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First Time Experimenting

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Although I am happily married I have wondered for a long time how it would be to jack off with another guy. About three months ago I found out!

I have a single friend up the street and he is 39. He dates women only now and then. Usually when all our friends get together he is by himself. One of our other friends said they thought he might go both ways, but I didn't believe it. Nevertheless, the curiosity about him stayed with me.

During the fall when it was football season, I watched a game with him at his house one Sunday when my wife was spending the day with some of her girl friends.

During the game we made small talk about a bunch of stuff. He said he hadn't hadn't been laid in ages and he was horny as hell. I told him I was also horny as Hell. He said 'but you're married! Why should you be horny?' I told him just because I was married certainly didn't mean I had sex every night. The truth is, as many would say, sometimes the sex gets more and more infrequent the longer you are married!

I point blank asked him if he jacked off when he got horny, and he said 'all the time!' I said 'I do too.' I'm sure that if, indeed, he does have some hidden desires about the male side, he wasn't going to open up to me ... his neighbor. So I took the lead. I said 'it would feel really good to jack off right now.'

He said 'yeah, it would ... but let's not tell anyone. We don't need THAT KIND of rumor to get started around here!' I said 'You're right!'

I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and started feeling it and I said 'Damn, I love to jack off.' He pulled his dick out too and we sat there in his living room and we both got them super hard. Trying to jack through the zipper opening is a hassle. I finally said 'screw this' and pulled my pants down around my ankles and he did too. We sat there stroking ourselves talking about how damn good it felt, and admiring each others dick.

We moved so we were both seated on the couch. We both held them straight out and up and we compared the size and length to each other. He said I want to see how hard you are and he reached over and felt mine. I took his in my hand.

This was the moment I had wondered about for so long. How it would feel to hold another guys hard-on, squeeze it, gently stroke it. It felt good to me as he fondled my dick and stroked it, and I enjoyed looking at his hard dick and stroking it too. I said let's do this very slowly so we can make this sensation last. At times we just held each others dicks and didn't jack them at all... as we waited for those involuntary impulses to cum to pass.

We both got there at about the same time and we pulled our shirts up as we jacked each other hard and shot cum onto our stomachs.

I have to say that while I love fucking, this encounter was a lot of fun too. We have gotten together several other times for a mutual jack off and so far, it's been really nice!



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