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California Sweetheart

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My summer trip to California.


I met a guy last year named Elliot from Europe. We instantly connected as soon as we met each other staying in the same hotel. For a couple of days we talked, hung out, and being our crazy selves. Then after we left we still texted each other, except the problem was he lived across the country from me. It made me sad.

Another summer approaced, us still talking 24/7 with each other. In the winter time he offered to let me stay over his house for a few weeks in California. After begging over and over again my mom finally let me stay over his house.

The day before I was going to get on that plane my heart kept racing. Butterflies never stopped flying all over my stomach. Just thinking of hugging him again, or just seeing his face made me blush dark red. I hoped he was this excited to see me as I was of him. Maybe it was my stupid girl hormones just acting up once again, but I seriously could not wait at all.

After riding a hell plane for a few hours and driving a couple of minutes back to his house, I felt like I was about to pass out on the ground. When I walked into his house, it made me absolutely speechless. So many rooms, a lot to hide in and play.

Elliot showed me to my room, wasn't that magical princess type room, but it was pretty damn amazing. He threw my bags onto the bed, and just stared at me with an awkward smile. 'So, do you like it?' He asked me.

'Of course I do,' I squealed. He chuckled from my girlish embaressing squeal.

It was night time when we got back so his parents headed off to bed already, leaving us alone. He showed me his room, of course it looked absolutely amazing. His walls were covered with different posters of our favorite bands with signatures all over them. I was extremely jealous.

I jumped on top of his bed, feeling the blankets wash over my skin. He jumped with me, landing right next to me. We both stayed quiet, just looking at each other for a moment, but then he kissed me. Our lips combined together, his hands wrapped around my body. Then I felt his hand slip down on my stomach, slowly rising up underneath towards my c-sized breasts. He cupped them slowly, making me moan. Our eyes connected with each other, him making sure that it was okay.

'Can I ask you a favor?' He whispered in my ear.

'Sure, what is it?' I slightly smiled.

'Will you finger yourself for me?' I could tell from his face that it was an awkward question, but I didn't mind at all.

'Yes Elliot.' Automatically, I slipped my shorts off of me, showing off my black panties with a single red rose on the middle. It seemed like the first time he seen a girl take off her pants. I might as well give him a show.

My fingers slid down, rubbing my clit. It surprised me of how wet I was. Then I poked one of my fingers inside of my, moaning gently. Then I let another one enter me, moving quicker than before, making me moan louder. I glanced over at his face, a satisfied smile stretched across his face.

He quickly pulled down his pants, revealing an eight inch dick right before me. I had never seen one before in person, I saw some on websites though. A heart beat inside of my chest, thinking of that dick shoved inside of me, made me feel so hot. I entered three fingers at that time as he started to stroke his dick. I knew I was about to cum as we started to rub his dick, but I didn't want to stop.

Then suddenly I felt the wet cum blast onto my fingers from inside of my pussy. He saw me cum on his sheets, but all he did was rub faster. I stared at him as he shot the cum onto of my clothes. I wanted more, but not tonight, I was very tired.



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