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First Time in Front of Paperboy

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Just started reading the stories on the site recently and LOVE IT! C'mon all you ladies, share your stories too, like how you learned to masturbate!


I just found this site a couple of weeks ago and it's really hot! I love the stories and get really horny when I read them. I thought Id take a few minutes to write down something that happened to me about five years ago when I was 14.

I have a best friend named Sue who I've known since kindergarten. We tell each other EVERYTHING and one Sunday afternoon I rode my bike over to her house and she told me something I couldn't believe. Her Aunt and Uncle and cousin from out of state had stayed at their house the last few nights. She had told me they would be there, and she didn't think it would be a big deal since she had only met them twice before and hadn't seen them in like 7 years and it was only for a few days. Her cousin ended up being this really cute 17 yr old guy and he stayed in the guest room right across the hall from hers. She told me how she had gotten up at around midnight and had to pee and on the way to the bathroom she looked into his room and he had his sheets pulled down and he was jerking off! She said the light wasn't on but she could see him pretty good because of the streetlight shining in thru the window, and she said he couldn't see her because of how the door was and the room was set up and she stood and watched him for almost a whole minute til she finally got scared she'd get caught and she went to the bathroom. She described exactly what his penis looked like and told me how she got so horny from it that she actually rubbed herself through her underwear when she got back to bed and she thought she had an orgasm. I asked her like 1000 questions about what it was like to see a hot guy naked, and by the time I had to leave and went go home I was so completely horny I couldn't believe it. I went right to my room and locked my door and took off my pants and humped my pillow till I came really hard (at that time it was my favorite way of masturbating and how I learned to do it when I was about 12).

I thought about what Sue had told me almost constantly for almost an entire week, and was horny almost all the time. I had never seen a guy naked and wanted to SO bad. Since my parents both worked and it was summertime, I was on my own for most of the day (except Mon and Wed when I went to tennis camp, and Thursday afternoons when I had swim team). I remember that week I masturbated almost every chance I had; it was almost like my hormones were completely out of control, but I know now that it happens to a lot of girls at that age.

Anyway, it was Friday afternoon about 5 days after Sue told me about her cousin, and I was just hanging out watching TV. Sue had left to go to the shore with her parents for the weekend, and I was really bored cause it was raining out. My perverted little mind wandered and I came up with an idea that I thought was cool but might get me in trouble. But like I said, I was constantly horny at the time and didn't care. I knew from being home during the summer that the paper boy delivered the paper every day at almost exactly 3:30, and every Friday he rang the doorbell to collect the money for that week (my mom always left it in an envelope for me to give to him). I had seen him about 5 times already that summer and all I knew was that he was about 12 yrs old, kinda cute, and he lived a couple of neighborhoods away (like two miles) and we went to different schools in town. I didn't even know his name.

I came up with the idea of answering the door in just my underwear or just a towel and asking him to come it while I got the money (it was raining out so I had a good excuse to invite him in). I thought that if he saw me like that I might be able to maybe get to see him to by talking to him for a minute about like his girlfriend. Actually, I didn't know what I was thinking, but got really hot thinking about being half naked in front of a boy. I realized it was almost 3:30 and if I was going to do it and had to do it now. It was probably a good thing I didn't have a lot of time to think or else I probably would have chickened out.

I ran upstairs to my room and looked out the window. From my window I could see all the way up my block to the corner, and I saw him on his bike coming towards our house. I took off my tshirt and shorts and even though it was really hot in our house (middle of the summer, no AC) I remember feeling almost chilly in just my bra and underpants. At 14 I wasn't any kind of hot looking babe, but I was in good shape from tennis and swimming. I was pretty thin and my legs were strong, I guess my butt was pretty good looking, but my breasts were VERY small (I was a late bloomer). I think at that time I was still only wearing like a 32A bra (now I'm 34B). I waited by my bedroom door and after about 2 minutes (which seemed like forever) I heard the doorbell and casually walked down the stairs. The stairs in our house are right in front of our front door, and I had left the door open. I knew that as I walked down that he would be able to see me. I pretended not to hear the doorbell and acted kind of startled when I saw him. I opened the door and told him to come in and that I was just going to get my stuff out of the dryer in the basement and that I'd get his money for him. I'll never forget the look on his face. His eyes were really wide, almost like he was in shock, and he was blushing but staring mostly at my breasts and bra. As I held the door open for him to come in he slid past me by just a couple of inches and I so much wanted him to touch me, but he didn't. After the storm door swung shut I told him I would be right back and went into the kitchen. I was shaking when I got there, and took a second to get under control before walking back out with the envelope.

As I walked back into the foyer, he was standing exactly where I had left him, like a statue. I noticed he really was pretty cute for a kid his age, with pretty long shaggy brown hair and a thin build. He was wearing blue athletic shorts and a red tshirt and white sneakers. His eyes went wide again when he saw me and as I handed him the envelope asked him what he was staring at. He looked away and very quietly said nothing. I told him it was ok I liked how he was looking at me, and did he ever see a girl in her underwear before. He looked back at me and shook his head no and I asked him what he thought. In a very quiet voice still he said he thought I looked hot.

I asked him really? And he said oh god yea. I told him I had never seen a guy in his underwear before but I had always wanted to. I couldn't believe I was saying it, and I knew still I could get in a lot of trouble. But like I said I didn't care. I then said if he could stay for a minute maybe he could see me without my underwear if I could see him without his. He was like REALLY???? and I told him yea. So he was like, OK and I shut the front door and told him to follow me into the living room.

When we got in there he took off the bag he had to carry his newspapers in and I told him to take off his shirt and shorts. He did and he was blushing really bad, like his face was all red. I was staring at his crotch and he tried to put his hands in front of himself but I told him I wanted to see. He had on these white underpants that were just a little baggy, but I could see he had a boner! It was poking out and I could tell he was embarrassed by it. I asked him if he had a boner and he said yea and I asked if it was from seeing me in my underwear and he said yea. I told him I would take off the rest if he would to. He said ok, definitely that would be so cool and in like about 5 seconds he went from being shy to being really excited.

First I took off my bra and I thought he was going to faint (and me too!). He said oh my god real quiet about 5 times straight as he stared at my breasts. I was very very horny at that point and even though my breasts were small my nipples were pretty big and they were hard since I was horny (even though I didn't much then I LOVE to play with my nipples when I masturbate now). Then I pulled off my panties and kind of kicked them aside and put my hands on my hips. I couldn't believe I was letting him see me naked and it was really a turn on (I'm definitely an exhibitionist I realized since). I only stood there that way for about 5 seconds and he was looking right at me and was actually rubbing his erection through his underwear. I told him he had to take his off now and he did with no problem. His penis was SO nice I couldn't believe it. It was sticking up kind of at an angle towards his stomach, and even though he was only 12 or so he had quite a lot of pubic hair around it, and some on his stomach and under his arms. It looked really hard but not real big but kind of long and skinny. I asked him if he ever jerked off and he said yea sometimes and I told him I would like to see. We were standing about 3 feet from each other and he started rubbing it up and down. He was staring between my legs at my vagina and I put my hand down there and started to rub myself a little (I didn't know how to bring myself to orgasm at that age with just my hand-it was always by humping a pillow). In less than a minute he started pulling on his penis really fast and moaning and then he said he was going to shoot and before I knew what was happening he had his orgasm all over the living room floor! Fortunately there was no rug just the wood floor and I got him some tissues and he bent down and wiped up the puddle he had made. When he did I got a really good look at his butt and it was so hot. He seemed really embarrassed after he had his orgasm and got dressed REALLY fast and mumbled thanks and was out the door in no time even though I was still naked (he did remember to take the envelope with the money but didn't leave a paper-thank god my dad was out of town or else he would've been pissed when he came home with no newspaper to read). I grabbed my underwear and went upstairs and humped my pillow and had an unbelievable orgasm-IT WAS THE BEST!

I only saw him another 3 times that summer and never even knew his name. The next summer our paper started to be delivered early in the morning by someone in a car. I guess the guy doesn't live in our town anymore because I've never seen him like at the mall or at the movies or anywhere. But it sure was fun and I still masturbate sometimes thinking about that day.



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