huge boobs then the rest dribbled on her stomach and pussy lips.  That wasn't the end of my first that night but I can't go any further on this site.

Anyway that's my story and unfortunately we are no longer dating because she is a bitch, but hey it was fun and I learned a lot.  Thanks Jenna.  Thank you Solotouch for giving me the opportunity to write this.  And finally thank you to all the other authors that have written stories that have made me cum.   I'm gonna go jack off.   Happy jacking and jilln' everybody.



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