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First Time With Another Male

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When I was about 14 I used to jerk off with my best friend when we were alone looking at dirty pictures. We thought nothing of it. We weren't interested in each other, just the pictures. Years later as a grown man I sometimes look back on those days and find myself getting hard. Several years ago my curiosity came to a boiling point. I decided I had to find another man willing to jack off with me. I found a site where one could post ads for sexual encounters. I advertised for a straight male first timer like me. Within a day I had several replies to my ad. After some correspondence I decided to meet a businessman travelling through my city and staying at a nearby hotel. We decided a mid afternoon meeting would be best, especially because I didn't know what excuse I could give to my wife to leave that evening.

I was about 45 at the time and I went to the nearby hotel and met this guy in the bar. He was about my age, appeared to be a very straight, nice guy. We were both so nervous our hands were shaking as we drank a coffee together and talked. Like me, he had been having the same curiosity. I had done this stuff with my friend at age 14, but never as an adult. Winding back, my childhood friend and I never touched each other at all, zooming forward, I was really interested in feeling another grown man's stiff tool, holding them together in one hand and jacking them together, etc.

We decided it was time, so we went to his room. Again we made small talk, nervous as two old hens. Finally, he said 'Well, lets get out of these pants.' We removed our pants and to my amazement I found myself rapidly getting hard. He was too. He had a nice sized dick, about seven inches and medium in thickness, and he was circumsized. I am just shy of seven inches and I was about the same thickness.

There were two beds in the room. We each sat on the sides of the beds facing each other, mesmorized looking at each others throbbing tools. We began stroking together watching each other and talking about how often we masturbated. It turns out we were both very regular masturbators doing it at least four to five days a week.

I asked him if he wanted to stand for a bit. We moved together until our dicks stood at attention straight up in the air nestled together. It felt nice to feel another rock hard muscle leaning against mine. I reached down and took them both in one hand and started jacking up and down. It felt really nice and different. He also reached down and tried it. Finally, he took mine in his right hand and I took his in my right hand and we started jacking each other. We complimented each other on hardness and overall look of the dick.

It was somewhat awkward standing though, so we decided to do each other in turn. He stood in front of me and his dick was right at chest level. He felt so hard. I remember the feeling of the underlying cartiledge or muscle, so hard. I cupped his balls and returned to jacking him off. I could tell when he was ready to cum and it didn't take that long either. He arched his pelvis out and leaned back a little and I gripped his dick hard and jacked him hard until he spewed his cum all over my chest. Forgot to tell you we eventually removed our shirts knowing this may happen.

Now it was my turn. I stood in front of him and he gave me a really nice handjob telling me how hard I was and how the shape was nice. It felt great and as good as my wife gives me. When I felt myself ready to cum I told him and he quickly jacked me until I squirted all over his chest. We both admitted that this first time was 'different' but exciting and satisfying.

Since that first time I have found maybe three other guys to jack with when I travel, meeting them in the hotel bar and going to my room for a mutual jack off. I am still happily married and I love women more than anything in the world, but giving and receiving a handjob from another guy with a rock hard tool is fun too. Sometimes I will sit and remember the few encounters I had, get really hard, and jack myself off to the memories.



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