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Club Med

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I was at Club Med in Mexico for Easter with my family. I met Luke on the plane, and we hit it off right away. We met up at the pool after we got to the resort, and had a great time hanging out. Luke was small and thin, had longish wavy blonde hair, and very funny. We were ogling some of the older girls, particularly this really hot college girl whose huge tits were falling out of her bikini. Luke took a picture of her on his cellphone, pretending to be doing his email, and grinned at me and said 'that'll come in handy later', while making a quick jerkoff motion between our chaise lounges.

The only bad part of this trip was I had to share a room with my little sister, and when I was moaning about it, Luke offered the other bed in his room if I wanted. I got my parents to agree, and moved my shit to his room.

After dinner, we roamed the resort, played some games, went swimming in the ocean, and watched the nightclub show by the pool. We ended up back at Luke's well after midnight. We peeled off our wet bathing suits and put them on the balcony to dry. I glanced at Luke's crotch, and he looked about the same size as me, but his nuts hung down a lot lower than mine. Luke flopped down on his bed, flipped open his phone, and started playing with himself. I had jerked off with some friends before, but never so matter of factly as Luke was doing it. It was like I wasn't even in the room. He boned up in no time, and was talking dirty to the girl on his phone, fantasizing he was fucking her. I looked over and called him a perv, and he looked at me and smiled, and said I was jealous that he was fucking a hot older chick. I complained it wasnt fair that I couldnt see. Without a word, he scooted over in his twin bed, then told me to come have a look. We were shoulder to shoulder, with our hips touching, and I boned up immediately, and started stroking. I usually do it with lubrication, so I got up grabbed the hotel hand lotion out of the bathroom, and came back. Luke looked at me kind of funny as I poured some into my hand and slobbered over my dick. He said he had never used lube before, and asked for some. He started jerking off with it, and commented on how much better it felt. He reached over and touched my dick, and I let him. He put his phone down, and we started to touch each other, and it felt great.

He rolled on his side facing me, and said we should rub our dicks together. So I rolled over, and we started to slide them against each other. We had our hands on each others butts, pulling and grinding our dicks against each other and our stomachs. Lukes forehead was touching mine, and I could smell the mint from his gum as he panted into my face. The lube was starting to get sticky on our dicks and stomach, so we rolled apart, and I poured some more on both our dicks, and we started up again. It felt so good sliding against his stomach, We started rubbing our hands up and down each others backs. Luke whispered he was getting close, and his breathing was kinda rough. His lips lightly touched mine, and he grunted and shot his cum onto us. Seconds later I came too. I saw stars it felt so good, and rolled back on my back and just enjoyed that warm after feeling you get afterwards. We were both covered with cum and lube.

We became sex maniacs after that first time, messing around at least 3 times every day, one day we came 5 times together. Every morning, every night at least once, and a couple of times during the day. We used the code 'Yanks suck' or 'Boston Sucks' (our competing teams) to indicate one of us was horned up. That was cool, because we would say it around our families and they had no idea what we were saying. We ended up doing lots of stuff, (no oral or anal,tho) and by the end of the week, our dicks had touched practically every part of each others bodies, we had sucked each others nipples and belly buttons, french kissed, even rubbed our dicks between each others armpits. Our biggest challenge was getting enough of that Club Med body lotion, but Luke raided the maids cart the second day, and took care of that.

I dont think I'm gay, because I have no attraction to any guy but Luke. We havent seen each other since Club Med, but every once in a while I'll get a text 'Boston sucks' and I get a boner and text him back 'Yanks suck'.



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