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First Time, Alone, Kind Of!

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My first time orgasm


Longer story- but I am verbose!

HI -

I keep hoping to see more stories from older women! Guess they don't look at sites on masturbation! I have been doing it for so many years (yeah-even when I was married etc!) that is has become a pleasant habit. When I was younger I used to have guilt feelings; and at one time in teen years, g/f and I used to see how long we could go without an orgasm; was never more than about three days!

I also remember first time I tried to orgasm; I heard about it in high school, how rubbing yourself made you feel good ( not sure the word 'come' was used then!). But also heard that girls should not masturbate; so had guilt feelings about that! Somehow I overcame that guilt, and first few times I went to small railway station toilets (no one there in afternoons), and tried masturbating, at most made myself pee! I was basically rubbing my finger in my vagina and never have been able to come that way! Told a close friend (Sue) about it (took me some time to confide about that) and she shyly admitted she had tried, with about same results. Then one day she said she found out from another friend where to rub ones self, which at the time did not make sense- as I thought my vagina was where I would orgasm, having had some sex ed on getting pregnant (no mention of having orgasms!) !

So we decided to try together, and went to a field by haystack- where we could see if anyone would find us. We took off panties and she showed me on her pussy where she was told to rub (don't think anyone our age = about 13, knew of the clitoris!). We were both kind of excited about experimenting together, which I think helped. After several minutes of rubbing our clits (did not know that was what we were rubbing at that time) and watching each other, Sue started to moan. I watched her body tense as she came, and moaned quite loudly when she did.

She said 'wow!that was so good! Keep on rubbing right where you are doing it you will get there.

Encouraged by her orgasm, and moving my fingers to where I got best sensation, then I felt the strange sensation of the orgasm starting! And wondering what was going to happen! I kept rubbing until the orgasm went thru me, and like her I moaned. I was glad I had watched her orgasm- as if I had been alone have wondered what was happening to my body. I have to admit it felt so strange, enjoying it and at the same time wondering when it was going to stop (guess at most it took 10 seconds?) I was louder than her I guess; she said something about mine must have been pretty strong! However, after that, for some time, when I masturbated by myself, I found I did not moan. I guess subconsciously with Sue I wanted her to know I was coming? Now - I moan about every time I come whether I am alone, or otherwise!

We were both very wet and at that time thought we had peed; we found out later it was not pee! We were bit concerned as to maybe we would not be able to pee properly! However, before we left the field we both had to pee anyway! It's odd how that first time is so vivid with me, even small details of seeing another girl's pussy close up!

After that we were hooked, and several days a week met to masturbate! We also eventually found, after a rest, we could come again! By this time we compared our clits (we of course still did not know that name!), and found mine was bit bigger than hers. It was some years later before I let another girl masturbate me, and vice versa. I have been hooked on masturbation since. I lost contact with Sue after she moved, and unfortunately never talked to her since. Often wondered if she was as hooked as I on masturbating; we sure did a lot for couple of years! I remember being disappointed when I first had sex as guy came and I did not! I have always had better orgasms masturbating (yeah especially with toys!) than sex!

Now, I tend to wake up about 2 am and feel ready for an orgasm, it takes me longer to come now maybe up to 10 minutes, but orgasms go right through me pretty strong! Sometimes I use a dildo, but mostly fingers. Once I have recovered, in about ten minutes I drift of to sleep. Would like to masturbate when I first go to bed, but.. fall asleep fast, knowing I will probably get the orgasm wake-up call! And of course I occasionally orgasm during the day - using my favorite toys!

I wonder if there are any other women out there who remember how they got their first orgasm! Or basically any first time orgasms! I did share my with long-time boyfriend, he too admitted he heard how to do it from friends. And like me, went someplace where he was alone, and, well kept rubbing until he came! Like me, he too wondered what was happening to his body! Curious how many women out there wondered if they had done harm to themselves when they came first time?? Anyone want to admit to that??




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